A Perfect Blood

I know a lot of you are waiting for the release of EVER AFTER, the next full-length Hollows addition, (1/22/13)  but I looked at the calendar today, and made a little squeal.  Those of you who are waiting for the mass market of A PERFECT BLOOD don’t have long to wait now.  It’s up on the boards  for preorder, with a scheduled release date of September 25.  Whoo-hoo!  Talk about a nice little break for when you’re getting back to normal, either in school, or kids back in school, or whatever.  🙂  More

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Like most of the mass markets, this one has a little something extra.  I wanted to do something different this time, so instead of a new short, I rewrote one of the chapters from Trent’s point of view.  OMGosh, the stuff I found out while doing so.  Holy cow!  We get to see Rachel through him, and Al.  Finally get into that little elf brain of his.

I’m also wondering if the mass market might have a chapter of EVER AFTER. . .  I seriously don’t know.  September 25  is really early for one of my mass market releases, but EVER AFTER is coming out an entire month early as well.


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32 responses to “A Perfect Blood

  1. Hi Kim,
    I was wondering if this new book with all the extras coming out on the 9th of October is gonna have all the extras from the mass markets that you have done? I’m curious because I am a huge fan and try to read everything about the gallows but I live in a very small town and have never been able to purchase the mass markets with the extras I would really love to read them all, please let me know? And I this book won’t have them is there somewhere I can go to read them thanks so much again soo excited for Ever After!!!!!

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  3. Sandrs

    Guess I’m kinda confused. The people that wait forever to purchase their books to save a couple of dollars get more for less money?

    • Paperback releases of hardcovers (especially if the series is ongoing) often have a little extra like this. Not just for The Hollows. It makes sense since there’s been more time to develop new parts of the story, be it a short like this or chapters from the new release. As a buyer you just have to weigh whether or not it’s worth the wait. Curiosity gets the best of the majority and they want the new stuff as soon as possible.

  4. Jennifer

    I’m super excited for the next book!!! I came across ur books at the library…soon as I read a chapter I was hooked!!!! So I got every book they had and within a week I had read all of them…my hubby thought I was crazy. I luv these stories!!!! I admit I’m a fan of Big Al…I like the way he changes who he is from book to book. I luv Jenks…super funny lil guy!!! Keep on writing these funny…tear jerking…kick ass stories!!!!!

  5. A chapter from Trent’s point of view. You just totally made my day.

  6. twiser

    Sweet. Which chapter and is it an add on or was the chapter replaced for the original? I buy the ebook because I’m impatient but have them all in paperback… so I’m getting regardless…lol
    Have a good weekend and enjoy the nice weather.

  7. I recently just picked up a copy of A Perfect Blood (actually my oldest son (4) picked it up for me saying I like the color red so I would love this book). I am ashamed to admit it sat on my dresser for a month before I finally said to myself, ‘He would feel bad if I didn’t read it because he got it for me.’ But bad things happened when I opened the cover and began to read. Once I got into it, I couldn’t get out! Now I have to go back to the beginning and read them all! Can’t wait to catch up.

    • Diva

      It’s an awesome series Katherine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Having read the most recent book first, you’ll have an interesting journey as you go back to the beginning and see where all these characters started out. They’ve all come a loooong way. I hope you come back periodically as you read the series to share your thoughts. Happy reading! 🙂

    • Thanks, Diva. What I liked when I read APB was that I didn’t have to read the series from beginning to end. I did like that I could pick up the latest and dive right in. I could tell there was quite a lot that has happened, and that made me want to go back and read them all. I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

    • Welcome to the Hollows. I think you’re son has really done you a great service. I hope you enjoy Rachel’s journey as much as we all did.


    • Thanks, V. I am very appreciative to him also.

    • Jan V

      IMO..The best part about that Katharine, is now you get to read all the books back to back. I love when I can do that.
      And hopefully, by the time you catch up, Ever After will be on the shelves.
      Too cool
      So welcome and enjoy

    • I love that, too. The same applies with TV series or movie series. I hate having to wait and wait and wait… and wait for the next installment. I like instant gratification.

