Angels Ink is on the shelves today!!

Today’s big news is ANGELS INK is out and on the shelves! If you haven’t heard me talking about Jocelynn’s latest work, well, it’s fabulous! I’ve actually gotten a very early read at the sequel, and it just keeps getting better.  ANGELS INK is set in a universe where magic is out in the open, much like the Hollows, but from there, Jocelynn goes wild, with a non-stop pace and a developing romance thread to keep it spicy.  🙂 If you don’t see it on the shelves, ask for it, because it’s probably in the store somewhere. You might have seen Jocelynn’s work before in the Dark Day’s series. This one starts out a little lighter, but you know Jocelynn. It’s going to get ugly, and then the real trouble starts. To find out more, jump on over to her blog where she’s been having contests and such. Jocelynn Drake

My big news is that tomorrow, I’m having a phone-in conversation with the readers of the Fresh Fiction blog! I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I do believe there will be a way to ask me a question, be it by phone or email, or FB post. I’ve never done an online event with them, and I’m eager to find out how this is going to work, but do keep checking my FB, as that is where I’ll be posting updates. The chat is tomorrow at 7:30 pm central.


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2 responses to “Angels Ink is on the shelves today!!

  1. Thanks so much for the love! I hope everyone falls in love with Gage. Have a great day!

  2. Lesley

    Oooh…I just discovered Drake. I devoured the Dark Days series in about two weeks. Will check this out!

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