Nothing to report here. Same old crap as Friday.

Seriously, I’m dead in the water, with nothing to do.  That’s usually when I get bored and make life difficult for other people.  Bored, bored, bored.  I tried making Peri’s life difficult, and it was a no-go.  She’s right there with her attitude telling me her story is just about perfect, so back off, babe.  Rachel’s story is also a no-go since I’ve got book 12 at rough draft and 13 sketched out, and not enough time to open anything up before I need to close it.

So I’m trying very hard, but it’s difficult.


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16 responses to “Nothing to report here. Same old crap as Friday.

  1. Oh, cool! You’ve changed your web pages to Everafter style! Very nice!!

  2. suzannelazear

    Hugs! I know the feeling far to well–Missy is away and I don’t know what to do with myself. Love the new site!

    ~Suzi and Missy, too

  3. A trip to the beach? The lake? The woods? The mall? The mall always works for me. That, or a road trip.

  4. Pat .

    Hmmm – well I guess the Olympics don’t do it for you, and landing a huge rover on Mars is no fun either.
    Brimstone might be the answer…

  5. Denise Keef

    Well…if I had known you were bored today I would have invited you here for a cup of coffee and relaxation after I mowed the lawn. it was finally cool here outside Chicago to get outside and do some yard work and with the rain we had the lawn needed mowing around the trees and side of the house. It felt so good to be out there with out baking in the heat. So…what did you get yourself into today?

  6. Nothing to do? There is always something to do. Walk, bike, run, knit, bake, paint, hammer, dig, prune. Turn the music up really loud and just dance. Live, laugh, love!!! Read?! Relaaax and enjoy the quiet.
    P..S. Loving the new website design.

  7. Speedi

    I agree with Twiser. Get yourself a good book and read away! That’s what I’m going to do today….read, clean, and give my Mom a manicure (smile).

  8. Carmen Wilson

    Taking time to smell the roses, or watching a sunset, downtime can be boring but when your running crazy you will be wishing you had some. Being the creative artist means the stories and plots come to you when they want to and then they take you away and boom all is well with your world! Crazy huh, but your life I am thinking is crazy, fun, fantastic but oh so well not boring even though you might think so. Everything will turn out as it always does, Everyone, even you needs a day with no drama, enjoy it while it last!

  9. jkh

    Golly. A week where your nose isn’t pressed to the grindstone. How about some “fun” reading? Got any projects like a settee to restore when you have time? Give the puppies baths and pedicures? Give yourself a spa day? Go through your recipes and try a new one? OK, that’s my input. Enjoy your few “spare” days.

  10. 😎 A couple of days ago you were feeling ‘snarky’ and now today you are ‘bored.’ How about another one of those stream-of-conscious FanFic stories that confounds and confuses. Ooo! Ooo!(raises hand) Can I suggest one about Skimmer? I do miss that crazy girl.

  11. Jenn

    What about a short story?

  12. Vampyre

    Hang in there ma’am, you’ll be swaamped again soon enough. 🙂


  13. Seriously? Be careful what you wish for…

  14. twiser

    No time for a short?
    Try to relax and do some reading!

  15. Sounds like its time for some fun and debauchery…….