Okay, now it’s Friday.

Phew!  Made it to another one!  I’m glad it’s cloudy and damp, because I’d be hard pressed to put in my 8 hours today.  Ahhhh, not really.  I’ve been enjoying, yes, enjoying this latest copy edit.  The story is good, and I’ve been fine tuning it to dovetail into the next.

I’ve been puttsing around in my art program, too, and almost have a new banner for you.  Just need a few more things . . .

Mugs:  You want a picture.  Fair enough.  Hear’s a sample, but this might not be the mug you get.  Guy has a variety, and the Pale Demon  mug is not available, but it’s very much first come, first served.


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18 responses to “Okay, now it’s Friday.

  1. jkh

    Just saw the new banner for the Drama Box. Excellent! and cute!

  2. Jeremy

    How long until we get a sample of the next Hollows book?

  3. Erica

    How do I get my hands on one of those. Love it.

    Such a fan:)

    Erica Moore

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  4. Nici

    They look cool, I would love to have one, but as I live in Europe… Maybe another time. Or is there a chance we could order one as well?

  5. I would love one… when are they going to be available. Is it going to be a manic Monday give away?

  6. Sansee

    how to order mugs?

  7. jkh

    Lovely photo composition and presentation of the mugs. You guys are really sharp with the details!
    After several cooler days, for which I’m thankful because my apartment was turning into a hot-box, our weather is brightening and warming for the weekend. The sun worshipers are ecstatic. I know just about every other part of the contiguous U. S. has been hellish-hot for weeks and weeks, but it’s been really almost chilly in the Pacific NW and I’m not acclimated to much more than 75 deg F. I may go to the movies this weekend…

  8. Rose

    Those mugs are super cool!

  9. Wow! I love the mugs! just U.S. this time?
    anyway…. Happy Friday! Hope you guys have a nice weekend!

  10. g33kxx

    Thanks for the picture for those of us with tight purse strings 😉

  11. Happy Friday and have a great week end.


  12. I’ve missed how it is we get a mug???

  13. Hi Ms. Kim-Wow! this is twice in a row that WordPress has conceded that I exist! I gotta do something impressive while I’m here.I gotta get a camera,we get some serious bird action here. All I can do is sit beside my Kindle and wait for Ever After I guess. So,have a cool damp friday,(I am) and and be ready for Comic Con

    • Hi Ms. Kim- we are having cool with some rain every day. I don’t believe how green everything is compared to a week or so ago. Hope you are getting the same for your garden

  14. Kate Wilson

    I would love a mug!

  15. Kelly

    I love love love the mug! I so want one 🙂

  16. Steph.L

    Ooooohhhhh!! I want oneee!!! 😀 do you ship overseas? Aus?