Happy Birthday, Rachel!

It’s Rachel’s birthday today!  I wanted her to be a Leo, what with all that hair, that sated cat  satisfaction she often has, and that nasty temper when someone treads on her territory.

There will be no cake at my house to celebrate, but I might make some zucchini bread, zucchini pancakes, or zucchini cupcakes this weekend to try to stop the zucchini madness going on in my garden.  I only put in four plants.  I should have known better.


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28 responses to “Happy Birthday, Rachel!

  1. Missy Doudna

    My mom used to make chocolate zucchini bread. That’s was the only way to get us to eat it. It tasted just like chocolate cake.
    Can’t wait to get my book.

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope Ivy, Jenks, Trent & Big Al all remembered. 😉

    Zucchini pancakes sound yummy. You can never go wrong with zucchini bread. 😀

  3. I just hope she doesn’t need salt water to put out the candles.

    I wonder what Al got her?


  4. Hi Ms Kim-I hope you are having a great weekend! We are still getting rain off and on,but the distress is gone.The trees flowers and grass are all green and growing, and the herd of sparrows is having a swimming party in a big puddle by my house. Hope you got steady rain like we are.

  5. Happy birthday Rachel!
    Hope you have an unforgettable birthday! maybe even a zucchini cake? =)

  6. Linda Lou

    Rachel’s birthday? Very cool. Happy B-day Rachel!! I think I have a thing for my fellow Leos. What can I say – Leos rule. We should have a party for Rachel and Ivy like they do for Lestat. When I make my first million, I’ll have it at my house (with your permission, of course). Ah, yes -I’m a dreamer, but stranger things have happened.
    Oh boy -the Olympics. I love it!

  7. Haha my mom makes Zucchini bread and muffins all the time. I’m getting kind of sick of them that’s how often we have it here. Well, Happy Birthday to Rachel!!! I can definitely see her as a cat 🙂

  8. Mmmm…zucchini bread! Just made 4 loaves last weekend and am regretting giving away 2 of them now. They turned out so good! Like candy my husband says. Hope yours is as good as mine. Happy Birthday Rachel!

  9. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Happy Birthday Rachel! Cheers! :o)

  10. Sondra

    Happy Birthday my favorite Itchy Witch!!

  11. traelynn69

    Happy Birthday Rachel!!! ;o)

  12. Happy birthday itchy witch!!!!!

  13. jkh

    FOUR zucchini plants!? Were you planning to supply the entire town? Actually, I love zucchini. Just pick them young. I love ’em sliced, a few into a salad, or an Italian-style slosh-up with tomatoes, onion, garlic, and a bit of olive oil.Sliced lengthwise, marinated, and grilled, is good, too Or you can use slices as a layer in vegetarian lasagna.Then there’s chocolate-chip zucchini cake….{:-)

  14. Happy Birthday Rachel!
    Who runs the world? Leos! At least in our own minds. You forgot to add loyalty as one of a Leo’s attributes Are you aware that Leo/Libra couples are a great combination? We balance each other out.
    P.S. Don’t throw those zucchini blossoms out. Stuff them with cheesy goodness and fry em up. Yummy stuff!

  15. Happy Birthday Rachel!

    Yum . . .now you have me craving zucchini bread. My husband makes these pancake-like things (It’s Korean), and it has shredded zucchini and carrots, and other stuff with the batter. It’s like an appetizer.

    • jkh

      Z, I think I’ve had these nummers, and they are a wonderful intro to any Asian meal. Enjoy a couple for me!

  16. g33kxx

    Just one more reason I feel so close to Rachel, I’m a Leo too! And if Ivy’s an Aquarius, even better…so is my husband – similar energies!

  17. Hi Ms. Kim-Don’t forget baked (or grilled) zucchini with brown sugar and butter(a touch of molasses for those so inclined).We are getting more cool and rain,plus thunderstorms and windstorms. I never worry about wind unless I see a witch riding a bicycle by my window,but now the weather bureau is saying maybe hail

    • Hi Ms. Kim seasalt is very good for any gourmet cooking, its the sea gull poop in it. (Julia Childs used to say it was the octopus poop,but we all know Julia was alittle funny in the head after her war time experience as a spy in France) so Valerieohio is dead right

  18. valerieohio

    Happy birthday, RACHEL!!!

    Grill those zukes!!! Slice thin drizzle a little EVOO, a sprinkle of sea salt, kiss the grill a VOILA!! So yummy and addictive. They’ll get ate up in no time. Val-OH

  19. Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope her pals at the church bake her a nice cake with a little brimstone mixed in just to give it a bit of a kick. Watch out for that zucchini … the stuff can take over if you give it a chance. Acorn squash can be even more prolific. Note that you can also make zucchini cream soup and it’s pretty good. I think there’s a version of it that’s can be served chilled, too. And they make great gifts for friends when all else fails.

  20. Awesome! Happy Birthday Rachel!

  21. Happy birthday to Rachael!

    My mom is overrun with zucchinies. She only had two plants. She’s giving them away to anyone she can find… If only the tomatoes were doing as well.


  22. Lizzy

    Happy Birthday Rachel!

    We shall celebrate tonight with zucchini pecan waffles. (And the children go wild with cheers.)

    They’ve been looking forward to this for months since the last of our freezer stored zucchini ran out. We were crazy and we have 6 plants, but last year we had problems keeping the bunnies out, and the only zucchini we got was given by friends. Guess zucchini blossoms are a bunny delicacy.

  23. Linda (germany)

    Pretty cool. 😀 Are they going to celebrate it in the next books? I know that Ivy is a Aquarius. It totally fits.

  24. Awesome! I know it is weird, but I like knowing when fictional characters have their birthdays. Helps me get more engrossed in the story to be honest. Not that I have that problem with the Hollows books!

  25. Leo girls rule ! Even Harry Potter is a Leo