Comic Con floor plan

I spent some of my weekend getting ready for Comic Con. Just got the word this morning that they are sold out of tickets.  Whoo-hoo! I can’t wait!  If you’re going, I’ve got a link to a nifty floor-plan to help you get around. Map Your Show.  And if you’re looking to see where I’ll be, here’s a link to my event’s page. Kim Harrison’s events

Weather wise, it’s been a couple of lousy weekend in a row here, and with CC taking up next weekend, the chance to get into the yard before it gets really cold is looking slimmer. I’ve been picking away at putting the yard to bed–as in taking down hanging baskets, doing quick, spontaneous tours of the yard with a bucket and scissors to cut the stuff that is failing from the cold, bringing in things I don’t want to leave out all winter–but it’s been too nasty to put the time in properly. I swear I saw snow Saturday, just a few flakes of it, while in the home improvement parking lot.

According to the people who make up the zone maps, I am no longer in zone five, but six, which could have delayed my bulb shipment until October 31st. In essence they are saying my weather in Michigan is commensurate with say . . . upper Tennessee.  Right. I complained to the bulb guy, who was more interested in getting clever with me than actually helping, that we could have snow on October 31st and I wanted my bulbs now, when they originally told me they would be coming, and he bumped me up in the schedule to almost where I was before they decided to change everything. (I’ve got them, and I’ve just about put them all to bed.)

The problem is that the idea behind the old zone maps don’t work anymore. Just saying it’s warmer doesn’t cut it. It also gets colder sooner in the fall and later into the spring. The gardening community needs to use a mapping system that takes that into account, but until they do, I’ll just not put in anything that is on the edge of tolerance.


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17 responses to “Comic Con floor plan

  1. Vampyre

    Happy Release Day!

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Kindle Store. I must have made a left turn in Albuquerque because when I pre-ordered “Into the Woods” I got a hard copy instead of the Kindle one. I’ll save it for the next time I see you so you can scribble something nice inside it.

    Another funny thing just happened… I just got an email alert letting me know I bought it for my Kindle too.. I am so confused.


    • Vampyre

      You know what would really be cool? If someone decided to make a Hollows movie and Clint Eastwood directed.

      It could happen…


  2. lLeeAnn

    northern minnesota got over 6 inches of snow last week thursday

  3. Denise Keef

    I was going to work out in the yard and tweak the Halloween decorations a bit but I had a visit from the UPS man today and was I surprised!!! “Into The Woods” was delivered today!!! Now I won’t have to camp out on the front porch over night waiting for him to come!!!

  4. jkh

    Here on the western edge of the continent, we too are experiencing climate change. It’s very erratic from year to year, but the most noticeable feature of the change is that winters are a little more severe and summers similarly so. I’ve needed to store indoors some ceramic garden features that I never worried about in the past. But compared to much of the rest of the continent it’s still very mild here in the Pacific Northwest. And my geraniums are still perky!

  5. Great time for conventions! Wish I could make Comic Con – maybe next year … Sheridan, Wyo., got its first snow last week. Maybe rain today …

  6. Kat

    Love fall but not the drastic temp changes. We went from the mid 80s to low 40s in less than 24hrs! Gotta love Oklahoma! Finally got the chance to pick up the paperback A Perfect Blood and the first thing I did was read the bonus chapter in Trent’s POV before rereading the book. Love, love, love it! Of course he’s in love with her! About time he figured that out, now she needs to do the same! My life will be complete when those two finally get together! Lol.

  7. I can believe you saw snow flakes–it got COLD! Have a great time at Comic Con.

  8. Hi Ms. Kim,as the cats and I are gathered around my Kindle waiting for Into The Woods to drop from heaven (the hot spot in our Village) we noticed the temp was 34F. Aaaaggghh! No wonder my poor old bones are hurting! I’m green with envy at people who can do yardwork. I checked some of the maps, and heavy snow is falling(a foot or more) as far east as Minnesota, and the Weather Service is predicting lots of snow. Time for bean soup and clam chowder along with my copy of Into The Woods.

    • jkh

      (Squidge will not bother OldJim because she knows that he and Smudge are nose-deep in Into the Woods. I hope he remembers to stir that bean soup!)

  9. Trisha Jones

    Have you ever thought of coming to Archon? It’s out here where I am every year in October. It’s this weekend (12-14) this year I know you would not make it this year it’s just an idea

  10. Martin

    One of the benefits of self employment is that schedules can be flexible. If weekend weather is bad, pick a day during the week when it’s better, and swap a work day for a gardening day, and make it up later. It still requires the discipline.
    I no longer look at the zone maps. I know what the weather does in my yard, and that’s what I pay attention to. Global climate change is going to cause a lot of confusion for a long time. I hope we don’t go extinct because of it.
    Everyone have a fun time at Comic Con. Travel safe, return home sane.

  11. genki

    “The Edge of Tolerance” – sounds like an interesting title for something…

  12. I thought I would get out in the yard and doing some cleaning up and putting my water fountain away but the weather was too chilly. I am hoping for a smidge warmer this coming weekend. Crazy year, long hot summer then BAM it’s freezing!

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