Favorite kind of day

They say there are two kinds of people, those who wear a watch, and those who don’t.  Me, I don’t wear one.  Haven’t for about fifteen years.  It’s not because I have “freed myself from the constraints of time” or that “I have tapped into the primal rhythms of the universe”  (snort)  Or that I have an issue about things around my wrist, or that I have an especially good sense of the passage of time, or that I have so few things to do that I don’t need one.  I don’t wear a watch because I have one on my computer.  And my oven.  And my phone.  Outside on my garage wall . . . you get the idea.  As a society, we are obsessed with time, whether it be in small increments, or larger.

Sometimes, I can go weeks without looking at my calendar, though, able to juggle what I need to do without looking.  There’s a definite pattern to my life.  Lately though, I’ve found myself flipping three months ahead, a week, a weekend.  Fall tends to be like that as the unfettered and timeless days of summer are pinched down to a bare handful that you can hold in your fist and doll out carefully one by one.

Today, though, there is nothing on my calendar, and though it’s too cold to have the windows open, my office smells like dirt and the sound of water trips through the back recesses of my brain.  It’s one of the best days to write in, and I plan on enjoying it.


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26 responses to “Favorite kind of day

  1. And on the cable box, not to mention the various wall clocks, alarm clocks etc. The watch band really does pinch when I type. Actually, I can’t wear anything on my wrists when I work on a keyboard. But it took me about 50 years to make the big decision to give up the watch. I still periodically stare at my wrist on the off chance that the freckle will tell me the current time.

  2. My watch battery went dead a month ago and I am suffering withdrawals. I just have not had time to get in in the jewelers. I have always worn a watch, I look at my wrist and sigh. it effects me the most when I’m out on the water and there are no clocks….Someday I hope to be less of a time freak and enjoy as you are.
    Write away please, I can’t wait for more books !

  3. Hi Ms. Kim-have a Wonderfull writing day,and time it by how the pages feel, if you know what I mean.

  4. vanessa

    i wear a watch but mostly cuz is so cool to look at …you can see all the gears and such spinning …its never been actually set though so its never told the right time…i just am more interested in the clock work more then the watch or time

  5. Chauncey

    If I don’t have on a watch how can I count the # of Laps I swim?


  6. Curt

    Well get thee busy red headed writer of wonderful stories…….oh and Thank You for all you’ve written thus far.

  7. jkh

    My parents gave me a watch for my 10th birthday, or maybe it was Christmas, in hopes of keeping me “on time.” Back then there weren’t clocks everywhere, and I couldn’t see far enough to read them. Now I don’t feel completely dressed without a watch on my wrist, although my cellphone has a clock, and a readable date, too.

    You few who disrupt watches reminded me of my mom, who had that “electric field” around her, She totally wrecked wind-up watches, and would skew the image on older TV sets if she got too close. She finally was able to wear battery-operated watches, though.

  8. Alexis

    I’ve never been a watch girl either, Kim. I use my phone and that’s about it. I try not to get so obsessed about time because 1. you can’t control it, 2. it will pass by no matter what you do, 3. there’s no such thing as time travel.
    Are you excited for this cold weather? I’m temporarily in Alabama (from New York) for the year and this cold front we’ve been having lately is amazing. No more 95 degree weather with 95% humidity hopefully. I’m a snow bunny at heart!
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I’ve only started wearing a watch in the past couple of years and mostly so I know the date. I am notorious for not knowing the date or day of the week. Now that I am on a hiatus from almost everything except leisure activities until my husband returns from Afghanistan my watch has only been serving as nothing more than a comfort item because I feel naked without it.

  10. Martin

    Calendars are more important than watches. People with their hands in the dirt notice, as we approach late September, the changes in the days, the weather, the plants, and strive hard to find those few extra minutes to be in the dirt some more. The dirt, the plants, need so much attention before the cold, wind and snow force us inside, and away from the harmony of being in the dirt.

  11. blackcattoes

    My sweetie bought me a beautiful Sturling watch. It’s big, clunky and has big colorful numbers on the face. I wear it when I go out, as a piece of jewelry. I love it!

