One week out

It’s one week out from INTO THE WOODS!! And I’m getting excited. I’ve got my Comic Con schedule all set and the freebies made, prepped, and hopefully at NY waiting for me.  I’ve got all those books at Nicola’s signed except for the last smidgen, and my PR planned out. Which reminds me. If you can’t wait, I’ve still got one of the stories in INTO THE WOODS released early along with the first chapter of EVER AFTER.  If you like sneak peeks, you might want to check it out for less than a dollar on your e-device.

Amazon:  Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Barnes and Noble: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

iTunes: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Sony: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Kobo: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Check back tomorrow, I’ve got a wallpaper for you.


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9 responses to “One week out

  1. Emma

    Hi Kim, could you let me know when the new book is due out in the UK as i can only find it listed in Amazon USA.

  2. Jason

    Hey! I found “Into the Woods” at my local bookstore on Saturday. I was gonna send ya a pic but wasn’t sure how. I was gonna pick it up but am waiting on my signed copy 🙂 Hope you’re having a good week!!

  3. samantha fitzpatrick

    you are with out a doubt my all time favorite author ever since someone gave me deade witch walking. ive bought every one of your books inc first truth set – however living in the UK I would love a signed copy. how would I go about ordering one? as amazon only don’t have them and neither do waterstones which are the only bookstores within 50 miles of where I live. could I buy one off you directly? by the way I saw on one of faith hunters books that you said the book was a page turner so I bought a few of her Jane yellowrock and have started collecting her now- it really helps when you guys do that as I always buy what the authors I read have suggested. can’t wait for your new 3 books to come out Sam x

  4. Debbie

    Hey there Kim, I have been reading your books and besides for loving them, I have a question for you. Kinda writer to writer kind of question. I hope to hear from you. I hope that the book I am writing now is as good as your books.

  5. I’d love to come to NY Comic Con, but can’t make it this year because I’ll be in New Mexico, a state I’ve never visited. I’m looking forward to that. I haven’t been on a real vacation in a couple of years.

  6. jkh

    It just dawned on me that I hadn’t put Into the Woods on reserve at the library. It’s done now, I’m number 32 and there are 12 copies ordered. So, in about a month, I should get to read it.

  7. Howdy ma’am,

    It sounds like all your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted and there is little to do but ‘gitter done.’ If I could ever have a wish come true, it would to be there. I hope it all goes well and you have a great time.


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