Perfect Blood mass market on the shelf next week

If you have been waiting and avoiding spoilers, the wait is almost over!  The mass market of PERFECT BLOOD will be on the shelf next Tuesday, September 25.  This is the version that will have one of the chapters rewritten from Trent’s point of view, giving us another look at not only Rachel, but Al as well.  I had no idea the things that were going on in Trent’s mind until I rewrote this.

The mass market also has the first chapter of EVER AFTER.

Can’t wait any longer?  Have someone you’re trying to convert to the Hollows?  I’ve got the first four chapters available on line at Harper.  Also lists of where to buy it on line, an audio sample for you audio book listeners, a wallpaper, and even the photos of the tour from the original release.  I keep everything!  A Perfect Blood info

And if you’re looking for a sneak peek into October 9th release Into the Woods, Pet Shop Boys is still up for a reduced price of .99.  Got a dollar?  -grin-  Jocelynn Drake also has The Asylum Interviews out there for her release October 17th, Angel’s Inc.  Links to both at Harper.  E-shorts from Harrison and Drake


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17 responses to “Perfect Blood mass market on the shelf next week

  1. Jake. E. Hill

    All I need to know is which chapter Trent’s P.O.V comes in so I can scan the book and make sure I get the right one. Getting the exact same book in paper back isn’t exactly what I’m looking for hahaha

  2. Had two wisdom teeth taken out. Not fun. Oouuch!! I need that chapter to cheer me up. Is it Tuesday yet?

    • Vampyre

      I feel your pain. Back in the day, I was in the Navy, I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled by a Navy dentist. Every job in the Navy has guidelines for performing the task as cheaply and as fast as possible.

      I was given just enough anesthesia to get the job done and had to buy my own own painkillers for when it wore off. It was horrible.

      The only reason I didn’t have the fourth one pulled was it grew into a space where I lost a molar as a child. It was a perfect fit. My current dentist didn’t know until I told him.


    • jkh

      Awww, Keeley, it’ll get better soon. Ice is your friend! And don’t lie down flat for a couple of days.

  3. jkh

    If I buy a Kindle version of APB now, will it have the rewritten chapter?

  4. jami

    I so can’t wait till Tuesday. I’ve read a couple of spoilers and am ready for Rachel’s next adventure.

  5. Leanna

    Kim, if you are not planning on posting the chapter from Trent’s point of view online at all, can we at least know which chapter this is? I would like to read the chapter, but shouldn’t buy the book again 😉

  6. Kelly

    I think we all have the same question about Trent and already having the book 🙂

  7. Mirja

    I was gonna ask the same thing as Yubin! Do I need to buy the book again to know what Trent’s thinking? I love Trent a lot but I’m not sure if I need 2 of the same book. 😉

  8. First … Yaaaaaay! Can hardly wait!
    Second – Yes, I second that! I do love Trent!

  9. Yubin

    Hi Kim,

    Quick question: for those of us who own your hardcover books and release-day kindle books, will your re-written Trent view-point chapter be available online somehow? We do love Trent! 😉

  10. vampyre

    Happy Friday!

    Hard to believe it’s Friday already. Have a great week end.


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