Ever After tour cities. Am I coming near you?

It’s a touch early, so don’t imagine that these cities are chiseled in stone, and I usually lose one, gain another along the way due to venue changes, but I’ve got the first tentative list of tour cities for EVER-AFTER, and it looks like a nice, mostly warm week or so out with you guys! Β Remember, I’m touring an entire month early this year, right in the middle of winter. Β Not my favorite thing to do, but it will give me February and March at home, something I’ve not had in a few years and I’m looking forward to. Β πŸ™‚

So, with excitement and that little quiver I always get on tour . . . the proposed cities are in alphabetical order:
Ann Arbor,
San Diego,

Please don’t beg me to come to your city with sugar and tomatoes on top. Β I truly have very little say in the matter. Β I’m sorry if I missed your city, but with an entire continent to choose from, it can be hard. Β I’m thrilled to be getting back to the Cincinnati area. Β Back to Denver–who was a new stop last year. Β Also, I missed Texas and Arizona completely last tour, so that is going to be great to see you all again.


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205 responses to “Ever After tour cities. Am I coming near you?

  1. KLumbardi

    OMG!!!! I am super-duper exstatic that you’re going to be coming to the Raleigh/Durham area…ah, dreams do come true ❀

  2. Scott champio

    Hi kind do u have ur tour dates for ever after yet

  3. Emily Gibbons

    You need to come Lafayette, LA or some where near. Baton Rough or New Orleans

  4. izzybella

    Me, me, me, me, me!!!!!!!!! WooooooooooHoooooooooooooooo!! I’m next door neighbors with Dallas. Hop, skip and a super sassy jump. Can’t wait to be there!!

  5. I know you said no begging but…….I reallllllllllllly want you to come to Pittsburgh or close to it!!!! *Sigh*

  6. Brandy Warrix

    So when do we get actually dates ….i need to plan and have ssomething to look forward to

  7. Liz

    Kim – I’m hoping to see you in NYC at the Comic Con if I can get there, none of the other cities are near me for the tour. Don’t worry about the CW passing this season, they cancelled Secret Circle last season – and it only got one season to get out there in this genre. I would love to see The Hollows but I kind of hope that you would go the movie route vs a TV series in order to preserve the integrity of your books and characters. I’m not sure TV can do the Hollows justice like a Full Feature Movie could do. I look forward to reading the shorts and getting the new book Ever After in January! Great after holidays surprise to look forward to.

  8. DesertNails8

    I hope to see you in Phoenix! By the way, I just read the first Rachel Morgan book, well actually listened to the audiobook and it’s great! I look forward to getting the second book next month (I have a subscription). I’ve told two women at work and they’ve started reading the series, too.

    • Melissa

      You’re coming to ARIZONA?! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I’m in Tucson, so I’ll be driving my butt up to Phx! WOO HOO! I always seem to miss you!

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  10. Oooooh, San Diego is only 2 1/2 freeway hours from where I live in CA! See you there, Kim. :O)

  11. Just in case the publisher has a nose on this page and views the comments… *wishful thinking*…

    The British public would love to see you over here ANYTIME (sooner rather than later) and would welcome you with open arms or a standing ovation or whatever floats your boat!

    London is waiting for you Kim Harrison πŸ™‚

  12. Wendy

    Pleeeeeease keep Dallas on the list! I was all set and ready to start campaigning when I saw it on the list. I did little squee πŸ˜€

  13. Kim Ramos

    Why don’t you ever come to the southern states like Florida?

  14. Shell

    San Diego is too far down! Come further up CA. Santa Clarita is perfect in the winter!

  15. You’re returning to Denver!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

  16. Tina Moos

    I’m sure we could never get you to little ole Bismarck, ND, even though you have fans here, but how about (think really really hard about this even in winter) Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. I would drive that far to meet and greet you and buy your newest Hollows book! Think of all the fabulous shopping…too. Thanks for taking the time to read our comments. Your fans adore you and the fantasy you’ve created. I miss Jenks’ comedy in between books πŸ˜‰

    • Kristi

      I’m with you on the Mall of America! I’m totally for a Minnesota stop! Heck, I’m down for anything within 6 hours haha.

