The big question

I woke this morning, reached out for my husband, opened my eyes, stared lovingly into his, and said, “Did it rain last night?”

Oh, my disappointment!  It had not.  I felt cheated because there was a massive storm coming across Lake Michigan when we turned out the lights.  We even stayed up to make sure it made it across, because sometimes, the lake sort of calms everything and it evaporates.

I got to my computer first, though, and imagine my excitement when I pulled up the doppler radar and yes!  the first wave had evaporated, but the second was on our doorstep!  It is sprinkling as I write this, and more is on the way.  It’s a big one, too.  No guarantee that it’s going to hold together as it passes over the dry soil, but I’m hopeful.  Everything is stressed, so stressed.  It almost hurts to go outside and see the panic in the smaller animals.

Work is also going well.  I took a few hours yesterday morning to re-outline how the last five chapters are going to go since I had only a vague idea when I started at page one.  I’m sooooo glad that my writing style promotes revisions, and by that I mean that my first rough draft is actually that.  Very rough, and holding only the bones of the story.  Oh, it reads fine, but there is no way I’m going to show it to anyone because it’s all plot, no story–mostly because I don’t know what the story is until I get to the end and all the little ideas and realizations I make on the way culminate.  If I sweated over every chapter to make it perfect, if I kept dropping back and changing things as I figured them out, it not only would take me two to three times as long to get it done, I wouldn’t be as open to revision.  Some people write wonderful work that way.  I cannot.  I like my options wide  open.

The story doesn’t know what the story needs until it’s on the page.


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  1. Did you get lots of rain today? I hope so – gods but this country is drying up. I feel like I’m living in the prequel to a dystopian themed movie. Our monsoon season has started; it’s not great but it is something. More rains on the way these next several days.
    I’m with you on the first draft work. While I never complain if a story spills out in good shape, I don’t mind if the story looks like my yarn stash – all tangled up and unsorted – this keeps me humble and helps hone the craft (writing and knitting).
    Your writer’s insights always open my eyes to new approaches. Be well.

  2. Hi Ms. Kim-try some debauchery. After I got to the viennese tart(pastry,not girl) IT RAINED! It is still raining here today, probably because we are still in the weather orbit of Lake Erie. Here’s hoping you get some of it.

    • Hi Ms. Kim-still raining hard here,I hope you got some.Speaking of good things,I heard from Ms. Selene and Ms.Alexa. They have been very busy since Ms.Selene’s mom and Ms. Alexa’s mom and dad came to Praha for Easter and spent two weeks spoiling their new granddaughter. Between that and getting their new computer store going in the down turn they have been too busy to write.(They had to abandon their store and flat when their friends in Moscow warned them the police were coming,They said they were out of the flat and on the way to Praha in less than 10 min with just their jewelry, cash and car, plus Ms. Alexa’s dog).Of course,no-one here would spoil a grandchild(choke,gasp) I never did.(double choke,gasp) But they are doing well, Ms. Selene runs the store and Ms. Alexa runs their on-line ad firm from home She’s a photo-shop wiz and makes the most fantastic stuff while watching the baby. Ms. Selene says she runs into a little prejudice from non-Czechs sometimes since she’s a moslem Moor from Fas in the Maghreb, but like many moors she’s tiny (5’1′ 96lb) but very brave and just shrugs.And says she’s a very lapsed moslem,since she likes pork roast,enjoys a cocktail and she’s been in love with a white girl for the last 15 years.
      Well I hope you got a real soake up there in the wilds of Micmigan,we sure are.

  3. jkh

    Thanks again for your nuggets of wisdom on the drafting/crafting of a good tight story. The image of your computer screen ringed with sticky notes that you , um, stick up as you plow ahead with the main thought but want to keep the details when you go back will remain with me. I think that revising and rewriting are what intimidated me the most back when everything was done in longhand or on a manual typewriter.

  4. Stalker Staci

    Afternoon Ms. Kim! I may be below you where states are concerned, but we’ve been having some thunder and lightning. No rain unfortunately. I hope Guy did well for the Tour de Cure. Wish I could have done more. Hope your day is blessed.

    PS — NEVER rupture a tendon.

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’aam,

    I don’t know if you have access to the Science Channel but if you do, you may be interested a showed called “Prophets of Science Fiction”. It’s about how various authors like Wells, Clarke and Asimov predicted or affected future events. It’s pretty good and something you might like.
    If I can, I’ll post a clip from the show.

  6. My office friend and I did a little rain dance yesterday in hopes that we would get a little something. You are welcome! 😉

  7. I am relieved to see the overcast skies and feel the damp in the air. My cat is hugely pleased to have the windows opened since the air has cooled considerably. I feel for my daughter since she had plans to go to the beach with friends but I can’t honestly say I hope the rain holds off long enough, we need it too badly. Hopefully it doesn’t fizzle out over Lake Huron… or dump everything on the coastline and nothing inland.

    I tend to write the whole story out in the first draft but it is open for revisions, for changes here and there. The biggest problem I’m having it resisting the urge to make changes in book one, which IS publisher ready. (although the trick is to find a publisher, book one is not only urban fiction but it’s got a heavy dose of sex in it lol) I like these little snippets into the mind of one of my top three favourite authors in this genre.

  8. Good Morning Kim, I know what you mean about the Lake claiming all that wonderful rain & energy! Last night the storms wouldn’t be contained and the southern tip of Lake Michigan got the rolling thunder and rain that we’ve been missing for so long. It seems we got at least a inch (according to the scientific measurement of my pool). It was so nice to hear the pounding rain and thunder as I feel back to sleep. I hope the rain reaches you and you get some refreshment. 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I was very thankful for the rain here. I am over on the east side of the state. It is raining here in Troy this morning. Of course it started right as I pulled into the parking lot at work! No umbrella. I really should get one. Have a great writing day!


    • Lisa same thing happened to me. I work downtown and have a long walk into the building. Even with an umbrella I was drenched. Yay rain!!

  10. Kimberly

    Thank you for this. I’ve had a story in me for a couple of years but when I try writing it I get lost in the specifics/minute details and lose track of my original thoughts on the ‘bones’ of it. I love your books and look forward to new releases. I hope to have mine on the shelves one day in the future. 😉