Smelling the barn

I hammered out another chapter yesterday leaving me two or three left.  It is rough, but all the elements I wanted are there, and it is a good base to build on.  I can better see what I need to do, I guess.  I took most of yesterday afternoon sketching today’s work out so that the chapter after that does what I want.  These last two are tricky, more tricky than usual.  -shrug-  Rachel has a lot on her mind, and it’s going to be a cold slap when it hits her.

I’m hopeful that by seeing the end things might go a little faster, sort of like tired horses steps it up when they know they are almost to the barn.

At least the heat has broken for a day or two.  We topped out somewhere around 88 yesterday, and I swear, it felt pleasant after the 100 degrees we’d been having lately.


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8 responses to “Smelling the barn

  1. Linda Lou

    88 degrees -it was in the 90’s around here. Order has been restored!…at least for now. 88 feels good to me almost any time but especially after 100. It’s all relative I guess.
    We had the drought here last summer. I was telling my dentist I always hated the humidity until the dryness came and now I want my humidity back. He said a friend of his moved to Arizona to get away from the humidity. When he moved back, he asked him why. His friend says he discovered it’s better to steam than bake. Too true.

  2. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    My “Manic Monday” book arrived yesterday. Thank you and Guy so much.

    Our heat index may go as high as 109 today. Eighty-eight would be nice. Thank all that is Holy AC! :):

    Congrats on a solid work day. We all love the products of your efforts.


  3. It’s always hot over here in California. It’s great to hear that the series is going great, but how come we haven’t seen anything with regards to “Blood Crime”? Is it still coming out in October?

  4. I’m glad you’re smelling the barn, although after all this heat I’m guessing the barn doesn’t smell so good 🙂 Words I never thought I’d hear myself say while living in Michigan: “It was only 88 yesterday? No wonder it felt so cool.”

  5. Strangely enough, I’m enjoying the heat this summer. I used to hate heat and humidity, but for some reason I like it, not sure why.

    Yay for another chapter! I didn’t get a chapter done yesterday…wishing I could write all day instead of going to the office, but oh well. Hopefully the last couple/few chapters do go fast for you. There’s nothing like knowing where the finish line is 😀

  6. Hi Ms Kim-it was only 86 F here (Warren) and its 58 now (6:30) we are in hog heaven! and I would say that you might say the horse is smelling manure,but he’s really smelling fertilizer! So that’s a good sign

    • jkh

      We had several days of cooler weather, and some rain; now it’s warming up again. Of course in Seattle the low 80s is about as warm as we usually experience, but it’s usually nasty with humidity. Now that I’m free of splint, wheel chair, and crutches, and regaining some flexibility, I’m continuing to unpack my boxes and find places to put things. Trying to decide whether to purchase “Into the Woods” or wait for 6 months for my turn at a library copy….

  7. Diva

    Hmm. Wondering if this is a rude cold slap or more like an Aha! moment. I’ve also lost track of which book which you’re working on. I’m guessing this is still for book 12.

    Anyhoo, 88 degrees sounds lovely to me too. It is way hot in my part of Texas. ah well, ever onward. 🙂