And now back to your regularly scheduled madness

For those of you who get my drama in your inbox by subscription, you got a really mangled version this morning of what I was actually trying to do.  It’s been edited on site, but wow.  I had to redo it like three times because my mind is not where it’s supposed to be.  The link I gave you is for the i09 excerpt of MILLION DOLLAR BABY, which is the new Hollows novella in INTO THE WOODS.

Woe to the telemarketers and political pushers who try to talk to me today.  I will be speaking in tongues and be confusing.


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6 responses to “And now back to your regularly scheduled madness

  1. I had one of those days yesterday. Every conversation I had ended with someone looking at me strangely and asking, “What did you say?” I was just happy it wasn’t a teaching day!

  2. jkh

    So, the mental mix-master hit ya, did it? Happens to me all the time. And then there’s the complication when you try to engage your talking feature…Some days it’s best to just fold laundry and sort socks…

  3. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Your post today made me think of Guy. I imagine he is ne ver bored with you around. Sometimes, I think there should be a sit-com based on your adventures. 😉


  4. Kim, I loved the bonus chapter. It literally gave me chills and totally made my week. Thank you.

  5. LOL, Kim! I’m relieved (I think) to know I’m not the only one who has days like that. Some days it seems like the brain and the tongue are in total disconnect.

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