These are a few of my favorite things

I’ve had people ask me before if I had a foot fetish, which I don’t, but I can understand the question because in one series I did (The Truth books) bare feet were extremely provocative, as if seeing someone entirely naked, and Rachel is always looking at people’s feet, actually forming opinions on what she sees.  One of my favorite photos in my family album is of the front door and about 20 pairs of shoes.  Most of them belonged to boys who didn’t call our house home, and it is a reminder to me of a different time in my life.  So when I snapped the picture below, I couldn’t resist sharing.  Shoes are great, but footprints are even better.  Especially when they are outside and not made of mud.

I’m in the home stretch of this latest rough draft.  If I haul butt, I can have it done before the end of July.  Yahhhhoooo!


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15 responses to “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. There is something very special about footprints, also very significant though I don’t know how to explain it. I like footprints too and enjoy a lot for example not only human but animal prints, I have a pic of my cats prints on the snow and absolutely love it! =D

  2. Hi Ms. Kim-Puppy prints are better than sasquatch prints

  3. vampgirl1988

    hi kim i use to my lil boy get his feet in the paint after we make his prints on paper and then runnin though the house

  4. Haha! I have a thing about feet, but I wouldn’t say it’s a fetish or an obsession, but I always look at feet and the shoes people are wearing. I say, you can tell a bit about a person from the shoes they wear. Plus, I just love shoes 😛 That’s a cute picture of the prints!

    I used to comment under theweightofsilence, but this is my new blog, and it’s one that I’m using just for my writing…which my muse has recently kicked off her shoes and dancing in my mind, and I’m super excited about the story I’m writing! I’ve written 7500 words so far, over 2000 just today! ^_^

    I hope you get your draft done when you’d like it done =]

  5. jkh

    Aha, people prints and puppy prints. If things are muddy outside you could station a shallow pan of rinse water near the door … Sometimes I used to find kitty prints and raccoon prints on the deck. Our cats were indoors and we did not leave out food for critters, so it was interesting to see who came snooping when we were asleep.

  6. Wow, the end of July is pretty soon so you must be close to the end of the draft-yay!

    Hope you’re staying cool as our really hot summer continues. My sister has been here visiting for the last week and we’ve tried to go out early in the day so we could get somewhere with AC during the late afternoon. We made it to the Ann Arbor Art Fair two mornings before it got too hot or crowded–it helps that I live close enough to walk there.

  7. Linda Lou

    Hi Kim-
    When I was growing up in San Diego, one of my favorite days of the year was when I could go barefoot again. Hadn’t thought of that in years.
    “It’s my birthday -I can do what I want to.” I had a friend who’d skip around her house, barely clothed, singing that on her B-day. Hee-hee. It was not a pretty sight. It’s my B-day today but I won’t be doing that. I am in good company though. It’s Harry…er…Daniel Radcliffe’s B-day too. (Cue the Beatles) “They say it’s your birthday…”
    Hope your temps cool off. It’s just not right when it’s hotter in Michigan than it is in Houston.

    • Jan V

      That is so true Linda. I know a lot of States are feeling the heat too. But here in Michigan, being this far north, we should never get this hot
      Hope your B-day was a good one 🙂

  8. Martin

    Someone has a real healthy arch. When I leave a footprint, I can see the whole outline of the foot. The drought must be bad to leave that much dust on your deck. Where I am, ash is covering everything. I wish it were mud.

  9. amy from germany

    but, as long time blog readers know, you have a thing for weird socks 😉 where did daily posts of those go? 😀

  10. note.. I just notice my post came in the reverse order than it used to. New post used to be on top of the oldeer ones. Now they are after the older ones.


  11. My footprints are flat as ducks. Erm, what’s wrong with Muddy Paws?
    Go Rough Draft! Even unemployed I’m having trouble trying to keep my BIC and not spackling, painting, or being drawn to bright shiny things.

    • Howdy ma’am,

      Is that your foot print? Are you missing a toe and a half? 🙂

      July ends next Tuesday, good luck with the draft.

      MY goals for today are; see the Batman movie and get my yard mowed.


    • Saw the movie, it was great, got the back yard mowed, ran out of gas…