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  18. Andrew Stockli

    I know you don’t have any real control over the cities you visit but maybe mention Washington DC to the publisher? : )

  19. Woo Hoo Raleigh-Durham made the list….spreading the word already, be ready for quite a welcome, just waiting for a date, huge fan base and aspiring writers are going to be glad to meet you….

  20. Pat .

    There must be an error. Surely you are coming to New Zealand this time? Sugar and tomatoes on top? We can give you kiwifruit and roast lamb…

  21. I’m hoping Lansing gets back on there. It’s such a great event on release day.

  22. Haiku Girl

    A Haiku for Kim’s PR Person:

    East coast gets no love
    Put the Big Apple on tour
    New Yorkers love Kim!

  23. Sharon Morgan

    I know what you said but Dallas and Austin are like two hours apart! How about coming to eastern Tennessee so some of us in the GA TN SC area can see you without driving 5 hours! Just a thought…

    • No Dallas and Austin are not two hours apart. With no traffic Austin is nearly an hour south of me and Dallas is four hours north of me. It’s a five hour drive from one to another and for most people that would have them driving into another state.

    • Austin and Dallas are more like five to six hours apart if traffic isn’t bad. For most people that would be like driving into another state.

  24. Random Thoughts

    We will miss you in Sacramento, Ca.
    That being said, have fun on your tour!

  25. Steve Molnar

    OK! Missed u last time in Austin due to a prior commitment–not gonna happen this time! Gonna bring some friends/fans. Hope u eventually get to San Antonio one of these days.

  26. Mendi in STL

    😦 No chatting with “Guy” again for me.

  27. Innette Anderson

    I love all your books and would love to meet you I can not even put the books down till I get them done! Please come to Minnesota we love you here and pre order your books and we love you writing. I would love to meet you! pleaaassseee!

  28. Carmela

    OMG!! I wish you would come and visit Canada soon…

  29. nathalie courson

    Kind of bummed the furthest east you come is Texas. You have a good following here in northwest Florida.

  30. I’m a little bummed! Considering how successful your Baltimore/Washington, DC signing was I was crossing my fingers that you’d come here again. Oh well, maybe next time. I mean, I’m glad for the new cities so that your fans who have never met you will have the chance this time, but I’m spoiled even if I’ve met you 4 times already :P.

  31. Karen M

    You know if you made it over to Australia it would be Summer πŸ™‚

  32. Shanda

    No Atlanta????? Noooooo

  33. Sarah Weatherington

    You know, Little Rock has some fabulous place to visit. The Clinton Library, the Arkansas River, wonderful coffee shops and plant nursies for Jenks to explore, the Wordsworth book store across the street from my office… But if that is too small a town for you to visit, how about Memphis? Beale street jazz (we know you love jazz).

    • Jennifer Anderson

      I’m with Sarah! Little Rock is the best! Most tours do the major cities on the east and west coasts but very rarely do they visit in the middle.

  34. Krystin Davis

    I love your books Sooo much!!! I would love to meet you πŸ™‚ Hopefully you will make it out to Pittsburgh, PA one day soon!!!

  35. Amanda

    SUPER EXCITED to see you coming back to NC!!

  36. Awesome!! You’re coming to Raleigh! I am so there!!!

  37. jkh

    Oh good grief, all the beggars…C’mon guys, the stops are chosen by the publisher and the decision has already been pretty much made. If you want to affect the decisions, maybe for the next tour, write the publishers.

    • Martin

      I think the publisher bases the itinerary on book sales. If you want to influence the itinerary, BUY MORE BOOKS, get your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone you talk to, to buy more books, and buy locally.

  38. Lilah

    Portland again would be wonderful, but I was looking for an excuse to go to Seattle this winter anyway πŸ™‚ Now I’m just hoping that date lands on a weekend so I don’t have to skip classes!

