Must be summer

It must be summer, not just because it’s hot and I’m running around barefoot.   Yesterday I caught sights of a sure sign of it: a sphinx moth.

This little guy is smaller than my thumb, and because he hovers over flowers, he’s often mistaken for a humming bird.  One of his other common names is humming bird moth, and believe it or not, the larva is those big honking green caterpillars that you find on your tomato plants.  Yes, he is actually a tomato hornworm, otherwise known as a tobacco hornworm.

It’s almost enough to let a few of those larva go ahead and eat my tomato plants, but this year, my plants are so spindly, I think I’ll pass.  Too hot for tomatoes?  Believe it or not, I think mine are suffering.

P.S.  If you got in on the manic Monday yesterday, you got a book.  The first twenty have gone out, so please give us a chance to package them up and get them addressed.  We had about 200 responses, so it’s going to take a little bit of time.


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17 responses to “Must be summer

  1. I only have tomatoes and one cuke plant. Everything else gave up the ghost and so did I!

  2. twiser

    Best 22 pages ever… huh?
    Crossing my fingers chanting “please be Trent and Rachel”.

  3. Hi Ms. Kim-Since they are eating tomatoes, are they affected by gene mods or are they immune? Smudge and I are still lounging in the air-con,we are too old for 93 degree heat

    • Hi Ms. Kim-a little addendum-Smudge are lounging in the air-con at 95 F,and indulging in decadence! I have scored another viennese tart(pastry,not girl). Don’t know why I mentioned that,since the ladies here are paragons of virtue and dicipline,not to mention delayed gratification.But Smudge and I operate on a different systm, called get it while you can,before you’re too old.

    • jkh

      Jim, you are so naughty! The other day I indulged in TWO Top Pot doughnuts. They’re my favorite, a Seattle original, made from scratch, hand made. Krispy Kreme can only dream of being so good. Me ‘n’ Oliver are just chillin’ in low 70’s temperatures. I leave my windows open most of the time, unless my downstairs neighbor sneaks onto his balcony and indulges in a stinkin’ cigar. This is a non-smoking property, and cigars nauseate me. Yes, I took a walk after I ate my doughnuts!

  4. Jenn

    I’m not surprised your tomatoes are suffering, there is a series drought going on in most of the country.

  5. My tomatoes are doing very well here in Illinois this year, and I’ve never had any of the big green catepillars on my plants, but…… I actually PAY .50 each to purchase these critters as food for my bearded dragons. We call them LIZARD CRACK around here 🙂

  6. Your daily posts are lessons in flora, fauna, and fantabulous writer stuff. As well the lessons from your loyal fans, whose eclectic knowledge continues to entertain and fascinate me.
    I’ve had a resident bat living under the awning outside my back door since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago. I’m sure we have other little night ‘birds’, too.

  7. This guy makes me think of Mothra from Godzilla.

  8. jkh

    I thought I saw a hummingbird, once, at dusk; my dad said it was a hummingbird moth. Its wings were not transparent (if that’s what I’m seeing, small screen here). Thing was much larger than my thumb! I was dismayed when you said it was a tomato/tobacco ugly, and cheered up when Mud said it wasn’t.

  9. Mud

    Good morning! Lovely hummingbird moth. Fortunately, they are only RELATED to tobacco and tomato hornworms. Those sphinx moths are a major allergen and ugly. Manduca sexta. The cute ones are Macroglossum stellatarum. Yes, I had to raise them. I have tobacco hornworm races on my FB page somewhere:)

  10. Interesting! I never knew.

  11. erica

    IDK but if one of those things comes out of that chrysalis and starts laying eggs in Jenk’s garden he’s gonna be pissssed! ;D

  12. Kristy Savage Davidson

    He is kinda cute! lol Too bad my Mom does away with them so we can decent tomatos!

  13. amy dudrey

    hes cute !!!