Signed Into The Woods-One Way To Do It

I seldom get out to tour for the books that come between the usual spring releases, and though I’m going to Comic Con NY October 11-14, I wanted one more chance for you to get a signed copy of the first Harrison compilation. This is the one with all the extra Hollows shorts and novellas that have been published up to now.  In it, we see Ivy frame a man for murder–the same who goes on later to kill Kisten.  We see Daryl and see how she and Ivy met.  There’s Ceri’s abduction, and why blue butterflies figure into Al’s psyche.  Why Ivy gave Mia her wish, and what Mia did with it is in there.  How Pierce gave Rachel her first feeling of true independence is explained.  And of course, Trent and Jenks rescuing Lucy.  (Go Trent and Jenks!)

Then there are the new pieces, bits of thought that I played with as possible future series.  If you want a peek into how the creative mind works . . .  Well . . .  here you go.  I’ve got three novellas and one short, all different worlds, all different magics, all hopefully different feels to them: Pet Shop Boys from a guy’s point of view about the perils of winter solstice parties; Spider Silk, a is-she-isn’t-she kind of horror story; and Grace, who’ve I’ve been talking about ever since I’ve had a blog–which is actually before they had a word for it. (I’m thinking 2001?)

It’s a fabulous collection of old and new, and I’m very pleased to be able to do this.  As I said, there will be some at Comic Con for me to sign, but I didn’t want to limit availability, so Nicolas in Ann Arbor has taken on the task of being my signed-book outlet.  So . . . if you want one of these bad boys signed, here’s what you do:

1.  Go to their ordering site and order a book.  I’ve got the link at the end here.

2.  Work through the order form until you get to the “pay me” part.  Way down at the bottom you’ll see a box that looks like this.

3.  In this box, you write in “Please have Kim sign my book”  ORRRRRRRR  “Please have Kim sign my book to __________”  and fill in the blank with who you want me to personalize it to.  The first will get you my signature, the second will get it personalized to you with a note.

4.  If you don’t put anything in the box, you’ll get a book but no signature.  🙂

5.  International orders are okay.  Call them at 734-662-0600

6.  If you want it by the drop date, you have to order by October 3rd.

7.  Here’s the link to get you started.  Nicola’s signed Into The Woods offer

I am very grateful for Nicola’s for doing this for us.  I know it’s a pain to try to get these out to you so they will land on your door on the publishing date, so please don’t wait for the last moment to order.  The books have to be sent from Harper early, and if you place your order late, there is that extra shipping time to deal with.  You’ll still get your book, but it won’t be on the drop date.  I will do my part by getting there to sign them a few days before the drop date, but again, you have to order with enough time to actually ship it to you.

I hope you enjoy this collection.  I had a surprisingly good time putting it together.  🙂  Lots of stuff I’ve been wanting to get out on paper finally made it.  Phew!!


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35 responses to “Signed Into The Woods-One Way To Do It

  1. axi

    I just squee’d so hard, you have no idea.

  2. Nikki Sunday

    Yay! I just placed an order! So excited! btw You hear it all the time I am sure but you are truly one of my favorite authors. Plus I love that Rachel is a red head (like me)! :-p

    ps Thanks sooo much for the signing! It is so very cool that you are willing to do that! 🙂

  3. jen

    hey just wanted to say thanks, this is super cool of u kim. 😀 since i live in canada its not an easy thing for me to catch u on a book tour. which sucks :S i always wanted a book signed by u because u are quite honestly my favorite author ever. anyway just wanted to let u know how super cool i thought this was. can’t wait to read from trents point of view should be interesting.

  4. Lilor10

    Thank you Kim. Awesome work, cannot wait to read more 😉 Ordered for hubby’s birthday.

  5. Trish Collins

    i am waiting patiently

  6. Rachael

    Kim, I just ordered my copy, thank you so much for doing this!! I love the Hollows series, but I can’t wait to read what you write next 🙂 Looking forward to your stop in Raleigh on the next tour so much that I am reading each book again.

  7. Random Thoughts

    That is so sweet of you. Thank you Kim. Waiting for this book is making me antsy.

  8. Rachel G

    Thank you Kim so MUCH! My Husband and I love The Hollow series!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get it!!!!

  9. Denise Keef

    Doin’ the happy dance!!!!!! Just ordered the book!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks Kim for setting this up for us to have you sign them…it means so much to me ~Hugs~ Denise

  10. Kelly

    I just ordered mine. I am glad it is a hardcover because it will look good in my collection that Kim signed for me last year! You are DA BEST Kim! Thanks for giving us this chance to get a signed copy. It means alot to us!

  11. Malinda

    My computer is freaking out on the Comic Con page. Will you be at Comic Con NY on all three days? I would only be able to go on saturday because I work during the week and it is a few hours away from my house.

  12. NickinColoma

    Will probably wait till ann arbor 😦 to get all signed at once. –NickinColoma

  13. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Hopefully, I’ll see you in Raliegh and get everything signed then.


  14. PJ Tolbert

    OMG – you just made my gift shopping so much easier! Ordered and super excited. 🙂 Thanks so much! Can’t wait!

  15. Got mine ordered!!! Super excited!

  16. Kim

    I will see you at NY Comic Con on Friday!!!

  17. Darci

    Just ordred mine can’t wait to read it =) thanks Kim for the awesome books

  18. Mary

    It say’s in the post that international shipping is ok but on the order page the only option’s it give’s are the USA and Canada. I’m in the UK.

  19. Ordered!! Worth. Every. Penny. I am so excited to read the elf quest!!!

  20. Kim, you are amazing! I am actually considering going to comic con just because you are there! Keep up the great works, any more graphic novels in the pipeline?

  21. Brenda Mossbarger

    Ordered! Thank you!

  22. Karen Austin

    Wonderful – thanks Kim :-))

  23. Already did!! Super excited >w<

  24. Well, damn, I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of ITW. Maybe I’ll just order another and donate to my library.

  25. Noelle

    C: I just pre ordered mine!!! Yaaay~<3

  26. What a fabulous idea! Thank you!

  27. Sue

    Woot! Since I’ll be at NYCC I’ll pick up mine there (I’m assuming they are selling them). 🙂

  28. Stef

    It doesn’t ship to aus!!!! 😦

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