Wild America

When I was first learning to read, Frog and Toad Together was one of my favorites.  This isn’t that.  Not at all. One of the puppies started barking like crazy yesterday, and since they don’t go outside without me, I took a look, appalled, and curious at finding a small snake trying to eat a big toad.  Now, part of me is all for letting wild America be wild America, but if I ever had my head stuck down anyone’s throat, I would hope that someone would get a stick and help me out.  Oh, that snake was mad when I did just that, but the toad was oh so thankful.  The snake can go eat baby chipmunks.  We’ve got too many of them, and not enough toads.

The fair was good last night, and Guy and I watched two crash-up derbies before wandering off with our cotton candy to scope out the game prizes and a few of the livestock barns.  We’ll go back at least once more, I think.

Also, I posted the wrong cover yesterday.  The actual cover has Rachel’s hair the proper red.  Sorry!

Tomorrow I’ll have something kind of cool for you, so come back and see!



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8 responses to “Wild America

  1. Melody

    Now maybe the toad can go live out the rest of his days in hiding with the little IS frog you found in your water pond some time ago. Then you can observe the real Frog and Toad in action.

    I can’t decide which cover is my favorite. But this one is definitely in the running! And I’m definitely anxious to see if this book is going to de-throne Pale Demon as my favorite. 🙂 and of course I’m hoping you come back to Cleveland for a signing. 🙂 the Strongsville library was an excellent location!

  2. Glad to hear Rachel’s hair will be read–I love this cover! Also glad to hear that you rescued the toad. Hope that snake doesn’t hold a grudge!

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I wish I knew about the cover error yesterday.. Oh well.
    I thought the off hair color was due to the prevailing light around her.

    Good deal with the snake and toad. In my opinion, the toad may have been a little too big for that snake anyway. I have seen what happens to snake try to swallow something too big., it’s not pretty.


  4. I love nature documentaries but I always wonder why the filmmakers never help out the dying animals. I’m glad you helped this one!

  5. Brenda Mossbarger

    All for seeing that on a nature show, not so much in my backyard.

  6. Haha too funny that we were all very concerned with Rachel’s hair color… glad to hear it’ll be RED on the actual cover 🙂

    That’s awesome that you saved the toad! I’d have had to get a broom and stand as far away as possible to even attempt that!

  7. dayton denise

    I am sure I would have done the same thing that you did!

  8. Jessica S.

    Eww! I can’t stand snakes. I would’ve probably freaked out if I saw that in my yard!

    Ahh, I was wondering who the person on the cover was supposed to be. I thought, that can’t be Rachel. Racehl’s got the red hair! But still, cover is awesome Kim!

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