Caution to the Wind

Had a great opportunity land unexpectedly on my desk yesterday, so the plotting–which went nova Thursday–is on hold until later.  I’m so excited about it that I almost forgot to post this morning.  No spoilers, but it involves our favorite elf and witch/demon, and from a craft point of view, I will be trying something new for me.  I’m curious myself how it’s going to turn out.  I’ll find out remarkably fast, seeing as this has a very short turn around.  I like my long, lengthy years spent with a book before it hits the shelf, but this fast, instant gratification has its own charms and energy.

Also, just as a general note, if you come on my pages and crab at me, I will likely leave you to your rant, but if you come on my pages and start being mean to my readers because you’re unhappy with me, I will ban your computer address and your email faster than honey through a pixy.  Blogs retain email and computer addresses as a measure of security even if you haven’t given them.  Anonymous posting means your contact information is hidden from the public pages, not the administrative ones.  So be nice.

For those of you in the US, have a great Labor Day weekend!  I will probably not post Monday.


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43 responses to “Caution to the Wind

  1. Alex

    Forget the demon witch and the elf! I want to know more about the blue Chrysalis. It’s driving me nuts. Is it just a chrysalis, or knowing Big Al, is it something more? You’re killing me, Smalls!

  2. Hey Kim,
    It’s sad for me to hear that mean people have been coming on here and being well….mean. To you and us readers!
    Just know that there are more people who love you then hate you! ^_^

    • veronica

      merry meet!! i am a very big fan of yours i am in the prosses of writing my own books but your books should be made into a movie or two lol. i am reading all the hollows books and everything els in between. your books are inspiring to me. i love rach,ivy,jinks and trent. they are funny and all around great books. i hope this finds you well. love and light.veronica

  3. ronmarlar

    Well Kim, I am disappointed that I have had no reply regarding the books that Guy was trying to get for me. Will one of you please give me a status?

    Thanx so much,

    Ron Marlar

    • Hi Ron. Guy seems to think he told you to watch for manic Mondays. We can’t do them more than once a month or so because he has to move them out himself. We’re still getting books back from the last one from people who gave us the wrong address or didn’t bother to pick them up. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
      If you want, you can email him at

  4. Oh heavens! If there is a hell it will be spent peeling eggs for deviled eggs and potatoes for potato salad. How do I always get wrangled into this? Happy Labor Day to one and all! Please stay safe.

    P.S. Saw Bruce last night for a 3 hour show. Excellent performance. He just gets better and better with age!

  5. siDEADde

    What about everyone’s favorite vamp? I miss Ivy. Hopefully something good is in store concerning her as well!

    Have a great holiday!

  6. Wanda Castro

    Hi Miss Kim! Just finished re-reading A Perfect Blood again, can’t wait for October & January! Anywho, re-reading reminded me of a question I have for you. Was there a short story that introduced Daryl? I don’t remember reading anything about her before. Thanks for a wonderful series! Wanda

  7. Keenan

    Hey Mrs. Harrisson I just wanted to let you know I’ve loved your books since Dead Witch Walking was released. Its brilliant how you describe the battles and I especially adore how you describe Rachel using the ley lines!

    With admiration, Keenan

  8. Wow, you had lots of big news/teasers this week! Tour cities, signed copies of Into the Woods, plotttings for the final book, and now this. You got me all excited! Also, glad you put a stop to meanness. I love the friendliness here.

  9. Hi Ms. Kim-Have a great holiday!

  10. Now that’s a teaser …. whatever do you mean? And October is so close I can almost taste it.

  11. Jennifer

    Thanks for your comments about mean people! There is no need for that. Can’t wait for the next book – I am excited to see what my favorite elf, witch, demon, and pity are up to next! Happy Labor Day!

  12. Terri Jenkins

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim! This started out as a bad day & you just made it better. I do so love Trent & Rachel together. My daughter & sister agree with me that those two need to hook up for real! Can not WAIT!! 🙂 As for the mean people you mentioned — what is up with that?! They should be ashamed. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Have a great Labor Day weekend Kim! You deserve it! Kiss kiss ! vv ;_0

  13. Pam campbell

    I am new to the series, but whoa!!! I have made up for lost time!!! I am making myself wait to read the next!!! It is torture!! Though if I don’t slow down I will run out of “Hallows” books!!!! I do love that elf, I think he is a better elf then she thinks…. Of course I love jenks so glad he did not die, if he did I would have had to stop reading ;). Love love the series!!!!

