Plotting, plotting, plotting

So . . .  There it is: me plotting out the last book.  Guy gave me some caution tape to strew about my office in celebration, which I thought apropos.  See, I thought I had a plot already, but when I got into it yesterday, I realized I used too many themes and situations from it in book twelve when I lengthened the series to include the floater–which means I get to spend this week and some of next plotting out a new last book.  Oh, it has the same general theme, but I moved a few things up, and now can expand on the results.  Can I just say “yummy” and leave it at that?  -grin-

And yes.  All my plotting is handwritten.  Don’t ask me why.


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41 responses to “Plotting, plotting, plotting

  1. I have absolutely loved the Hollows books. Was visiting AZ bookstore (Borders) where my niece worked. She handed me a new book that was out and said she thought I’d like this one. It was the first one, and I have been hooked every since. Kick ass Pixies, Weres and W
    itches, oh my!!

  2. Toby Derscheid

    I love your desk.. Is that maple and stained oak? I must say that it is nice to see we keep our desks in the same like.:O)

  3. Carla Price Fritch

    Kim, you are an incredible writer. Without thinking, sometimes I will be frustated and say things like “shit on a stick” or “Tink’s a whore”
    I will always carry your characters with me, so Rachael, and The Hollows community will live forever carrying out their purposes here and in the “Ever After” lol

  4. Alissa Hooks

    While I am desperately waiting for the last Hollows book, (gasp!) I found your Dawn Cook books. I just wanted to say that my name is Alissa, (spelled exactly the same way as the main character) and I appreciate your use of that spelling as I can never find it anywhere! No souvenir keychains or coffee mugs for me. Thank you for all you do. I can’t wait for Ever After!

  5. Jan / MI

    Hoping “yummy” is code, for Rachel is finally gonna get laid.
    Yep…My mind is always in the gutter 🙂

  6. jkh

    Read all the posts, hadn’t spotted the puppy (I have a very small screen), so I used my “maggifying” glass, and then I spotted her! Kind of like my kitty, who’s often just sort of nearby when I’m reading or playing on the ‘puter. And yes, there’s something organic about using pencil and paper sometimes. I generally use pen/cil for crosswords, mainly, because of arthritic fingers, and electronic keyboards are easier on them.But crosswords just aren’t the same in e-format..

  7. Your Hollows series is the most anticipated read in my entertainment. It kills me to find something else to read while I wait for the next book. I am heartbroken to hear this is the end 😦 I am also amazed that this long series has stayed interesting and that the plots were as good as the first one because most series I read get to a stale mate (ex. Anita Blake.) So thanks for cutting it off before you start writing filler books. I shall give your other series a try since I loved this one more than any other!

  8. Martin

    I do understand everyone’s sadness and distress at the thought the series is ending,
    Ever After is only book 11.
    Book 12, (currently untitled) is 18 months from release, (unless the publisher changes that).
    Book 13, (currently being plotted), is 30 months from release.
    We have a long time to anticipate more Hollows novels, and to read (and re-read) and enjoy them.
    I also have total faith that Kim will tie everything up in gold ribbons, leaving an ending that is satisfying and complete. It is better this way. I have read too many series that got boring and repetitive and just petered out, leaving me disgusted and unsatisfied. I quit reading them and following them, and left the author behind. I also know that I will follow Ms. Harrison to the next adventure she wants to bring me on, and will anticipate and enjoy it just as much
    Remember to breathe; it will get better.

  9. Margaret Erickson

    Say it isn’t so…the last book! Hopefully, you will come up with another series to fill in the blanks. Thank you for your wonderful creations…the hours you spent working are much appreciated. I prefer to believe that Rachel, Jenks and Ivy will never disappear and that they will always be “out there” somewhere, keeping the masses safe. Kim, thank you! I will read whatever you write. That’s the bottom line, I guess. You are an awesome person and I just wanted you to know that I, for one, truly appreciate you.