  39. Vinny

    Just another Orlando Fla. fan that would love to see you come to ANYWHERE in Fla. The nearest to us is 3 states away in NC. 😦 I think you would truly be surprised by the response if the ppl that decide these tours could make a stop for you anywhere in this state. I know it is a big continent butplease consider the southeastern US especially Florida.

  40. Martin

    Thank you for what you do for your fans!!! I wouldn’t spend that much time away from home, or rack up that many frequent flier miles, for anything!!!!!

  41. Cincinnati is so close! Come to Indianapolis, IN!!!!

  42. Kathryn Koch

    Really wish your Peeps would put Canada on your tour List. I’d drive a couple of hours to see you and get a signed copy! LOVE your books. Starting on your Dawn Cook books now!.
    Kathryn Sinkovec Koch

  43. mandi

    Poor Florida 😦

  44. Casey

    What are the dates? I miss you last time you were in Portland, OR (as in I was in town but had to work that night -4hrs away- and so I couldn’t even go to Powells!!) so I’m determined to see you either in Seattle or San Diego >:[ So I would like to know when so I can start planning my vacation πŸ™‚

  45. Bummer! Not even close. What happened to the east coast love? It was really fun meeting you and fellow fans earlier this year in MD and was hoping for a repeat for Ever-After. Please, please, pretty please?

  46. Faith Z.

    Hey if you could make it to maybe Columbia, Kansas City, or St. Louis, mo I would try and come see you. Also there is a small Bookstore in Sedalia, Mo called Sedalia Book and Toy that I know would love to have you.

  47. Gala McMullen

    Waves at Ms. Harrison’s PR person…..We would love to see you in Washington D.C.(pleaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee) πŸ˜‰

  48. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I move from Cincinnati and you come back. Madison, WI. That should be added to the list. (stalks off grumbling)

  49. Yaaa…. Seattle! See you there! (again) It must be the University book store!

  50. Carrie

    Austin is great but come south a little to San Marcos!

    • izzybella

      San Marcos to Austin isn’t too bad a drive. Kim’s worth it. πŸ˜€ Heck, maybe I’ll skip Dallas despite it being only a 45 minute drive from home and drive to Austin instead. I’d have to stop at the San Marcos outlets to shop, which is a shame, but I’m willing to sacrifice. πŸ˜€

  51. Linda

    Need an Orlando, FL stop sometime!!!!!

  52. Stephanie

    Your coming to Dallas, tx! So excited!!!!! This has made my day!

  53. I would be delighted to see you in the General Northeast πŸ™‚ North of Baltimore MD, East of Harrisburg PA. (P.S. I really like all the quilt blocks on the blog posts)

    • Chris

      Lancaster, P-A is east (and south) of Harrisburg (45 minutes) and north of Baltimore (1 1/2 hours) and east of Philly (just over an hour ) and just east of York (25 minutes) and we have SHOPPING and the Amish. You can see it would be a great area to stop and a huge area from which to draw.

  54. All around Indiana, but never Indiana! Fort Wayne would be nice, no driving for me, but there are a couple stops not too terribly far. I’ll have to see if I can make it to one.

  55. Kathy

    Would LOVE to have you back in Portland/Vancouver area! Buuut…I’ve been able to meet you twice & was thrilled each time. Maybe you could do Las Vegas though — my daughter who got me hooked on the Hollows lives there. She would DIE for a turn!

  56. Amanda Hernandez

    I really hope you can make it to Dallas!!!

  57. Anne

    Ohhh please come to Portland Oregon. =) Had such fun the last time you was here =).

  58. Roxy Trahan

    Biloxi, MS PLEASE??? Or at least New Orleans or Mobile, which are close by.

  59. Maureen Minnie

    I am begging how about the barnes and noble in the hampshire mall in amherst mass or any other book store in western mass.

  60. Ach! Well I guess we can’t get you everytime! Too bad. Seattle and San Diego are WAY too far for me to travel, but some fans don’t even get you within their state, so I shouldn’t complain. Still…no love for the central pacific coast. You know, San Francisco always loves you <3. Sacramento, Oakland, Berkeley….come on, you know you wanna stop on by πŸ™‚

  61. Michelle

    It’s not Kentucky but at least it’s close in Cincinnati! πŸ™‚ When will the firm dates be posted?

