Manic Monday on . . . Monday

Yup, I figured Guy had enough rest from Comic Con, and we’re going to have a you-pay-postage give away for a hard cover. Check back Monday for the details, and have a great weekend!


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7 responses to “Manic Monday on . . . Monday

  1. wooo hoooo waiting waiting waiting.. and forever hopeful…

  2. jkh

    I like the graphic novels in old-fashion books, but it’s a great alternative. If I were traveling, it would be e-books for everything.

  3. bow

    I’m well an inspiring writer and i have no idea where, or how to start to get my book published. Any tips?

    • jkh

      Bow, explore this website, particularly FAQ. Check out writers’ groups, try looking up things at the library, educate yourself about not only the writing part but the business part of getting published.

  4. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Acording to the latest update, my Kindle can do ecomics now. What better way than to checkb it it out.


  5. Porshi Jones

    I have blood work in hard copy, can I have the ebook free! There is not one book I don’t own of yours!

  6. Roxanne

    Can’t wait for Monday…. Just read the preview for Ever After… OMG… It’s going to be good… keep telling myself – Just wait a bit longer and soon Febuary will be here…. Thank goodness for the holidays for distracting you for a while.. 🙂

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