Friends don’t let friends . . .

Friends don’t let friends post when they’re asleep, and man, I did not get to sleep last night until late, which meant weird dreams this morning.  So no real post this morning as I spend my usual time with you guys trying to wake up.

That sounds like a promising title, by the way–Trying to Wake Up–one you could build a series around.  Sort of like Waiting to Exhale.  Mmmmm.

(See, I told you I didn’t get enough sleep.  That’s a God-awful title.)


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26 responses to “Friends don’t let friends . . .

  1. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-when someone wants you up for a very important date,Yell”Bo Chup” THAT will fix them.(My translator friend in Singapore says she gets alot of milage out of that It’s Hokkein dialect for Ï don’t care” )

  2. jkh

    I have had a good night’s sleep maybe twice since I moved into my apt. The security lighting illuminates my room too much for my comfort. We’re not supposed to, but I may install a discreet light-blocking blind supplemental to the provided levelor. The joke is that I often fall asleep during the day — in full light!

  3. Stephanie Young

    Friends don’t let friends…miss out on any great reads. Loose leaf tea is the only way to start the morning.

  4. Hi Kim, it’s Ron Marlar again. Please acknowledge that you are getting my requests. Thanx

  5. Terri Jenkins

    Friends don’t let friends read anything other than paranormal because @ least that world makes sense!

  6. I have one word for you: coffee. Then, breathe.

  7. “To Try To Wake; To Work” That is the . . . to put a spin on the Olde Bard’s oft-quoted question.
    I feel for you, Kim. I’ve been up late and awake early this past week, head full of weird dreams and images. May they all turn into stories – we can only hope.

  8. I dunno … I think “Trying to Wake Up” has promise … a kind of catchy rhythm to it. Or am I not sufficiently caffeinated to be awake yet? Coffee is the original nectar of the gods – AND one of the basic food groups!

  9. Martin

    Speaking of titles, do you have a title for book 12 yet?

  10. siDEADde

    I hate nights like that! Tired too early, and by the time bedtime rolls around I’ve got my second(third, fourth…) wind. =(

  11. Amanda

    … miss out on a good book.
    That’s why I ask friends for author recommendations and I have a list at the ready for when I’m asked.

  12. Sorry, I slept great and am as chipper as ever. All I need now is a good breakfast.

    For titles, I am partial to “Trouble With the Curse” based on the newest Eastwood movie, Trouble With the Curve”.


    • Martin

      Hi Vampy,
      This movie trailer looks good. I’m partial to baseball, and I think I want to see it. I also like tear jerker “family drama” movies. Its got some talented people. Could be fun.

    • jkh

      I don’t especially like every Clint Eastwood film, but this one looks like something I’ll enjoy. I may wait ’til it hits the $3 movie house, though, being an obligatory cheapskate.

  13. Friends don’t let friends dabble in the dark magics . . .

  14. Donald Kirby

    What is this sleep you speak of?

  15. Trying to Wake Up…. story title of my every morning haha

  16. I don’t know anyone who sleeps well anymore. I was up at 2:00 with a headache. Fell back asleep but not my usual perky self yet today 😦

  17. My problem is that last night I slept soundly for the first time in a couple of nights. But of course this morning was the one morning I had to get up early, so the alarm woke me out a deep sleep and I still feel groggy after being up over an hour! This is gonna be a loooon day.

  18. Melissa

    Hi Kim,
    I am having the opposite problem this morning, I woke up 3 hours too early & couldn’t go back to sleep. Bleh. Either is bad but hey, you got up, there’s your first win of the day. Food & caffeine will help more. I’m looking at the counter on here & getting excited. I hope you have a great day! 🙂

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