Thursday’s Comic Con panel: Justice is Served

Thursday had me cruising the comic con floor. My first thought when I walked in was “Wow, the energy is exactly the same as the last time I was here”–as in wonderful and welcoming.  My second thought was “Whoa. I can actually move around right now.” Thursday is the slow day, and I took advantage of it and did a little window shopping. There’s a lot more steam punk this year, and a lot less goth, and lots, and lots of cosplay in the aisles.

Then it was into the basement for the panel, JUSTICE IS SERVED. Michael Spradlin moderated a fab panel. And yes, I remembered my camera! This first picture is me chilling beforehand. We even got a picture with us all together, and though the names aren’t in order, here’s who was there: Myke Cole, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Jacqueline Carey, Christopher Bennet, G.T. Almasi, Amber Benson, Kim Harrison (Into the Woods)


Today is my busy day, and after my panel, I’ll breathe a lot easier. Wow, they want me to talk for how long?! 🙂

Kim’s Comic Con Schedule


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6 responses to “Thursday’s Comic Con panel: Justice is Served

  1. Hi Ms. Kim-I have Into The Woods,of course,and am working my way through. May I say that you look very authorly and intellectual in your bi-focals,thanks to Big Ben,who also invented the public lending library, and the post office as a gorernment function.This permits you to write books as well as distribute them. (Many Authors had to hang up their pens in their 40’s in Ben’s day if they got Nearsighted as glasses were Very expensive.Putting two types of glasses together made them affordable.)

  2. jkh

    No spoilers, please! I won’t get a chance to get at Into the Woods for a few more weeks, and I’ve been not peeking. (Yes, it’s killing me…)

    • vampyre

      There re no real spoilers in my post, or at least I don’t think there are. I am as antispoiler as they come.


  3. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I just finished Grace’s story. It reminded me a little of how Rachel started out. You ‘re not gonna kill Jason in book 4 are you? 😉 (you know I’m kidding,right?)


    • vampyre

      I really liked Pet Shop Boys. I see a lot of potential there. It’s very different from anything you’ve written before. Having a male protagonist is different as well.


  4. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    That’s a great group pic. I must say you all make a fine looking group.

    Currently, I am reading “Into the Woods”. I had to start with Grace’s story first. You’ve talked about her so much over the years, I had to ‘meet’ her first. Very good so far.


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