  62. Andrea

    It’d be awesome if you could come to the Twin Cities someday. πŸ™‚

  63. ariel mackie

    You don’t even come to New England….

  64. Candace Hepner

    Yea! Denver! We took the day off to see you on your last visit and made a day of it! It was terrific! Can’t wait for another one!

  65. Amanda Shank

    Is there any chance of a Sacramento, Ca being added? We would love to come, been a fan for years, but cant put the new baby in the car for that long…

  66. Melinda

    you should come to Las Vegas…. PLEASE…. *big smiles*

  67. SO GLAD you’re going to be stopping in Seattle!!! It’s a few hours drive from me but so well worth it! Soon as I see the dates I’m telling my boss I’m taking that day off!

  68. Yvonne D

    Fresno California Please? it’s a small town, but it would be great to see and meet you!!

  69. Angel

    Hopefully Raleigh/Durham doesn’t drop off your list! Looking forward to meeting you!

  70. Caitlyn

    I wish it was Columbus instead of Cincinnati :/ Im all the way up in Cleveland!

  71. Life is good. No Illinois or Wisconsin. But we read you daily, share the love of garden pictures, we have all your books and share toy as one of our favorite authors. No begging here, you do a lot for us your fans, so thank you for all you do. Good luck on your tour, and have fun! We will be thinking of you!

  72. I hope that one of these times you’ll eventually make a stop in the southeast…Atlanta and Nashville are both big hubs and I would travel the 2-4 hours to see you!!

  73. PHOENIX!!! Can’t wait until you arrive, Kim. It’s just a 95+- drive down the hill from my little chateau up here in the high desert hills of north central Arizona to see you. Wouldn’t be stopping at Changing Hands Bookstore, would you? They are the oldest independent bookstore in AZ and a very nice one, too.

  74. Chandra

    I know you said you have no say, but Las Vegas would be amazing!!!

  75. Oh yes please do come to Iowa! Iowa City, es Moines, Cedar Falls or well pretty much anywhere, I will carpool with Mark Wilcox from above hehe.

  76. Astraea

    How about coming back to Toronto???…the last time you came was 2 summers ago and i hope you will add that to your list…smiles

  77. Cristine

    Albany NY <– Biggest City near my small town! I'll even find a place for you to sign if you need help!!!

  78. Tracy Walker

    Please come to Richmond, Virginia!

  79. Jessica G.

    Pretty please come to Denver! We showed you a great time on your last stop- We PROMISE PROMISE to make it even better if you come back! The Tattered Cover was a good venue, too. DENVER LOVES YOU!

  80. jenn

    I never see you around the New York area. Sigh

  81. rinib

    Well, Obama is coming to Fort Collins today for the 2nd time, so it’s the place to be …!

  82. Ken

    You are finally coming to Arizona!

  83. Amber

    Would love for you to come to Ontario, California or even Los Angeles

  84. Chrystal

    It was awesome having you here last time, spur of the moment, in Grand Rapids, at Schuler Books, on 28th St! I will continue to watch Facebook for updates. That’s where I saw it last time, 3 hours before!! ❀

  85. Jenny

    Come to Kansas City! We’re right in the middle! We keep waiting for you to come here and it never happens.

  86. Yodamom

    Squuueeee ! I’m just outside Houston, TX and my daughter and I would be thrilled to be able to meet you ! If you come we will be there. PLEASE, PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE.

  87. Christy Allen

    Yes!! You’re coming to Denver!!!

  88. Trish Collins


  89. Erica

    Dallas!!! Woo Hoo. I hope that’s a keeper!!!

  90. B00kchick_et

    You should come to boonsboro MD and go to Nora Robert’s bookstore Turn the page. The town is awesome…the bookstore is fantastic and they always handle their books signings in a great organized manner πŸ™‚

  91. Tabitha D

    St. Louis isn’t on your list. Neither is anywhere within a few hundred miles. Thanks PR people. Wishful thinking for years to come.

