Yesterday I turned on the floor heater and rearranged my office space to make room for the incoming, summering plants.  Now one of my dogs is reluctant to come into the room, being oh so sensitive to change.  But with a little coaxing this morning, she managed it.  It’s not all that different, but I moved the barrister bookcase (old glassed cabinet) to a different wall, covering up my view of the compost pile and giving me one of my deck.  The view of my cedars is better as well, but I did have to go outside and shift my bird feeders a smidge since I shoved my desk over and back.  I can’t believe the stuff I’ve collected in less than a year, but it all found new homes, and it feels bigger.  Maybe my dog is right.


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5 responses to “Cha-cha-cha-changes

  1. Hi Ms. Kim I have resolved to try deferred gratification for a ghange,since I can resist everything but temotation. Right now I’m deferring the gratification of having my livingroom cleaned, and after that I’m going to defer the gratification of having clean windows.(lots of nose art from Smudge and Quigley)

  2. jkh

    I’ve always thought our cats are housekeeping inspectors. They give any area or room a thorough snoop whenever we’ve cleaned or rearranged. My current feline boss, Oliver, has an amazing talent for shedding absolute windrows of loose fur. Less than an hour after I’ve completely swept and dusted, I find more dust kitties. It’s warm here in Seattle, so my windows are open, and I’m tired of listening to the neighbors’ music, etc.

  3. Must be in the air, Kim. I spent several hours yesterday moving books from one room to another, rearranging “office” supplies, and reorganizing my writing den. My kitties like to inspect any cleared space before I refill it but I think they approved the changes.
    Hope your new space has lots of good energy.

  4. Nice to look out and see something lovely and not cement, isn’t it? We get a new dog today … a retiree from Michigan from a friend who is retiring and can’t take all 6 of her dogs (just one, actually). Hard to rehome a 10-year-old dog, even a champion. I just hope that — speaking of change — she gets along with the other 3 fur children!

  5. It CANNOT get cold until after this weekend. I am giving my mom a 75th birthday party in my yard! Glad it’s not going to be in the 90’s tho.. With all the heat this summer my outside plants are about done and I am ready to start cleaning them up.