Will you be at Comic Con, NY?

If you’ve been lurking here for a while, you probably know that I’m going to Comic Con, honored to be a literary guest this year.  My schedule is starting to fall into place, and if all goes well, I should be on the floor most days at least once, so if you can only go one day, the stars are aligning.  Also, unless something completely falls apart, there should be copies of INTO THE WOODS at the Harper booth.  This is my only chance to get out and sign for this bad boy, and I’m excited about it.  (If you want a signed copy and can’t make NY, I’ve got something going with Nicole’s.  Info here:)   🙂

My proposed panels are not just about vampires, which has me doing the happy dance.  There is so much to this job other than vampires, and getting to touch on other stuff is a relief.  Needless to say I’m getting excited about wedging my butt out of my chair again.  You can check out the Comic Con Website for more info

I spent a good portion of my day yesterday clearing my office of stuff that needed to be filed, sorted, tossed, stacked, and moved into storage. I have three places to put things now, and keeping it straight can be a challenge.  Odd thing is that my office doesn’t look any cleaner.  I’m just glad it’s Friday.

I was going to send you to Audiable today.  A reader came to me with the Truth books being on sale for under five dollars for an audiobook, but when I went to check it out, I don’t see that price.  I think it’s for people already subscribed to them.  But if audiobooks are your thing, they seem to have a standard offer going of 7.49 for any of my titles if you “sign up.”   If you’ve not heard, the Truth books are the very first thing I wrote, (seriously, the first friggin’ thing ever,)  full of telepathic dragons, abandoned castles, and a father’s love for his daughter stretching past death.  It’s very much traditional fantasy, and Alissa is not Rachel in a dress but her own person.  Maybe I should have given her a crossbow instead of a kestrel. . .  Ahhh, hindsight.  (snerk)

If you’re interested . . .


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16 responses to “Will you be at Comic Con, NY?

  1. Angela Fitzgerald

    Oops, I meant reading.

  2. Angela Fitzgerald

    I was reasons that someone told you that the Truth series are on sale at Audible. I’m really not sure when you posted that but I know you said you didn’t find it. So I know the details if someone hasn’t told you yet. First of all, yes its for members only. Secondly, there is a special for $4.95 on audios. I guess the final thing you will want to know its only one book in the Truth series. Its book one, First Truth.

  3. Sabine

    I loved the Truth series!!!! Also the Princess series! 🙂 Everyone I know that read those loved them! 😀

  4. jrbarnette

    I loved the Truth series! If you haven’t read… You should.

    Also, BTW KIm I read the first chapter of Ever After in the Pet Shop boys e-special last night. I loved it and I can’t wait until January for “the rest of the story”

  5. Courtney wall

    If one was new to the comic con experience ( this year will be my first year ever! I’m super excited) how or what should one make sure they do in order to get an autographed from you ( my ultimate favorite author) ?????
    Also can I bring one of your other books to sign? I have the whole Hollows series thus far!

    • Hi Courtney. Check the CC schedule. There is usually a signing opportunity after the panels, and I’ll probably have something extra at the Harper booth as well. If you have the series, you might want to stagger them over a couple of events.

  6. jkh

    I would love to visit you at ComicConNY. I would love to visit New York in October. But I can’t. I think I’m going to get Into the Woods on my Kindle,(finally making the big techno-jump) and it doesn’t take well to autographs. But I’ll be there in spirit!

  7. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I have read the Truth series(Cook Books) and I loved them. My sister loved them as well. To anyone that has not read them, now is the perfect time. They will keep you busy for a bit until Rachel is out in January. 😉


  8. Hi Ms. Kim-Hope you have a fab weekend!And I think Martin is right,since she’s getting married that friday,she can honeymoon at the Comic Con.

    • Hi Ms. Kim-We had a great weekend with some,but not too much rain and nice and cool.Well Smudge the gourmet cat has ordered 1in thick strip steak,marinated in Jack Daniels marinade for 24 hrs so I gotta work.

  9. mudepoz

    Sorry, it IS only members only. Still, if you’re a member, 4.95 is a great price!

  10. Scott Morley

    Kim/Dawn, Loved the Truth series. I thought it was great. Really different from Hollows, which is also great! It’s almost like too different authors wrote them . I actually would like to hear more about the Truth world.

  11. See here is the thing.. I’m getting married that Friday and my fiance already told me he’ll be pretty upset if I’m late. *sigh* he just doesn’t understand Kim that I have to see him everyday for the rest of my life and I don’t get that opportunity with you.. lol whatever. But if you’d like to see what beauty the hudson valley holds in the fall, we are a quick train ride up to Poughkeepsie, and you are more than welcome to crash our wedding 🙂

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