  92. dayton denise

    Dayton, Ohio!! Come back to Dayton! We all miss you!

  93. Raven

    How about Northern Lower Michigan? Cheboygan, Petoskey or Gaylord would be awesome. I’d suggest Mackinaw City but I’m pretty sure the bookstore there closes during the winter season.

  94. bnbent001

    Las Vegas please!!!!

  95. Krista

    I would live for you to come to Alaska! πŸ™‚ maybe one day I will be in one of the areas you visit. No one likes coming up here for some strange reason, I think it is the fear of falling in love with the AK and not ever wanting to leave πŸ˜‰

  96. Kate Ohlander

    YAY!!!! Cincy is on the list. I can’t wait to see you here!

  97. Chris C.

    You should come to Las Vegas. Just saying.

  98. Kristy

    No one ever comes to Florida. You should come to tampa because I absolutely love you and would love to meet you.

  99. Nathan Quinn

    Hello lurking pr person.
    I think it would be cool of you to set up a book signing at or near Chattanooga/Nashville Tennessee. Contrary to popular belief Tennesseans are literate and we love to read Kim Harrison’s work. And no one appreciates her work more than me. I’d be willing to bribe you with hugs if that is what it will take. Consider my offer wisely.

  100. I live by Ann Arbor but my sis is in Dallas and my brother in Seattle..hmmm..road trip?

  101. HDG1822

    Beyond excited about Seattle! Can’t wait to come to the signing…my first one!

  102. Reblogged this on Life in Downtown Madison and commented:
    Kim Harrison and The Hollows series has brought me back to a genre I have always enjoyed. Start from the beginning, you will be hooked.

  103. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for coming back to Cincinnati! Looking forward to listening to your thoughts and reading again!

  104. Please come by the charlotte/hickory Nc cities!!!!!!!

  105. Juli D

    Sacramento or San Francisco please!!!!

  106. Jer

    Haven’t been here in awhile! Love the covers for EVER-AFTER & INTO THE WOODS! Waiting patiently…. 2 releases in Oct is pretty awesome. Thanks for bringing us this awesome series..year-after-year:)

  107. Julie

    Virginia Beach or surrounding area – great place to visit πŸ™‚

  108. David Schaff

    Please come to Buffalo, NY!!! I’m sure Talking Leaves would love to have you! Or try Boomeorm in East Aurora, NY. Please! I know you’d have a great turn out! And enjoy the country & city!

    • Samantha

      Yes, please do consider Buffalo! Western NY is really beautiful in the winter (well, last year we didn’t get much snow, but here’s to hoping if you decide to visit us, we shall have a light dusting at least!). And while you are here, Niagara Falls is a spectacular view as well as the many wineries that offer some of the most delicious wines in the country! I do enjoy a glass occasionally myself while reading Rachel’s adventures πŸ˜‰ Sorry to hijack your post David, I just wanted to show support for Buffalo!! Please PR people, pleeeeease?! It would be a great starting point before you head South, just sayin’ πŸ™‚

      Love you Kim! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us!

  109. lacy

    Yay Dallas! I can make that one πŸ™‚ happy dance please let thus stay on the lust oh great pr gods …. I could really use a happy escape day, night whenever πŸ™‚

  110. Meaghan Kane

    I will not beg, but Charlotte NC is beautiful! I would love for you to make it here!

  111. Jay

    Louisville, KY please! I have about 10 friends that would show up for a chance to meet you!

  112. Monique Reinke

    Sure wish you woulkd come to Wisconsin like Green Bay?! lol

  113. Tanja

    OMG!! You’re finally coming to Phoenix!! So excited. I may have to cancel my Amazon pre-order so I can buy your book at the signing!!!!

  114. Kat

    You must come to Orlando, FL! Just think of all the trouble … Errr fun you can get into here! Please!!

  115. Sandra Sepulveda

    It’s worth the trip to Houston to see you! Can’t wait!