  14. Kat Fincel

    Bunny eared “kiss kiss” to you Kim for more stories about my favorite elf! It’ll be just as great as all the others! Have a great Labor Day weekend! 😊

  15. Bel

    Hey Kim!
    You have my curiosity peaked! Can’t wait!! I hope you have a great weekend. Oh by the way my daughter loved the Madison Avery series and she wants to start the Hollows, she is 12yrs. old. Being that you are the author do think she is old enough to read the Hollows? See you in Houston when you come!! 🙂

    • Vampyre

      I can’t answer your question about the Hollows but I do know Kim has written something you and your daughter might like.

      The Truth series starting with First Truth.
      She also has The Princess series. starting with The Decoy Princess.

      They are penned under the name, Dawn Cook, but they are the same person.

      The books are available in Mass Market paper back, audio, or your favorite e reader.


    • Bel

      OK thanks for the suggestions.I will see if I can pick those up!:-)

    • Bel

      By the way love the teeth!!

    • Martin

      Hi Bel,
      You know your daughter better than anyone else. Is she mature enough to handle the adult situations and the adult emotions? Would she ask you about it if she were confused or upset? Could you talk with her about it openly and without embarrassment? The books could help her grow if you decide she’s ready. The main characters are all strong, positive role models, and its a helluva adventure.

    • Martin

      Hi again Bel,
      Another question; How comfortable are you with the idea that your daughter be exposed to these adult situations and emotions?

    • Bel

      You brought up some valid points. I kinda went back through some of the books and realized Jenks has a mouth on him and I am not that comfortable with her reading stuff like that. Thanks for your input.:-)

    • Hi Bel. I wouldn’t let my 12 year old read the Hollows, but I’m a prude and proud to pass that on to my boys. There’s not a lot of sex in the books, but enough to nix it for me. That said, if your 12 year old is already reading adult material, then there’s nothing shocking there to be worried about. Vampy brought up the Truth and Princess books. They are both aimed at the adult audience as well, but do not have any sex in them and might be a good alternative. You can find them under my other name, Dawn Cook.

    • Bel

      Everyone sure was helpful. Thanks for giving me your opinion I do it appreciate it! She just loved your MA books. I will do what Vampyre suggested & pick up the other books for her in the mean time till she is old enough. My 12 yr. old doesn’t read anything adult. I told her no because I wasn’t that sure. I wanted to get your perspective on the books. Everyone was a big help. Thanks!!

  16. Diva

    That is some tease Miss Kim. My mind is spinning wondering what this new thing is but if it involves my favorite elf then we’re halfway to gold.

    Going supernova…that’s a good thing, right?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you on the other side. 😉

  17. Dana

    Love, love, love you and the entire series!! Just put Pale Demon down and can not WAIT to start Perfect Blood. Looking forward to seeing you again at Nicolas.

  18. Brenda Mossbarger

    We are camping this Labor Day weekend. Fortunately in a cabin as we may have remnants of Isaac in our area all weekend.

    Great to get out of town and alone for awhile as our summer was wrapped up in caring for my much loved father in law until he succumbed to cancer.

    • Brenda Mossbarger

      TMI, sorry. Please feel free to delete about comment!

    • Martin

      I am sorry for your loss. It will take time but it does get better.

    • jkh

      Oh boy, that’s a tough one, Brenda. Condolences to your whole family. Just went through my dad’s death (natural causes–>aging) and it wasn’t a fun time. Enjoy your weekend, and know your FiL is now free and happy.

    • Alex

      Brenda, we lost our sister this summer…my thoughts to you. It doesn’t get easy, but the grief stops coming as often. Happy reading…nothing like Big Al to take your mind away for a few moments.

  19. Martin

    I do hope you will tell us what’s happening at the appropriate time. We love hearing about our favorite witch/demon and the elf.

  20. Have an awesome labor day!!

    From South Africa!!

    Kiss kiss

    Kevin Kirkwood
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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