It was a good day all around

I’m very ready to sit at my desk today and move nothing but my fingers and my thoughts.  Urg.  I play too hard, and having that extra day really does me in.  I actually got out on the water this weekend.  “On the water” is my favorite place to be, which sounds weird because I garden so heavily.  Not many people know it, but my idea of heaven on earth is 27 feet of sailboat and the sound of a halyard slapping.  A little kayak is enough to find peace in.

And speaking of gardening.  I scored big Monday at my favorite home and garden place.  Cone flowers with spent blooms at seventy-five percent off.  Score!!  I’d been watching them for about a month, hoping they’d go on sale.  They were red with a few orange blooms, and I wanted them badddddd.  I nearly had kittens last week when I went to check on them and found they were moved from the outside tables to inside.  Still, they were not on the sale rack on Monday, even though they were looking kind of sad, so I took one up to the front, and said, “I have a question about this plant,” upon which the lady blurted, “Seventy-five percent off today.  Right now.”

My eyes began to gleam, and I went to get a cart.

Today I’m starting the actual writing of a chapter-length short for a special opportunity that landed on my desk out of the blue.  It’s put the plotting of book thirteen out till next week, but I know where I think I’m going.  Everything changes, and it’s not good to have too rigid of a mind-set–in writing, or gardening.

P.S.  I like cone flowers because they like the sun and are extremely drought hardy once established, and I’d like to make my landscaping less dependent on water.  This plant is also known as Echinacea, the same stuff that boosts your immune system.


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12 responses to “It was a good day all around

  1. jkh

    I love those passionate orange coneflowers! Used to have some of the purple ones in my garden beds — I planted flowers among the vegetables to invite the pollinators. You know you’ve played a little too hard when you take ibuprofen with dinner and then at bedtime ’cause you know you’ll be sore the next day…But I understand the drive to enjoy the last of the just-right weather.

  2. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Happy Hunger Games. May the odds ever be in your favor! Ever since I bought the HG DVD, I’ve been caught up in the books.

    Speaking of books, the other day you mentioned t he price of “A Fist Full of Charms” was over $100.00. I had to check and I was amazed. Then I realize I actually have something valuable in more than just sentimental way. I have all of your first edition books and they’re signed! I’d never sell them. My family will, to pay for my funeral some day. 🙂


    • Martin

      Hi Vampy,
      I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the books are well worth reading. They dragged me along like the Hollows. Your Kim book collection is valuable, and could be worth more someday!

    • vampyre

      I read all of the HG books about a ear before the movie came out. They are really good. The movie is a pretty good adaptation.

      I just started rereading Catching Fire today.(yay Kindle!)


  3. Shari

    I love gardening, especially with flowers and herbs. The fragrance alone once they have grown is wonderful. I love the water but don’t get the chance to get to it, at least not this year.
    Funny note here, I posted you that picture of the kitten we called “Itchy Witch”, well when I started looking at your blog today she climbed onto the computer and is sleeping by the screen right now. She’s not feeling well but I have hope that she will be okay.

  4. You’re pretty crazy about those coneflowers, huh? haha 🙂

    It’s always awesome when you can get something you love on sale.

  5. Hi Ms. Kim I’m so jealous of people who can get on/in the water.It would feel good on my bad leg,and I could exercise alot more.However there is no heated pool near me.Good lusk on the flowers and break a finger(or whatever writers say) on the writing.

    • jkh

      Ptoo-pfui on breaking fingers! Breaking a nail is enough! Although we really don’t break nails on ‘puter keyboards it was a real danger back in the mechanical typewriter days.

      Jim, I do hope you can access some community transit to a heated (really warm) community pool, sometime in the future. Sometimes I forget how good we have it around here in Seattle.

  6. MelanieL

    I think I may have been a mermaid in a past life. I only 100% at home near/on water.

    I love the flower! Beautiful. Our household had a plant emergency this holiday weekend. We had a plant try to commit suicide in the sink!
    Awhile back my husband came home terribly excited about these two little pea looking things. He went to the local bread store and asked about these gigantic looking Pregnant Onions in the window. The store/plant owner was very passionate about her plants but decided she liked my hubby and gave him a couple of babies.

    They’ve been growing great on the sink windowsill… until yesterday. I went to do dishes and swear I didn’t come close to one of them and yet one plant jumped from the windowsill and took a dive into the sink! (No water yet, whew!) I grabbed the poor thing, tipped it upright. All it’s roots were exposed. Quick had my daughter run out to get some dirt from the bag and we packed the poor little thing back in.

    We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully the little guy wasn’t damaged.

  7. We love coneflowers! The purple (which is really pink lol) will spread like crazy left to their own devices. We have an acre with huge beds and we try not to water, but this year it’s been so dry we’ve had no choice. I bought a yellow coneflower last year but it didn’t survive the winter 😦 Sticking to white and purple from now on. Black eyed Susans are also good for drought resistance 🙂

  8. I not only got on the water this summer but in it! It is rarely the perfect mix of hot weather and warm water for me to get in the lake but this year it was nice every time we went out on the boat! Oh and I made my entire back planting bed out of clearance flowers. Most survived but I didn’t feel too bad about the ones that didn’t since they were so cheap!

  9. Kelley Donaghy

    My two favorite things are sailboats and cone flowers too! We inherited two sailboats over the last three years, on 22′ O’Day and the other a 23′ Spindrift. One is moored at a local marine park for weekend fun! My front bed is full of cone flowers and as we found out yesterday, sadly when older daughter got stung in several places while pulling weeds, a huge yellow jacket nest. Hot dry summers…blah!

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