  116. NickinColoma

    Well, i guess i will just have to go all the way across the state instead of half way.—NickinColoma

  117. Galadriel

    Hey!! Love the entire series!! :~) But I got one question – What about us here in the Great White {Snowy} North as we call it? No Minneapolis, No Chicago, No Milwaukee, No Sioux Falls, No Des Moines!! You have AVID readers up here – it snows – we’re shut inside – we read!! LOL! Of course, I would be partial to Minneapolis as I live about 50 miles from there but hey – if you can get close that’s what cars are for, right? :~) And we have THE BEST Sci-FI Bookstore ever up here – Uncle Hugo’s!! Been going there since I was a little kid!! It’s Unique – not just one of the “chains!” Come see us up here in the Great White North – it’s a beauty way to go!! LOL! :~)

  118. Terry Hammond

    Yaaaaaay! So glad you are coming to the Raleigh/Durham area!

  119. Malinda

    After I had read all these posts, it seems that it would be impossible to make it to every city. I would love for you to come to the Philadelphia area! I live in Southern New Jersey but Philadelphia is a short drive and convenient for many people who live in New Jersey and Pennsylvania! Ever since my friend introduced me to the Hollows a few years ago I have been obssessed! I love the story plots and I feel that you are an excellent writer. I would love to meet you:)

  120. amanda robertson

    I don’t see anything for Canada! I live in Ontario and would love to see Kim come here.

  121. Miriam Davis

    We’d LOVE to see you here in Salt Lake City…well West Valley City actually! We love Ivy and the gang.

  122. Kendra

    Bah! Time for a visit to Canada! Hamilton or Toronto would be loverly!

  123. Gaye Johnston

    Hi Kim.
    Had you thought about having a sizzling
    winter…join us in Australia (first stop Brisbane, of course!!)
    A couple of weeks of beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, unusual wildlife… And that’s just the men!!
    It would please many of your fans here, and enable them to meet the inspirational author of Rachel’s world…
    In hope.. X Gaye J

  124. Stacy

    Raleigh!!! Finally, an NC stop! I am so excited.. cannot wait to see ya there!

  125. Susan Powers

    Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo,!

  126. James

    Come to Richmond, VA!!!! oh Please, oh Please, oh Please!!!! It’s a few hours south of DC, and a few hours east of VA Beach, it would be a good draw….

  127. Emily R

    Hmmm, St. Louis, possibly a good midwest pick? I think so πŸ™‚

  128. Brandy Warrix

    Dallas yes i will so be there

  129. Lee Ann Riojas

    Yay ur coming to austin yay super excitement let me know ur gonna be here so I can clear my schedule just for you yay

  130. Scott champion

    I can’t find the date that u will be in pheonix

  131. Tammy

    I know not to beg, too bad you don’t have more cities of your home state in the list though πŸ˜‰

  132. Regina

    You’re coming to Dallas! My sister and I are so psyched!

  133. Tom W

    Miami / Ft Lauderdale, we just had the streets washed for your arrival. πŸ™‚

  134. It would be awesome if you could come to Chattanooga Tennessee!!! It’s the Scenic City πŸ™‚ Home of the Chattanooga Choo Choo made famous by Glen Miller and His Orchestra!! It’s beautiful here and not to be missed:) Pl

    • Nathan Quinn

      What she said. Plus we have an amazing aquarium which is great for relaxation. If that isn’t your thing we have an amazingly hip artsy district in our North Shore where you can browse for books, art, and top notch food. Plus one of the restaurants has the best name ever, Aretha Frankenstein’s, and is known for their pancakes. Who doesn’t love pancakes? If an author needs to write, their is the Stone Cup or Rembrandts coffee houses. Plus their is an amazing art museum overlooking the Tennessee river. Chattanooga is the perfect place for an author as brilliant as Kim Harrison. Don’t deprive her of the awesomeness that is Chattanooga.

  135. Georgie

    I would love it if you made the Oklahoma City area. I would even drive to Dallas if I have too.

  136. Dawn

    A Canadian tour would be great!!! and London, Ontario even better!!!!!! love the books, always get very excited when a new one comes out. going to be sad when the last book comes and have to say good bye to Rachel, Ivy and Jenks!

