Busy Weekend

I had a hellacious weekend, and I’m exhausted. Saturday was spent moving two ton of rock into a new rock wall.  I swore I was done making rock walls, but there it is.  Just need the dirt now, which was supposed to be in Friday, but I can wait.  I’m thinking three yards . . .  Sunday was supposed to be a nice trip out to find some plants to put into it, but . . .

Sunday turned into an unexpected trip out to the Ren fair, unexpected in the sense of getting up planning one thing, and in thirty minutes, being out the door and in the car on the way to something else.  We had a great time eating and shopping–in that order–and when we left about 3;30, the line to get in was horrible.  Made me glad we went early. The shopping seemed better this year than last, or maybe I was in more of a shopping mood.  Now, here’s the funny thing.  The crowds and walking on Sunday exhausted me markedly more than moving two ton of rock on Saturday.  Go figure.  And the best part?  I slept long and deep, and had curious dreams.

Just as a reminder, if you’ve not heard, one of the stories from INTO THE WOODS (out October 9) has been released early in a special edition e-book.  Pet Shop Boys.  It also has the first chapter of EVER AFTER in it, so if you like sneak peeks, you might want to check it out.  It’s available right now.

Amazon:  Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Barnes and Noble: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

iTunes: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Sony: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Kobo: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter


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13 responses to “Busy Weekend

  1. Susan Powers

    I love the fair in Holly, if that’s the one you mean. Haven’t been there in years though.

  2. Martin

    Here’s a nice little song about Renaissance Faires..


  3. jkh

    I find being in large, meandering crowds to be emotionally taxing. And the “mall crawl” pace is the worst of it, tires me more than a long walk at a pace intended to Get There. Glad you slept well; be sure to stretch and stroll a bit today and tomorrow to regain your limberness.

  4. n2ishun

    You could have told me you needed a retaining wall built.
    Fieldstone ?
    Easy peasy.

  5. Was it the one in Holly? I’ve been wanting to get out there the whole time and haven’t made it. :/ Still wanting to shoot for the Sweet Endings weekend.

  6. I enjoyed Pet Store Boys very much and wished it had been longer!

  7. I love Ren Fairs – Glad you had an opportunity to go! Exhausting weekends … I can relate! My sister and I moved into this 30-year-old house in Sheridan, Wyo., in June, and every week since has been spent working with contractors to repaint, re-floor, repair plumbing, you-name-it. Got all the inside stuff finally finished a week or so ago, and this afternoon, a siding crew will be arriving. Amazing … I haven’t done any of the work myself, but I’m as tired as if I had …

  8. I love going to Ren Faires, but there isn’t one close enough to me 😦 Glad you had a great time. My plan for the weekend involved nothing more strenuous than picking up a book. I ended up working on the one I’m trying to write and got a few words down 🙂

  9. Dina

    My friends and I went RenFairing (PA RenFaire) this past w/e too! Must have been the weekend for it. And since we’re all theatre group actors, we go in garb/costume. 😀
    Also found it exhausting, though we had perfect RenFaire weather (73, low humidity, & breezy). Lots of walking and jostling must be the reason. We were there at opening (11am) and left around 6pm. Long day!!

  10. vampyre

    Happy Monday ma’am,

    It sounds like you had a great week end. Maybe the. reason you found the Ren Fair more taxing, is because moving all those rocks fatigued some.

    I’m really looking forward to next month. 😉


    • vampyre

      Kim, Clint Eastwood will be on the Ellen Show Tuesday. I know you aren’t a big TV fan but might make an exception for him.

  11. I assume the crowd was large because it was just so gorgeous yesterday. I worked in my yard cleaning up the mess the squirrels make when they eat the sunflowers. I finally just cut them all down. Love this time of year!

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