Into the Woods sneak peek at iO9

Had a great day yesterday with good writing, good dirt time, and caping it off with good PR prep work.

I finally gave book 12 a hard look and let go of the summer solstice and moved the dates to the 4th of July.  It made more logical sense for what was going on with the girls, and no one ever notices when I set a book around the solstice anyway.  But the 4th?  -grin- It’s hard to ignore the fireworks, right?  This is my last look before I turn it in in December, so next week I have to start the rough draft of book 13.  I’m starting to think I’m procrastinating, but the timing has been singularly unique that I could do the page proofs of book 11, followed by a rewrite of book 12, and then start the rough draft of 13–all in the same month.  It just doesn’t happen like that, and it’s especially important to keep the flow right with the relationships I’m juggling right now.

A few hours outside moving three yards of dirt into a new bed I started a few weeks ago.  A tree is coming Thursday, and I was panicking the dirt wouldn’t be there when the tree arrived.  I’m going to try one of those water bags you see on new city/state trees these days.  At least until the ground freezes.

And finally, I spent a couple of hours prepping the freebies for Comic Con next month. 🙂 It’s amazing
what you can get done in front of the TV, and honesty, I think there were more commercials than movie thanks to creative editing, (really don’t like it when they take parts out), so I got half of them done. ore on that later. Here’s a link to my schedule if you’re going.  I’ll be adding a few things here and there, maybe, so check back the day you’re actually on the floor.  Kim’s Comic Con schedule.

But I said sneak peek, didn’t I?  Yep, I’ve got a bit of a free spoiler of INTO THE WOODS for you via i09 today.  IO9 Excerpt-Into The Woods Even if you don’t care to partake in e-books, it’s a nice tidbit for Tuesday, and will give you a good taste of what Trent’s thinking. -grin-

P.S.  My mind is not here this morning.  It took me three gos to actually get this post right after posting.  Seriously, don’t ask me to think outside the Hollows today.  I will be confused and scattered.  Woe to the telemarketer and political pusher, I will be speaking in tongues.


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14 responses to “Into the Woods sneak peek at iO9

  1. Lia

    I just want to let you know that I notice when you set things around a solstice. I appreciate those little details 🙂

  2. jkh

    …But I pay attention to Solstices and Equinoxes. Many of us do. Blessed Be….

  3. I bought and read Pet Shop Boys, loved it and read the mini clip of Million Dollar Baby and now I can’t wait for In To The Woods to come out.

  4. Wow, That is awesome!! I can’t wait to read Million Dollar Baby, as well as Ever After. It’s nice to be back in the loop, Kim.

  5. roxanne

    Can’t wait to read the full story, as usual Trent is one of my favorites and Jenks of course. Thanks for all the wonderful books Kim, waiting patiently ( most of the time) for the next ones.

  6. Hi Ms. Kim-I always speak in toungues these days, and I’m only going to be 73 next month.Smudge meows in tongues but then her vet says at 15 she’s well over 100 in human years. We neet lessons from the 102 yr old scrabble champion that was on the news today

    • Martin

      Hi Jim, my cat turns 20 sometime this year. I rescued him off death row so don’t know his actual birthday, but I’ve had him 20 years come December. He’s a grumpy old man.

  7. So excited to hear about 13…and 12…and 11. I’m still holding out hope for I&R….until the very end.
    Enjoy your day in The Hollows. I’ll be visiting Eden Park today for lunch (good thing I brought soup, it’s a bit chilly!), hoping it will warm up a bit.

    • Martin

      Hi Dead Inside,
      Ivy & Rachel are best friends. There’s nothing better or closer than that.

    • Hi Martin!
      =) Best friends in a committed romantic relationship seems a little better to me. I love my best girl friends, but my husband is a notch above them. That’s just me though.

    • jkh

      Martin, Thank you for solving that word puzzle for me! Sometimes I’m incredibly dense, or compulsively linear. Dead Inside: why do you call yourself that? Hope you’re exaggerating.

    • I’ve had this “handle” for over a decade. I was such an emo teen and I thought I was pretty clever when I thought it up. I’m fond of word puzzles. I am a bit of a stoic, but I guess i’m not totally dead inside. R&I give me warm fuzzies. ;D

  8. Katharina

    The link/excerpt seems to be of “Million Dollar Baby” and not “Ever-After” … but is even so nice to read, love Trent 😉

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