Last day to make your “vote” count for the mass market of A Perfect Blood

Raise your hand if you’re tired of political calls on your phone and political ads on TV that use fear instead of understanding to sway.  I spent the entire weekend away from phone, TV, radio, and internet.  Okay, I’ll admit there was some casual spot checking of the internet for email and posts that needed to be unmoderated, and I watched Gladiator last night as I sat on the couch and recouped from some yard work and kayaking on the lake, but for the most part, I was unplugged and loving it. The weather cooperated, and the trees are beginning to edged into color.

But it’s Monday, which means it’s the last day to get the mass market of A Perfect Blood and have that purchase added into the first week’s numbers.  I never know what to expect with the mass market release.  The hardcover has been out for almost a year, and the e-book has been out just as long, but for a lot of people, it’s the mass market that’s what they wait for. I know I used to. As a young girl with little allowance, who was weighing one hardcover against two paperbacks . . . let’s just say the paperbacks always won.  And if you’re looking for a deal, check the shelves of your local discount store. A Perfect Blood is supposed to be showing up on a few new shelves with a nice price. And don’t forget that the mass market has that chapter rewritten from Trent’s point of view. I’ve been hearing from a few readers who absolutely love it. -grin-


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18 responses to “Last day to make your “vote” count for the mass market of A Perfect Blood

  1. Nichole

    Hey Kim!

    I loved A Perfect Blood and am so excited for the Trent Short! I was just wondering though, is the Trent Short going to be available any where else? Like as an e-book short or on a website or something?

    I just wanted to ask and have been courious. Thanks!

  2. Crap! I have to buy the paperback now just to read that chapter

  3. Sandi

    I bought one last Friday all though I hadn’t expected to see it (was there for Pale Demon), got them both. Does that count?

  4. n2ishun

    ” The weather cooperated, and the trees are beginning to edged into color.”

    Beginning to edged ?

    Dawn, babykins, really ?

  5. Lindsay

    I have very few authors that I’ll buy the hardcover to read it as soon as its out, but get the mass market for my bookshelves. And this one was soooo worth it!! My husband thought I was just a little crazy lol…Trent’s chapter….sigh! Insert big cheesy grin here.

  6. Anima

    Ohhhh yes! I bought the paperback version too, although I already had the hardcover and I didn’t regret it at all!!! Perfectly worth it! And after reading the bonus material like one hundred times =) I can give the book to one of my friends as a present *yeah*. The chapter with the bracelet from Trents point of view was simply incredible – I was so wrapped up in it, my mother actually wanted me to translate it into german for her. I did that and we had a lot of fun together getting into Trents head. Today I’m going to read the first chapter of Ever After to her, also in german of course – good practice for my translation skills XD
    So again it’s THANK YOU KIM for writing these wonderful books and developing these great characters. I’m already waiting breathlessly for Ever After. Be Blessed,

  7. Happy Monday,
    I got my book the first week it went out. Well I pre-order my book through Amazon. I wanted to order the hardcover, but I told myself to wait and get the paperback and because the other books I have are paperbacks. So right know I am enjoying every bit of A Perfect Blood….Well, when I have time and take a break for my studies. ^_^

  8. jkh

    Ordered mine last week; I should be receiving it this week.

  9. I have the hardcover, Kindle AND audio versions. And I bought several more of the hard copies and gave them as gifts to friends who love your work too. Probably the mass market paperback would be overkill. Wish I could get the extra chapter seperately, but maybe I can sneak into a book store and read it there!

  10. Happy Monday ma’am,

    May it be as fruitful and productive as you need it to be.
    last night , I watched the season 2 opener of “Once Upon a Time” It was so good!


  11. Bill Zepp

    Kim, I bought it first thing too. I was able to find it easily at my local B&N here on Cape Cod. Hope the sales numbers are fantastic.

  12. Jaimey

    I went to 2 different stores to find the it on Tuesday. Love the bonus chapters

  13. Krista

    Hi Kim:
    I went on the day of release (it’s plugged into my iPhone) at our local B&N. Because I know they tuck some new paperback releases almost under the escalators, I went there. No where was it anywhere else! It wasn’t up where the new releases for urban fantasy’s were located, not in a kiosk where new releases were, nothing. I asked “why” and pointed out what I found. She said they put them where directed from corporate. It’s very frustrating when you know a book is so popular, yet they do nothing to help in their sales! (I tried!!)

    • jkh

      Here in Seattle and surrounds, bookstores put Kim’s book on a table right by the checkout. They know people want them immediately and they also know that some copies will “walk away” unless they are supervised, because they are precious.

    • Thanks, Krista. I appreciate that, but the woman is right. You have to buy those spots. Funny business, isn’t it?

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