Snark, snark, snark

I’m in a snarky mood today, so watch out.  Dialog for last chapter went well, so I’ll be turning that into real text today, and then maybe trying to squeeze in a rewrite, but it seems kind of useless since I’ve got copy edit for EVER AFTER landing on my desk in less than a week.  It feels too early to start shifting the website over to EVER AFTER and INTO THE WOODS, but that’s what I might do.

Oh, Mr. Fish is doing fine.  A month or so ago, he was practicing his sideways swimming, and I gave him two weeks.  He’s feisty, but has lost his long fins.  Now I give him six months.  (snark, snark, snark . . .)


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9 responses to “Snark, snark, snark

  1. Kate Ohlander

    Does being in a snarky mood affect the way you write your dialog?

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    For some reason when I read snark snark it translates to snarf snarf. I blame the Thunder Cats 🙂
    Don’t work too hard Kim and props to Mr. Fish.

  3. Hi Ms. Kim-Please remember I am waiting breathlessly beside my Kindle for Into the Woods and Ever After, so the faster you edit, the faster they get to Jeff Bezos’ trained chimpanzee to be turned into a format I can actually see!

  4. jkh

    Yay for Mr Fish! I, too, was wondering but afraid to ask. Glad he’s hanging in there. But how did he lose his long fins, and are those ventral or tail?

  5. Yay for Mr. Fish. I was wondering about him but was afraid to ask.


  6. Nah not too snarky.. my opinion mind ya! Website change is always good… and no, not too early.. again, my opinion 🙂

  7. Tracy Eldridge

    I am new to your writing. Just wanted to let you know that I love your style and character development. Rachel and Jenks had me giggling to myself throughout the series. I am looking forward to getting into all your other works. Well done!

  8. This doesn’t seem toooo snarky, so I’ll brave the waters and dive right in. Like how I built on the news about Mr. Fish with my water analogy? Okay, this comment deserves to be snarked 🙂