Made it to another one

Friday!  And I don’t think it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  I hope not. I’ve got stuff to do in the yard, but with these cooler temps, the kitchen has been exerting its pull as well and I might actually bake this weekend. I’m thinking chicken, one of the few things that I can cook and cook well.

I think I’ve bombarded you guys enough with all the promotional stuff that’s going on right now, and even though things are piling up to tell you, there are two books that aren’t mine that are coming out soon that if you’ve not heard of them, you might want to take a peek.

Jocelynn Drake has book one in the Asylum Tales coming out October 16, and she’s giving away an early copy of Angel’s Ink at her blog. You might know her best from the Dark Days series, but this is something completely different. For a chance at the copy of Angel’s Ink, you’ve got to read the post and answer the question of what every-day thing your spouse/sig other does that gets your attention and pegs  your attraction meter. Contest ends today. What floats your boat.

And Faith Hunter’s Death’s Rival is on the shelves this next Tuesday!  This is book five in her Jane Yellowrock series. She and I have put together a joint blog about friendships in the industry, how they get started, and how hard it is to keep them going.  Look for that next Friday, but in the meantime, check out her latest.

The coolest thing is that both of these ladies will be at Comic Con NY in October, and I can’t wait to see them there!


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10 responses to “Made it to another one

  1. Niki B.

    Can’t wait for Death’s Rival, very good series, but nothing much tops your books in my library.

  2. jkh

    Off to my library site to put an early reserve on Death’s Rival.

  3. Looking forward to getting my regularly autographed books:) See you there, already got my pass. There is someone I might need to thong.

  4. Hi, Kim! Thanks for the info on the other books … Wish I could make it to Comic Con. Maybe one of these days … *sigh* We’re finally getting fall here in Sheridan, Wyo. – days in the 70s, nights in 30s and 40s, and desperately in need of rain, so if you can figure out how … Send some our way. I hope you have a terrific weekend and get done what you need to.

  5. Hi Ms. Kim-We must all remember that cats and dogs are in the 47%, they feel entitled to food and shelter. In other news ,I have put on my list the start getting Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock books.

  6. Happy Friday Kim.

    I just started reading JD’s Days series. and liked it very much. The Jane Yellow Rock series has also been a favorite of mine. I am Vampy, and I approve this message!


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