New banner up at website

I putts around yesterday in my art program, splicing together a new banner for the website with elements from the cover of EA.  This isn’t the cover!  Just chunks of it.  I’ve a small picture here, but you can see the big version at the website.  I’m really liking the gold, black, shade of salmon that the new cover has going, especially the gold.  🙂  Since I was messing around, I built a few new pages and updated the front page for INTO THE WOODS release coming up this October.  Cleaned things up and got ready for the start of a new round of promotion.

I’ve got a new banner started for here as well, but I’m not happy with it, and will probably putts more this weekend.  Add a few more elements.   Today I start on copy edit, and with that, my last attempt to find a freebie lurking among the text.  I’ve got a few ideas, but cost and mailability is a factor.  I may be curtailing my usual send me a SASE campaign this year for freebies only available at signings.  We’ll see.


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15 responses to “New banner up at website

  1. Emma

    Ooohh very nice! Looks great 🙂

    Also, I just read on Wikipedia that the Hollws series will only have 13 novels?! This made me want to cry, I want the series to go on forever! I know I will cry no matter how happy/sad/exciting/peaceful the ending of the series will be, life/death/birth, I will cry! Best series ever, thank you for such wonderful reading meterial, allowing me to escape my reality and into the wonderfully crazy world of the Hollows! 🙂


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  3. Love the new banner! Looks like the cover will be really cool too.

  4. Carmen Wilson

    Your on the right path, wow, very creative Kim, I love the cover so far!! I am so glad that you dont use any one persons ideas, thats cool. Just you and your words, and thoughts makes a wonderful world for the rest of us to walk though and enjoy. Thanks again for being you, Your Awesome!

  5. Is that Rachel? Wow. Very cool cover!

  6. A few brainstorming ideas:
    * Business cards: Rachel (one for reality and Ever-after), Al, Ivy etc. On the back, would be an appropriate script font in that persons handwritting of the release date.
    * A small clear package of red dirt from the Ever-after. The specimen code could be the release date.
    * A torn parchment page from one of Al’s spell books.
    * The registration card to Rachel’s car.
    * Recipe cards: one for a spell and one for food.
    * Napkin from Daliance

  7. Anna

    So cool!! I love it, ufffffffff cant wait for Ever After!! 😉

  8. Lesley

    WOW, this will probably be my favorite cover yet.

  9. Tiffany

    Very Nice!!!!

  10. The new stuff looks great. Looking forward to my trip “Into the Woods”

    Tiny compasses? (freebie)