Into The Woods signing party

Last night, Guy and I went to a signing party out at Nicola’s, signing the orders that had come in since last week, and wow!  This is going great! I’ve already gone through one pen and started on another, which is cool because this and Comic Con are the only two ways this year to get one signed. The only problem is that Guy is standing over my shoulder saying, stuff like, Oh! LeAnn!  I send stuff to her all the time.  She’s a nice lady.”  (Sheesh!) Sometimes, I think he knows you better than I do.

There is still one week left to order one of these bad-boys before we reach the cutoff of October 3rd, noon EST.  It’s sort of like a Manic Monday that last all week, because as soon as we hit that noon, EST mark, there is no way you will get this on the drop date.  Oh, you can still order one, and I will still sign it, but it might be a few days after the drop date that you get it.  I’ve got to get back from Comic Con, for one thing.  🙂 ( If you’re going, I’ve got my schedule here.)

To order one a signed/personalized Into The Woods, this is what you do.

1.  Go to their ordering site and order a book.  I’ve got the link at the end here.

2.  Work through the order form until you get to the “pay me” part.  Way down at the bottom you’ll see a box that looks like this.

3.  In this box, you write in “Please have Kim sign my book”  ORRRRRRRR  “Please have Kim sign my book to __________”  and fill in the blank with who you want me to personalize it to.  The first will get you my signature, the second will get it personalized to you with a note.

4.  If you don’t put anything in the box, you’ll get a book but no signature.  🙂

5.  International orders are okay.  Email them for a shipping quote at with “ordering Into The Woods” in the subject line.

6.   If you want it by the drop date, you have to order by October 3rd, noon EST.

7.  Here’s the link to get you started.  Nicola’s signed Into The Woods offer

And if you’re on the fence about it, I’ve got a .99c excerpt available as an ebook.  Pet Shop Boys also has the first chapter of EVER AFTER in it, too.  I’ve just got stuff going on all over the place!  -grin-

Amazon:  Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Barnes and Noble: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

iTunes: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Sony: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Kobo: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter


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10 responses to “Into The Woods signing party

  1. Roselynn F.

    Still haven’t received my book, and I ordered in August; hope it gets here soon!

  2. I’m so glad I made it in time! 😀 I totally forgot and was really worried. I’m so glad and can’t wait!

  3. Noelle

    So excited for my book to come! I ordered it the day you announced you’d be signing the. 🙂 As for the Pet Shop Boys, is there a way I can read it without having to buy a kindle or electric book of some sort? I really want to read it, and the first chapter of the Ever After!

  4. Rachel

    Yay! So excited! Thanks for signing books!

  5. Denise Keef

    I’m so excited to get this…counting the days (12) =]

  6. I gave in and did it. I so can’t afford it, but I could not stop myself. I’m so addicted to your books and so enamored of your characters and the world you have created … well, had to have it, had to have it signed by your hand. Books … my real addiction. I am helpless against the siren’s call of your book …

  7. Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot! But I got my order in. So excited, thanks for doing this for us!

  8. Checking my finances … And this page is bookmarked!

  9. How very Rachel of you to have things going on all over the place!
    Enjoy your day!

  10. Brenda Mossbarger

    Can’t wait to get mine! It’s my birthday present to me! Have fun at Comic Con and don’t wear out your “writing” hand!

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