  137. Pam J

    What about your old pals in the Charlotte area? Are we just chopped liver since you moved to MI? RD is a long haul.

  138. Kadean

    Yay! Denver! Can’t wait to see you.

  139. Lyndia

    Indianapolis!! You have lots of fans here!

  140. Staci Leger

    Yay! I’m in Louisiana so Houston is only 4 hrs away! I’m so excited I hope Houston stays on the tour list!

  141. marc anderson

    nothing in the mid west??? again. maybe next time.

  142. Jon W

    Come to America’s Dairyland WI… you haven’t had a stop here yet

  143. If it ever changes to where you come to Chiago, I would more then delighted! πŸ˜€

  144. Michelle

    Between Austin and Denver… You could swing by Albuquerque for a pit stop…? Best Green Chili ever!!! πŸ˜‰

  145. I’m glad your coming back to Cinci!

  146. Heather Emerson

    But, but – what about the Northeast? Boston LOVES YOU! Can’t wait to read the latest from the greatest!

  147. Heather P

    So happy you’ll be making it down to Texas! We did miss you last time round.

  148. Alison

    Thanks for the info, Glad the timing will be a positive for you.
    I will just cross my fingers that they add a location between San Diego and Seattle. Either way look forward to reading the book.

  149. You should just skip the tour and come for a mini break here in Scotland instead πŸ˜‰

  150. Kelley Williams

    What about the EAST coast? Syracuse NY in particular.

  151. Waaaaahhhh! Sniff sniff…..no Atlanta. Was looking forward to seeing you again. Guess we gotta share ya. Never been a big fan of sharing. πŸ™‚

  152. I live in North Carolina!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

  153. I hope one year you can make it to Canada- London Ontario to be specific! Until then I will enjoy the tour virtually hee hee! Can’t wait to read the new book. I am soooooo addicted and ‘force’ your series on my friends and family who of course thank me after for getting them into a new AMAZING series to read! xoxo

    • Celine

      Yes ! Hopefully you’ll do a canadian tour someday soon. Don’t forget Montreal when you do ! I’ve also introduced tons of my friends and family to the Hollows.

  154. Karen Burch

    I want to know the Denver date and location when you have the schedule finalized. Looking forward to meeting you.


  155. Jessica S.

    How about RT this year? That way you can possibly see some of your Midwest buddies! πŸ˜‰

  156. Shelli Nartker

    Any chance you’ll make it closer to northeastern Oh?? I was literally on my way out the door last year to attend Strongsville when a medical emergency (not mine) rescheduled my plans. Was sooooo hoping you’d be back up this way !

  157. Melissa

    Hi Kim!
    Thanks for the early info, the closest to me is R/D at 3.5 hours away. A road trip in January could be fun if there is no snow. I might even shoot for Cincinnati if the weather isn’t bad, a book signing is as good a reason as any to travel somewhere I’ve never been! I hope you have a great day!
    Melissa πŸ™‚

  158. Jessica S.

    Oh bummer. No midwest this year. 😦 Oh well. Maybe 2014! πŸ™‚

  159. Hayley

    No UK tour dates 😦

  160. Steven

    Chicago would LOVE to see you too!

  161. Great to see Austin on the list!

  162. Valeria

    Sadly not. But whenever you get a chance to sign some books in Sweden I shall be there.

  163. Shana F

    You forgot Lexington, KY!

  164. Diva

    Yes! Texas cities made the list this year. I’ll drive where ever I need to. What an awesome morning surprise.

  165. OH YES! Raleigh/Durham!!!! Finally you will be out near us, and only 2 hours away! We will so be there, as a hoard even!

  166. Sara

    To those that do have the power to pick ……
    PLEASE pick a central KS city sometime (ie Salina, Hays, Hutchinson)

  167. Marit

    what about Cologne in Germany??? πŸ˜‰ Maybe next year?? πŸ˜‰
    Love your books πŸ™‚

  168. Mark Wilcox

    No Iowa stop on this one??? Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, even DesMoines again would be good.

  169. OMG! doing the happy I love Trent dance! See you in Raleigh:)

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