Loving this weather

I never thought I’d say it this year, but I’m loving this weather we’re having.  Mid 60s at night, and peaking at 90 for an hour or two in the day.  Still no rain, but I’m hopeful that we might get something out of the two lows chugging toward Michigan.  The sun’s angle has shifted to hit the back of my office, a promise of cooler temps to come, and my plants summering outside are starting to come in again, one by one.

These are three of my favorites that I acquired this spring, trying one last time to keep little trees in little pots alive.  I thought I was going to lose the elm, but the begonia took right off.  I still might see the elm drop his leaves this fall, but I think he’ll make it, regardless.  Way in the back is a bay leaf.  I had one of these about 20 years ago and it died from the cold.  This particular one almost kicked the bucket for the same reason when it got chilled in shipment, but the last two leaves hug on, and now I’ve got a new batch of growth.  Yay!  I’m watching all three like a hawk right now because the temps are dipping into the 50s at night, so nightly relocations into my office are required.

My office is filling with light again, and it feels good.


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7 responses to “Loving this weather

  1. I am also loving the cooler overnight weather. It’s been a little chilly on morning walks the last week or so which has me thinking that fall is nearly here. Of course, all of the back-to-school ads also make me think that fall is nearly here . . .

  2. jkh

    I think that’s a chopstick, it gives us proportion to comprehend how tiny those trees in little pots are. And, incidentally, the slightly longer, laquered chopsticks make wonderful understated wands. (The shorter ones are excellent hair-pinning sticks.)

    Just read that according to “Federal scientists,” whoever they may be, July 2012 was the warmest month on record in the contiguous United States. I’m not surprised. Here in Seattle, after several 80+ days and a 90+ miserable day, it’s cooler and I’m happier and feel more energetic. My potted herbs on the balcony had a little wilt and dieback, but they’re OK, too. I’ll have fresh herbs for a long time, I hope.

  3. They look very pretty! i wish I was good at taking care of plants but no matter what I can probably only keep a cactus alive. Animals… that I’m great with.
    Are those Bonsai? they look small enough… =)

  4. Cassie

    Love the wand!

  5. Vampyre

    I would like to say, I think this was about the shortest summer ever. It just flew by. I blinked and it’s nearly Autumn.

  6. mudepoz

    Playing at Logees? Fun place, you need to visit there someday. Still a lot of plants that need homes here. I need my basement floor back for training and maybe another litter. The elm is deciduous, it will drop it’s leaves and need a cooler temperature. Bonsai make me nuts, very hard to maintain them. With such little rootmass to support them they need a ton of water. I am impressed. And is that a magic wand in the front?

    • Mud, you are so perceptive. Yep, I’m new to Logees, and am enjoying the variety.
      Not a wand, no. It’s a chopstick. I use them to poke at things. -grin-