Mmmmm.  So yesterday I pull open an old file to try to get something meaningful done this week.  If you’ve been hanging around the drama box for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me talk about Peri a little and might even remember that this is what I’d like to work on after the Hollows finish, or even that I’ve written the first one.  After the stringent rules and logic issues that being on the 11th book require so you don’t trip over yourself, the freedom of Peri was like swimming naked, both exhilarating, sensation rich, and a feeling a little naughty.  But with all that freedom, I worried that the story wasn’t as tight or effective as it might be.  I left it last year feeling as if it’s got some real issues, but I just couldn’t see them.  It’s a different kind of writing, and though I’ve been playing with it over the years, this is the first time I’ve tried it to this extent.

So I pulled it out, planning on spending two days reading through it to get a rough idea of what I’m going to have to do with it when I get the chance.  (Like next year, maybe.)

Where’s the mistake, you might ask?  Well, I’ve got one more Hollows to write, not to mention another to rewrite, and after spending some time with Peri, I don’t want to leave her.


It’s a happy sigh, though.  Peri kicks ass.


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  1. Pat .

    Comments closed on Comic Con – congrats on that. I wish I could fly to NY for it – who knows if I wish hard enough, or find the right spell, I might get a job there at the right time…

  2. Howdy ma’am,

    I am very excited about Sunday, August 5. The new Mars rover is due set down then. I hope it all goes well. I think it’s amazing that they sent something the size of a mini-cooper to Mars!


  3. Hi Ms. Kim-Thanks for having so much for me to look foward to on my Kindle! I bet Jeff Bezos at Amazon is going to have to get another trained chimpanzee to get it all coded up for the Kindle users.Oh well he’s a billionaire,he can aford it.(But you should see what the chimp did to one of my favotite authors, Glen Cook)

  4. I remember Peri! She sounds like a great character and I’m glad you and we have her to look forward to after The Hollows ends.

  5. jkh

    You just love to torment us, don’t you? More than 2 years before we get to taste Peri and her world, and then there’s the last 2 Hollows books plus Into the Woods, which we’re all awaiting with bated breath. Fine way to start the weekend. No, actually, Seattle is pretending it’s actually summer, and I might find something sort of fun to do. Hope you all have a great, non thunderous weekend.

    • Martin

      Hi JKH There are THREE Hollows books yet to be released, plus Into The Woods.
      Yes, I’m counting.
      The minutes.

    • Martin

      As of midnight tonight, there are 246,240 minutes until Ever After is released, assuming a midnight release. Book 12, as yet we don’t know a title, will be released 771,840 minutes from midnight, assuming a January 22, 2014 release date. Book 13 is 1,297,440 minutes away, using the same assumptions.
      And I’m a smart ass.

    • jkh

      Now you know why I flunked the rhythm method of family planning: I can’t count! And I might term you a little more nicely, Mr Smarty-Pants.

  6. Glad to hear about Peri because I end up sad thinking about Rachel leaving me, I will miss her. But hearing about Peri brought a smile to my face. Better to hear about new beginnings than the end.

    • I completely agree with you felica.
      Although I will never leave Rachel and the gang behind, because I plan to reread her books for many years to come, I look forward to Peri, and anything else that causes Ms.Kim so much excitement.

    • jkh

      One of the joys about books and their characters is that they continue to live within the pages. We can always go back and experience them again.

  7. Sara

    I’m very much looking forward to Peri! Not that I’m ready to let go of the Hollows yet….not by a long shot.

    ps – Check out number seven! http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/worlds-scariest-bridges/7

    pss – it wasn’t until A Fistful of Charms that I’d ever heard of that bridge (or, at least, paid conscious attention to it) and now I see references every few months. Crazy!

  8. I just had a deja vu with this post! I’d love to hear a bit about Peri. sounds very promising!
    It’s going to be hard to leave Rachel, Ivy and Jenks behind but that’s the good thing about books, you can always start again and re-read and still discover new things.
    On that note, the weekend is here, so relax, enjoy your family, let the brain relax as well and maybe then the answers (or ideas about Peri) will come to you on their own… you never know!
    Have a nice weekend!
    ❤ Flo.

  9. Melissa

    Hi Kim!
    I love the Hollows series & I will hate to see it end but, I trust you to have something great in store for us when the Hollows is wrapped up. It’s exciting to know that you do. It also takes away a bit of the sting from having such a great series will end. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    My marigolds & rosebush are still alive too. I say HA! to the heat we have had because my plants have lived! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Roberta

    I like YOUR author issues better than mine!