Slooooooow morning

I’m having a rather slow morning today.  My mom and dad took all of us out for an afternoon yesterday, and they ran us into the ground.  Ti-i-i-i-ired!  We are all tired.  🙂  But it’s a good tired.

Today and tomorrow are going to be rather light on the work load, so I might get some last planting in before I call it quits for the year and just sit back and let it grow.  Just one final chapter to write for this rough draft, and I have no idea how I’m going to do this since all the things I was going to settle in this last chapter have unexpectedly been taken care of in previous chapters.  Must dig deeper and use the opportunity to lead into the last Hollows book.

I’m feeling the chill of autumn, of winding down, the damp cold of an early fall morning–so to speak–as I set my thoughts on my work today, not in the actual weather, mind you, but in the story flow.  In this last chapter, I’m seeing shades of the final book–and smiling.

The trick is to write it so you feel it, too.


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12 responses to “Slooooooow morning

  1. I’ll be sad to see the last book but I’m eager to see where it all leads. I have to admit, I’m hoping that the characters still appear in graphic novels.

  2. I’m always torn when you talk about the last book. On the one hand, I’m eager to read it and find out where your story takes us. On the other hand, it’s the last book.

  3. Even Ms. Rowling had to write “The End”. I’ll miss Rachel and Ivy and Jenks and the gang once I turn that last page, Kim. Maybe one of them will make a cameo appearance somewhere along the way in future stories.

  4. Carmen Wilson

    I know that all good things must end but I have been with you since the first one book and I am waiting oh so much for the next but I am gonna cry when this ends. I hope you will be writing a new series that I will fall in love with and be waiting on your writing each one as they come. Thank you so much for giving me the moments of each and every chapter of each book. This reader appreciates your hard work and devotion you give to each character.

  5. jkh

    I know you’ll lead us out of the Hollows smiling, but my smile will be a little damp around the edges. I absolutely love the Hollows world, and the characters are so real to me, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover an elf with unclipped eartips someday.

  6. Hi Ms. Kim-I hope you have a good writing session,that means a goog reading session for us. I am still waiting beside my Kindle for Ever After, since its only two months.

  7. I always get a touch sad and a touch nestalgic around Fall. The same goes for this post. It’s necessary, and it will be good. Very good, in fact, but there’s a hint of friends I will miss in the wind. 🙂

  8. bookluvr

    It’s good to see a happy contented author. It makes me smile just knowing you’re already smiling. That means it’s good and I know it’s going to be well worth reading. Now I just have figure out how to be patient and wait for it to get released!!!