It’s fair week!

Yep,  it’s fair week!  And I’m already tasting that cotton candy and smelling the fumes from the tractor pull. I ran out of time this weekend and so didn’t get a craftwork entry into the fair, but I’ll still be going through the barns looking at everyone else’s.  I’ll probably end up with another goldfish for the pond because I can’t resist trying for them.  Should be fun!

But first, the work . . .  I’m trying to get this latest rewrite done before the end of August so as to clear my schedule for a few months before tour starts January 22.  It’s possible, but I’m going to have to concentrate.


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11 responses to “It’s fair week!

  1. dayton denise

    What fair do you go to? We only have one here in Dayton

  2. Fair is here but cant get there till Friday and I am sure to eat myself sick. To those who “do Ren Faires” LOVE THEM to pieces What faires do u attend. I do MNRF, KCRF and SRF Love dressing up and playing in the past. You would have a ball Kim

  3. Hi Ms. Kim-hope you have a great fair, and avoid the thunderstorms and high winds we are having now. do you like elephant ears? I love them and funnel cakes too ,just not on my diet. there’s no real fair untill the Renn Faire up at the lake, but I doubt I can go.I love the jousting myslf. Have loads of fun!

  4. Whatever you do at the fair Kim, you cant miss the tractor pulls. Matbe its a guy thing, but even my wife gets an adrenaline rush when a 6,000 horsepower “Tractor” is floorboarded and thunders down the track. Love your books have a good day.

  5. Vampyre

    After the Fourth of July, nothing screams Americana like a county fair. I hope you and Guy have a great time and good luck with getting a new fish.


  6. Linda Lou

    Oooo -that looks like fun! I use to like the rides that jostled me around and made me scream. Now they make me nauseous. Sucks getting old. I’m with you TeePee -the ferris wheel and the merry-go-round are my favs now.
    I love the Ren. Fest here. Always a highlight of my year, but not til Nov. It’s hard to imagine being in the Renassaince when you’re heat-stroked.

  7. jkh

    Mmm, great fun. Haven’t summoned the energy to go to a fair in a long time.Maybe this fall…

  8. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Love the fair! Do u get fans recognizing u and wanting a pic and/or autograph there? Have tons of fun.
    I’m enjoying the crisp air in the early am and late pm. Fall is creeping in. YAY!

  9. Two weeks ago, my little town had its fair, which is actually a 2 day rodeo with a midway. No crafting contest though, that sounds fun. Enjoy.

  10. I LOVE fairs. Have fun! Eat cotton candy for me. Eat two. And if they have a ferris wheel, please ride it plus at least one merry-go-round. Maybe you’ll catch that brasser.

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