Kim Harrison’s A Perfect Blood mass market

Tomorrow is drop-date Tuesday, when all good little books strap on their boots and go forth into the wilds, hoping to find a home.  And I get to be a part of it this week with the mass market of A Perfect Blood! Harper has continued their tradition of putting the first chapter of the next Hollows release at the end of the mass market, in this case, chapter one of Ever After.  There’s also a little bonus chapter with one of the scenes from A Perfect Blood rewritten from Trent’s point of view.  If you’ve already got the hard cover or e-book, please don’t think you have been slighted or asked to buy the same material again for a look at something new.  (Come on.  You know me better than that.)  You can stand in the bookstore and read the bonus chapter, or you can wait until Harper enables the browse inside feature for the mass market of A Perfect Blood.  It’s traditionally available there as well.

But today, to celebrate, I’m bringing back the absolutely gorgeous wallpaper that Harper made up for you guys last spring.  If you missed it, here’s your second chance to score a beautiful, high def image from the cover.  I’m going to drop it right here for you, but it’s probably going to show up as a thumbnail, so just click it to go to the bigger version, and from there you can copy it to your device for your personal use.


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8 responses to “Kim Harrison’s A Perfect Blood mass market

  1. I just read the Trent POV and I’m so happy I could jump around and squeal like my teenage sister. REALLY. Good to know where he stands!!

  2. Love the cover! Yay for Tuesday!

  3. I always like the little extras in the back of paperbacks, but wish there was some other way to OWN them without waiting for a friend to buy the Pb and photo copying it to sticking it in the back of my signed edition : ( . I really love the books and am sad that they will soon be coming to an end. My husband says I have an “obsession”. Secretly I agree with him but won’t let him know. *Grins* I am eagerly looking forward to your new series. One last thing. Are you coming to the San Francisco bay area for a signing of Into The Woods? I love getting to see, and talk to you in person!! You are AWESOME ❤

    • Thanks, Kathy. I don’t think San Francisco is on the list this year. I was there last year, and I’m hitting Texas a little harder. Maybe the tour after that?

    • AnnetteR

      Just bought Pet Shop Boys e-version for $.99 cents from Amazon and got the bonus first chapter of Ever After. Harper doesn’t seem to be making it available yet and I couldn’t wait. Already had the e-book of Perfect Blood so I couldn’t see buying it again in paperback to the bonus excerpt.

  4. Kat Fincel

    Excited for the book to come out tomorrow and especially that chapter by Trent’s POV! Just wish it wouldn’t take so long for them to come out in paperback, hate waiting! If I’m really into an author or series, I sometimes get the e book to keep up with the story, but impatiently wait to add the paperback to my collection (which is huge by the way and yours is included!) haha I could probably open my own bookstore with my collection!

  5. Emily A.

    I’ve sometimes wondered if the designers of book covers have ever actually read the books. Rachel wishes her boobs were as big as that cover girls. :p Also, Yay! on stuff from Trents POV. I love seeing Rachel’s world through his eyes.

  6. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I’ve always wondered why Tuesday is release day for most media. New books, music and video games are released on this day. There are exceptions but this seems to be the general rule.


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