  12. Dana

    It sounds like an amazing day to have! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!! Can’t wait for the next book!:)

  13. I haven’t worn a watch since I quit working for newspapers full-time five years ago. But – like you, Kim – I have clocks all around me. I like to pretend I’m free of the constraints of time, though it’s an illusion. A day when you can just kick back and bask in the freedom of nothing to do is the best day of all! I hope you enjoy yours to the max!

  14. PJ Tolbert

    I wear a watch, mostly because I have appointments daily thanks to work and I can get caught up and that’s when I miss picking up the kids from school – if I’m late they are quite vocal about it. 😉 That and I like watches…

  15. Vampyre

    Happy Day,

    I have a solar powered watch. The only thing I use it for is work. That’s Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week is mine. I have no fixed schedule and only one real rule. “be on time”.

    I do not like being late for anything. I really do not like it when some one is supposed to meet me and they’re late.

    Have a great day,

  16. I don’t wear a watch because no matter what type it is, wind-up, digital, super-duper waterproof, solar powered thingymabob, they never stay at the right time. Within hours it will be wrong. Either a few minutes or a few hours.

  17. Carmen Brack

    I’ve worn a watch since I was about 6. I don’t know, I was given one and I liked it (it had dolphins on it). It was just ‘what you did’. I dunno, maybe living in Switzerland has something to do with it, though I don’t like perpetuating the clichés about my people 😛
    I prefer my watch over cellphones and the like – no need to fumble it out of my pocket. The one I have now is a simple analog one that does nothing but show the time; it doesn’t even have that little window for the date. I got it from my mum for my 18th birthday. What I don’t understand is people who have half a dozen different watches. To me it’s a tool/help, not some fancy accessoire.

  18. The circadian conceptualisation of time doesn’t account for the kinetic frequency we percieve as time™. I wouldn’t rebuke the rhythm of time theory, compare the temporal readings of standardised time to the oscillations found through a spectrograph for instance, the symbollic annotations in the clock time only account for a scatter of ‘hits’ according to temporal intervals.

    The concurrent perception of time is more like an emotional tempo or pensive pressure; for the alliterate.

    I think clocks have become a superfluous distraction and the more energy wasted on meditating to them creates a malignant activity blinding the senses to a game of illogic gates. I’d rather focus on my equilibrium than a incongruent machination for haphazard divination.

    I don’t wear a watch.

  19. may you have that day you talk about. its warm enough to garden for me. enjoy your books when I CAN FIND THEM. sincerely in love with your books, sandra

  20. Mumsy Baker

    No watch for me, Kim. I stop them within days and, yes, there is one on the phone that rarely leaves my side, the computer, and the TV converter where my hubs spends his days. Retirement gives me the freedom of a mostly timeless schedule, and I am loving it.

  21. Melissa

    I’ve worn a watch since I was four, when, in self-defence my mom taught me how to read the time on her roman numeral watch, then gave it to me. I’ve always been obsessed with what time it is, I’m not entirely sure why, but knowing what time it is tends to calm me, unless of course, I’m late. 😉

  22. Zodo

    I wear a watch all the time. Even if I don’t have a full schedule, I tend to be obsessed with knowing what time it is. Just about every room in my house has a clock in it. The watch is for when I leave my house. I have a lot of friends who eschew the watch because they have a cell phone. I guess I’m just stubborn that way. Even more, I have an analog watch. A few years ago I realized I was starting to forget how to read a clock face, and switched from a digital watch to analog.

  23. I meant to say I have four clocks in my living room, my husband would kill me if their were four clocks in the bedroom.

  24. I actually bought my fourth clock yesterday. I love the ticking sound. I have 2 clocks and one 2 facing clock, a pendulum clock in my bedroom, one in my sons room, and a guitar clock in the music/catch all room. Needless to say, I don’t do watches either. BTW I am 1/6 of the way through Dead Witch Walking and I’ve met the ghost Peirce. I’ve read all the books up till now, but don’t remember him. Is he new or am I crazy with forgetfulness?

  25. I don’t wear a watch because when I do, I tend to look at it for everything. Am I going the speed limit? Check the watch. Is it cold outside? Check the watch. 😦 The watch doesn’t have all the answers and ends up being a distraction.

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