  10. Amy

    It’s always fun and interesting to see someone’s workspace. I love the caution tape! 😉

  11. I thought I was the only person that used a trackball instead of a “regular” mouse……. Even with my new computer and the giant “trackpad” that acts like an iPad, I can’t live wthout my trackball!

  12. Vampyre

    Remember to keep Wile E. away from the edge of the desk. He has a bad record with high places and drop offs.


  13. Can’t wait for the last book and can’t wait for what comes NEXT!!! 🙂

  14. HarleyQuinn

    So sad this is the last book. Excited too though! I will miss the series but I can still listen to it over and over again. I just wanted to say Thank you for the wonderful hours I spent immersed in the wonderful world of The Hollows. I cant wait for the next series to start as im sure it will be equally as awesome.
    p.s. Virtual ear scrubbies to your sleepy pal in the window. ❤ ❤

  15. Deanna Rokusek

    An end to the Hollows is sad yet exciting. It leaves you free for a new series! I wish my desk was as neat as yours! LOL!

  16. Anona Mous

    The secrets are in the Post-its!
    (and the drawer handles are removed?)

  17. How will I live without Ivy, Rachel and Jenks?!!! 😦 I’ll just have to trust you to give me more characters to fall in love with:)

  18. Kathryn Koch

    Well, the end of one series means the beginning of another?? Can’t wait to read more Kim Harrison!!

  19. The words “last book” make me sad. But it is a great ride we are on. Can’t wait to read the last ones and then see what you have in store for us next! And, Yay! Guy! The tape is a great idea!

  20. katritchie

    Great Picture! Bittersweet too I loved the series so much I will miss all the character like they were my friends. Good luck on the rewrite!

  21. BJS

    Tell guy BJ says hello!

  22. I hand write when I need to think things out. At work I make little pictures with lines going to all my ideas. Once I have everything thought out I can type it up.

  23. Marilyn McDonough

    I agree with above comments. I have loved the Hollows and will miss them. I wish you well on your further books. Handwriting is therapeutic…you can take a paper notebook with you outside, lightweight, and do not have to worry about WiiFi connection. I suspect drawing, doodling, picture drawing will always help with creativity.

  24. Jaime Colston

    I spotted your canine friend! What a cutie! And I am not an author, but I do hand write first then type.
    Can’t wait for Rachel’s next adventure even if it is the last. 😦 I will miss Jenks the most, but I have all the Hollows series. So I can visit whenever I like.

  25. This is bitter sweet but still exciting!
    Cannot wait for all the hollows books, I found the hollows last summer & am a hollows addict, lol

  26. Bitter sweet but so exciting! Cannot wait for all the hollows books! Thank you for sharing your stories!

  27. Terri Jenkins

    I can’t even imagine the Hollows coming to an end. I introduced my daughter & my sister to Rachel & the gang. You now have two more die-hards! By the way, my daughter is Rachel too. We are SO looking forward to “The Hollows”. I just want to tell you that your fantasy picks were dead on! Billy Zane….. Paul Walker….. mmmmm!! Thank you Kim, for all the joy you have given this family. We are your devoted fans always. Love you girl!!! 🙂

  28. Can’t wait to read it.
    Also love that you plot by writing it by hand. There is a freedom in doing so, just letting ideas flow, that you don’t get as easily with a computer

  29. This is bittersweet, but it is always good to move on to new things. Best of luck to you.
    P.S. My plotting is handwritten too 🙂

  30. Yay! Congrats on your plotting. That’s a beautiful desk btw! Good luck on your work!

  31. I love to see pics of your space and the work in progress. And I notice the pooch in the background.

  32. Diva

    I’m feeling sad and excited at the same time. But this is still a couple of years away for me as a reader so I’ll enjoy every last minute I have with the Hollows gang until then.

    Use well the days, Miss Kim. 🙂

    • Griffhor14

      I am seriously still holding on to the idea of a Rachael Morgan/Harry Dresden title. Harry meeting Jenks would be a riot.

    • I can’t decide whether I’m terrified by this idea or absolutely enthralled. I guess I’ll have to go with both.

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