Into the Woods wallpaper

To celebrate the release of the first Kim Harrison compilation, Into the Woods, (10/9) the graphic team at Harper has created for you a fabulous wallpaper for your personal use.  I have three sizes to make it easier to fit your various screens.  The smaller one is here, but the two big, beautiful, fill your mega-screen shots are at the website at the Into the Woods page.

I was really excited to see this come available, partly because of the tremendous detail in the tree roots.  The intertwining, organic growth in the closeup is fabulous, and I’m so pleased that the team at Harper was able to find a way to show off the artwork like this.

So here’s the smallest version, still a whopping 640 X 480  the other two are at the website. 


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13 responses to “Into the Woods wallpaper

  1. Oh cielos, como quisiera que en México estuvieran traducidos todos los libros, es un horror tener que esperar, y mas aun difícil y tortuoso con seguirlos, escribes tan genial, sin duda, mis respetos para usted, amo como escribe Kim Harrison, pero fue muy difícil leer la muerte de Kisten…

  2. I feel like I’m holding my breath until it is released. Waiting is not my strong suit.

  3. Danielle Marsh

    Awesome. Can’t wait to read the book.

  4. Oh that’s a pretty one 🙂

  5. Hi Ms. Kim-That is Great! Too bad I won’t get it since I ordered Into The Woods on Kindle as usual,so I can read it.

  6. Thanks Kim. I love the detail in the tree roots as well. 🙂 Harper has done a good job for you!

  7. Love it! Switching out my wallpaper now. 🙂

  8. Meg

    Big Fan, Love the image!

  9. Very nice. Be on the look out. I sent you something via the Vampiricharms POB. It should be there by Monday iat the latest. 🙂


  10. Martin

    Thank you Ms. Harrison. You are right; it is beautiful.

  11. Very, very, very nice. Post it note posted on my wall to remind me of the release date and the reminder on the phone calendar will also remind me. lol 🙂

    • jkh

      Joelle, you could pre-order at your preferred bookstore. They love preorders, and so do the publishers. Then you can waltz up to the desk ahead of the crowd and get your copy first!

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