Friday? I think I love you. Yewo!

I truly love what I do.  The high demands of the job suit me perfectly, and the challenges don’t let me get bored.  But I love my weekends.  Yes I do.

This is one of those few weekends that is descending on us with almost no demands.  The weather looks like it’s going to cooperate and allow for a niece, easy entry into Saturday and Sunday on my back porch with a pot of tea / coffee.  Wish me luck.  It’s these easy ones that usually leave me tired and sore and eager for Monday.

Also, my grief and sympathy go out to the victims and families of the senseless Colorado shooting this morning.


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11 responses to “Friday? I think I love you. Yewo!

  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Good luck 🙂

  2. jkh

    What a morning! My cat started pestering me about 2 am–probably feeling the thunderstorm building, it makes him nervous–and the rain started about 5 am. Still raining at 9:20 (PDT). Wish I could share with the midwest and the east.
    Rain is not a bad way to wake up but the Colorado shooting is. My sympathies to the victims and their loved ones. My best wishes for a pleasant weekend for all.

  3. Hi Kim, Just read your post from yesterday. Did you guys get the rain down there? The Flint and Saginaw are did pretty well. Also, I hear what your saying on the smaller animals being affected by the drought, they are even eating the plants that we have that are supposed to be rabbit resistant. I think they are becoming desperate.

    And I too am sorry to hear about the tragedy. I have a feeling when I go into work today, it’s gonna be taking up a majority of the newscast. I really hate days like this and feel so bad for those involved.

  4. Hi Ms. Kim-Here’s hoping you have the best weekend ever-when lounging on the back porch with the pot of tea, don’t forget to take a nap there if it rains [content edited to eliminate aches and pains bitching.]

  5. Rhonda

    Yes sympathy to thise who lost family in the shooting. And a good recovory for those injured. I wonder what excuse they will give for the shooter this time around and is it a young person. If it is they will try to blame the violence of the movie on the influance behind it. The teen psyce will take another blow.

    • Martin

      As one who works with incarcerated persons, and having questioned them on their motives, I can say; whatever motive or reasoning comes out, it is a rationalization and a justification. I don’t understand it, and I never will, but he did it because he wanted to. It’s that simple.

    • Hi Martin-I agree with a qualification.As a social worker who did home follow up, the problem is that many ïnsane”people are quite logical, its their premises that don’t syncronize with reality.If you honestly believe that a certain person is trying to kill you, and interpret all their actions that way,you can work yourself up to where you are sincerely(in your own mind) defending yourself

    • Martin

      Hi Jim, Thanks, you are right.