Back at home, and back on the lists!

Believe it or not, I have just got back from New York late yesterday after taking the opportunity to fly to SC instead of MI to truck a van of stuff from storage back North.  Guy and I had a smidgen of a color tour, first from the air which isn’t as pretty as you might think unless you’re looking at the shades of turned earth (which were beautiful), and then a slow two-day slog back over the same territory in a rental truck. Oddly enough, on the way back there’s a spot of color in the smokey mountains and then a strip of blandness where the leaves are past their peak, and then another spot of color right around lower MI. I didn’t miss my one-year-old little trees turning, which I was afraid I might. They were green when I left, but I know little trees turn fast. As expected, they are fading fast, but I did see the orange and can imagine their glory in fifteen years or so. It’s going to be breathtaking, especially if the hundred-year-old yellow trees around them hang on a little longer. We’ve had an arborist out to help us with them and he says they’re healthy, but nothing lives forever unless you’re one of those dawn redwoods.  🙂

So today I’m back in my beloved office and looking at a week’s downtime in the past, more than ready to get lost in the Hollows for a few weeks–the music is on, the rain is a soft hush, and the leaves have made the world yellow up, down, and in between in a slow steady drift.  Ahhhhh, simple needs are anything but simple, even if they make for happy people, and I’m happy today with a slow excitement for what is going to land on the page.

But I said I was back on the lists, and that makes me happy too and it is one of the most complicated things in my life.  My editor called with the news yesterday that  Into the Woods will be debuting on the NYTimes hardcover fiction list at thirteen, tied with book twelve, which I think a delightful number this time of year and with this kind of book. Anthologies are devilishly hard to predict, and to have readers excited enough and a publisher willing to help promote it has given it a very nice birthday number. Thank you, guys–you’re the best. I worked to give you something to become excited about, and you made the effort to get out and pick it up on that first week or two.

A Perfect Blood, is again on the lists, too.  It’s been out three weeks and debuted at fourteen, has left the list and come back this week at thirty on the mass market. Again, thanks to the readers and a proactive publisher. I think that SafeCo (?) has it available for a ridiculously low price, and I saw it in Walmart for only pennies more, which makes me happy. Some of you have waited so long. If you’re only now reading it, I hope you find it worth the wait. It’s only going to get better from here on  out.  🙂


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15 responses to “Back at home, and back on the lists!

  1. Even though I already had a hardback copy of Perfect Blood – I saw it in a store and noticed there was an extra chapter, excited but I did not want to read it in the store,(bad form) I bought it again. Loved Trent’s view. I do hope they finally get around to getting together. After I read the chapter I heard the new Muse song Madness and I thought of Trent and Rachel. It fit them, well at least in my mind. Thank you for your Books! I have my son addicted to your books now, he has my hardback books for the moment.

  2. Jason

    You should swing through MSU and walk around campus, the trees are in a nice mix of colors right now!

  3. Salina Labrada

    I was bummed I didn’t get to meet you when you were in SC! Apparently I missed you by a couple minutes. I was at the Renaissance Festival with my friends Anna and Devin. I was at the next stall over while they were talking to you!! 😥

  4. jkh

    Aha! Your last couple of days’ posts have been a little, um, distant. Now we know it’s because you were in transit. Now comes the big reunion scene with the puppies! And where will you put all that stuff?

  5. vampyre

    Welcome back,

    Fall is finally rolling in down here. It’s cool enough for me to be able to outside and enjoy it. I also enjoy the fall foods. Soon my cats and dogs will have their winter coats. They look really good with the extra fur.

    Good news about “Into the Woods” and”A Perfect Blood”, a big hardy congrats on that.


  6. Glad to hear you had a good trip to NYC and SC, including the drive back to Michigan. I also just got back from a trip to southern New Mexico. Not many trees there, but I loved seeing all the shades of brown and red in the rocks, and how the green slowly fades as plants get farther from the water.

    Also glad to hear that Into The Woods made it to the NYT bestseller lists. I read the stories while traveling, after picking up my signed copy at Nicola’s the day before I left. Loved Million Dollar Baby (of course) and it’s nice to have all the Hollows stories in one place. I also really liked all four of the non-Hollows stories. Grace and Pet Shop Boys are my favorites, and I’d be happy to read series from based in either of those worlds! Of course, I’m still hoping to read about Peri someday too–you have lots of writing to do 🙂

  7. Hi Ms. Kim-I was out enjoying the brisk air and sun on my porch when a big herd of geese went over heading south.(The wild life preserve south of us has a large lake, and is a stopping point for both geese and ducks going to Mexico.)Do you still have any in A.A. or have they all left? I think the fall colors and the v- shaped herds of geese and ducks really make a fall. They are pretty interesting for dinosaurs, glad they made it through the big die-off.

    • jkh

      “Herds” of waterfowl, humph. “Flights” or “flocks,” perhaps. I always think a “calling of wild geese” would be an appropriate term, and who could resist a “quackery of ducks?”

    • Hi JKH-I always say herd these days as they Are dinosaurs(check Google or Discovery). The intermidiate forms have been found in northern China

    • Martin

      geese come in gaggles, teenage girls come in “giggles”, teenage boys come in “struts”.

  8. Martin

    Welcome home. I’m glad you’re safe, and happy.

  9. I loved a Perfect Blood. I have been with Rachel through it all. I’ve laughed with her, got angry right along with her, fell in love with her, balled my eyes out with her when she lost Kisten, got depressed with her. I was starting to wonder if she was finally going to get a break and for something to go good for her. Even though she is fictional I can’t help but feel like the best of friends. Her life in these stories so resemble mine, it’s almost uncanny. Reading how she fights her way through it all helps me to fight my way through the hard times I endure. When I read the chapter on Trent’s point of view…well let’s just say two thumbs up for that, and I hope to see both of them find the happiness and togetherness they both, in their own ways, deserve. Thanks for writing such a wonderful series.

    With love,
    La Onna Gillett

  10. Tracy Eldridge

    I wish more authors would do anthologies. It is so nice to get back stories for characters that we learn to love, especially from the authors point of view. Into the Wood was awesome!

  11. Frances

    I loved into the woods. Pet shop boys left me with plenty of questions and wanting more.

  12. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow … glad to know all went well in NY and you’re safely back 🙂

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