    • Martin

      Hi Katharine,
      I am currently on my fifth complete re-read of the series. I read each word, each time, as I always pick up new information. References to what has happened before, and lots of foreshadowing of what is coming in future books. There are no wasted words, and everything matters. I am anxiously awaiting the next books. The short stories and novellas are important too, for more background information. “Into the Woods”, due Oct. 9, should contain most of them.

  8. Kat Fincel

    That is awesome news! Can’t wait, I’ve been wondering when it would be released. I’m totally old school when it comes to my books and hate waiting for the paperbacks to come out, but my collection is worth it! Thanks for that update, got it on my calendar! Love your books 🙂

    • I’m the same way Kat. I just love holding the book in my hand and eager flipping to the next page. I started the series in paperback, so I want to have all of them in paperback dang it! 🙂

    • I started reading Kim before the Hollows went to Hard bound so I had all the paper backs up to that point. When the series went HB, I re-bought them all and got them signed. To make room. all my PBs were donated to the library. I also have them all on my Kindle so I can reread them as much as I want with out messing them up handling them.

      Kim has been my all time favorite author since I first read “Dead Witch Walking”.


    • Kat Fincel

      Yeah, I have a huge book collection…including first additions and out of prints. The Hollows series is one of many! Won’t part with them for anything! 🙂

  9. Hi Ms. Kim-I’ve had my copy of APB on my Kindle for months! And I have Ever after pre-ordered. I’m jealous of all those who can read a book without expanded print,though. Maybe we can work it out with Jeff Bezos to engrave your signature on the case?

  10. I usually read e-books only, but I may reconsider and buy the MMP just for Trent’s POV

  11. Sue

    For those of us that bought the hardback as soon as it was released, how do we get in on the extra chapter from Trent’s POV?

    • Martin

      I’m going to stand in the book isle and read it, see if I like it enough to buy the book.

    • Ritz

      I wonder if it’ll be in Into The Woods…

    • Martin

      Probably not. The text for that book was set months ago, possibly before A Perfect Blood was released. It’s been in pre-production and production since last fall. That’s how publishing works.

    • Jake. E. Hill

      So I have to buy A Perfect Blood again but in paper back for the extras? Or am I buying APB in hard cover again to get the extras? Or am I lucky and get it in “Into the Hollows”?

  12. Diva

    Cool! Cool, cool, cool. I was just coming here today to ask when the MMP version of APB was coming out. I have the date marked on my calendar already. Can’t wait to read the little extra you’ve provided. What a cool idea, to re-write a previous chapter but from another character’s POV. The fact that it’s from Trent’s POV is just icing on the cake. Can’t wait!

  13. jkh

    I’m excited. I’ve been waiting so long to get my own copy, and just can’t afford the hardback. Still unpacking, and trying to find all my copies of Hollows paperbacks–it’s so frustrating when somebody else packed my stuff and didn’t mark the cartons. I’ve been unpacking slowly, and books are lowest priority. fitting myself into a teeny apartment is quite a process.

  14. Stephenie

    My mother will be so excited! I might have to buy the mass market just four a Trent chapter. She’s Ben asking me tons of questions whenever I see her. “Is Marshall going to become evil? What’s happening with Matalina? ” It’s awesome to see her reading and getting excited about not just something I like but something I want to do.
    And I totally forgot Ever After was coming out a month early! January will be so much better now.

  15. Martin

    Wow. That extra sounds really interesting. I might have to buy the paperback too. At a minimum, I’ll stand in the isle at the store and read it.
    Thanks for all the extra stuff you do for your fans. We appreciate it. The effort you put into making us feel special, makes you special.

  16. I can’t even read the excerpt. I would be too excited. I’m already reading the series for the 3rd time to prep for the release.
    I love that even though I already know how it turns out, I can’t get through the pages fast enough to find out what happens!

  17. I have no idea why, but my copy of A Perfect Blood in soft cover is called an “international” release. It was on my wishlist for my birthday in Feb. and my husband ordered it for me. It’s quite large!

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