Harper opens submissions to unagented material for two weeks in October

Yes, you saw it right.  Harper Voyager, who is not just in the US but the UK and Australia, need fresh voices, and they are opening up gates that have been closed for almost ten years, letting you submit your manuscript without needing to have an agent.  After looking at the press release, I’m thinking they are starting a new digital line, which means promotional dollars.  Never a bad thing.  And there’s the chance your manuscript will make the jump to paper books, but seriously, my ebooks are selling gangbusters, so there you go.

The exciting thing to me is that the digital list will benefit from Voyager’s editorial, marketing, publicity and sales platforms, as in an editor, copy editor, attention to cover and art, etc.  Nothing is slapped together, and being a new line, there will be promotional dollars.

But I don’t need to sell it, do I.  I’m just excited.  I’m not that far away from those frustrating years of desperately wanting someone to simply look at my work.  Just look at it.  And here is a way.  Good luck.  Follow the link to get all the particulars.  Slow down.  Follow the rules.  Breathe.  Next week, I’ll tell you how I format my manuscript for submission so you can put an industry-expected face on your work.  🙂

Harper Opens Door to Unagented Material


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18 responses to “Harper opens submissions to unagented material for two weeks in October

  1. Sheena

    Hey Kim! Love you work! Have you posted anything on how you format your manuscripts yet? Would love to have a peek before I submit mine. Thanks!

  2. My husband is a writer and has been trying to get an agent and submitted his stuff for years…this is a great opportunity. Thank you, Kim!!

  3. Hi Ms. Kim-For all those who need to do something untill the Harper link opens, or Into the Woods comes out, learn to wash your hair with your feet! I understand its very soothing, and the instructional video is on a site called Tisha Unarmed(as you might guess, she has no arms,she forgot ’em when she was born) And for the ladies learn to put on a bra with no hands, just your teeth. And for those really hard up, learn to eat sushi with chopsticks,using your toes.

  4. Reblogged this on hello! yoshi and commented:
    Holy cow I wish I had a manuscript to send!

  5. jkh

    Not sure I’m ready to show my baby to the world yet. And I have several other stories I want to develop, too. I think I need more work and peer exposures. But this is such a marvelous opportunity for those who are ready to go. Nowhere else would I have learned about this. Thank you so much, Kim!

  6. Jessica S.

    Okay, I am prematurely panicking here. I went to click on the link that says to go there to fill out submission form and whatever, I was just going to look over it. But every time I click on it or type it out in my URL bar it just brings me back to the original article.

    Is this intentional so people don’t submit early?

    Me being me, I just wanted to see what I needed to do come October and yeah having a mini panic attack since I am not getting anywhere.

    Kim, do you by any chance know what’s up with that? Am I right in thinking the link is basically “closed” til October 1? Which is fine, I just want to know otherwise I really will be hyperventilating soon!

  7. I’ve been panicking since I saw this on Wednesday!! Can I just say o.m.g. Seriously?

  8. Reblogged this on Serendipity and commented:
    If you’ve been waiting for a chance to submit to a major publisher and you don’t have an agent, this is that window of opportunity!! Grab that ball and run like Hell!

  9. Cheers for that! Fascinating stuff… might have to consider submitting! Although self publishing is really working quite well at the mo…
    Thanks Kim!

  10. vampyre

    Remember to put “Kim sent me” on the cover letter. Just kidding and good luck to anyone that submits a manuscript.


  11. Thank you for sharing this!! It sounds like a great opportunity. I’m trying to get my manuscript in shape in time.

  12. Rita Lockwood

    Doesn’t that leave you without an agent though? What are your thoughts on that? Thanks!

  13. Tara

    I’ve been trying to find out on their site, you don’t actually have to LIVE in the US to submit do you???

  14. Dina

    Thanks so much for this info, Miss Kim! Gonna try! 🙂

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