Manic Monday, of a different, chaotic sort

Did you miss out on Comic Con in San Diego this year and all the free stuff?  Me too, but I’m not complaining because I got tons done at my desk.  Still . . . It was hard seeing all the photos come in and remember the fabulous time I had last year.  Comic Con San Diego is an experience, and if you ever get the chance, I suggest you go.  Take your most comfortable pair of shoes, a camera, and a poster tube for all the free stuff you can get for the price of admission.

But for everyone who missed it, Guy and I have something for you today at noon:  A Manic Monday of a different sort.  We have a grab bag of books from the Hollows, the Madison series, The Truth Books, and the Princess.  Some are hardcover, most are mass market, all will be in English, and there might be a few ARCs in there.  Lots of the Truth books are first editions and have been wrapped in paper the last ten years and look like new.  You might get something that is pictured below, or you might get something completely different, but it will be signed, and it will be coming from my closet.  I figure it’s cheaper than the price of Comic Con, and you never know what you’re going to get there, either.  -grin-

Here’s the deal, and if you’ve gotten manic Mondays from us before, please go over it because it is different than usual.

Between noon and 1:00 EST today, paypal Guy $6.00 at to cover the cost of shipping and handling.  I wish I could just do this at no cost to you, but I’ve got boxes, literally boxes.  Make sure you put your current address in at the notes to seller space.  **** No address in the notes to seller space, and your money will be refunded.****  Offer is available to US residents only.  That’s it.  No invoicing, just pay pal him six dollars and your address between noon and 1:00 EST, and we will send you a book.

Again, we don’t know what you’re going to get, but it will be signed, and because we expect a nice response, we’d ask that you limit yourself to one book per paypal / address / person.  I’m sorry that I can’t include my international readers in this particular offer.  Also, because we expect a large response, it might take a while for the books to go out.  I’ll be helping Guy, but it takes time to move 100 + pieces of mail through my living room.


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55 responses to “Manic Monday, of a different, chaotic sort

  1. Teal

    My husband did it for me but he couldn’t find a place for the address…

  2. Haiku Girl

    Hey Kim!
    How do we know if we’re one of the lucky few who are going to get stuff? I just wanna be able to crow about it! 😀

    You are too cool! Love you and Guy!

  3. jkh

    So this is the Monday I had an 8:30 am dr appt followed by a 1:00 pm dentist appt. Oh well. maybe next time. Dr’s happy with my stats; dentist says I may lose another tooth to bone disease. Floss, my children, floss! And brush both in the morning and at bedtime.

  4. Darn it missed it lol gotta watch Monday more closely!!

  5. Hi Ms. Kim One of these days these mondays will co-ordinate when I have money to spend,I hope. By monday I’m usually broke for another month.

  6. PippaW

    what a fun idea – but since I’m UK that’s a bit far away…… Hope your closet is empty now!

  7. amy finley

    I accidentally put in the wrong zipcode what should do? O.o

    • Hi Amy. Send Guy an email with zip code change in the subject line. Be sure to tell him the email associated with your pay pal account so he can find you. We got over 200 responses, and if he can’t find you, it will go out to the wrong address.

    • amy finley

      Thanks Kim! I would hate miss out 🙂

  8. I hope I didn’t miss it. I sent a regular email but it took time to fight with my PayPal account :*( ugh… Guess it is just another manic Monday… I hope work goes better for me in a couple of hours…. ::wanders off with the Bangles song stuck in her head and fingers crossed::

  9. I missed Manic Monday, but did have an email from Amazon today telling me I “might be interested” in ordering Ever After which is now available for pre-order. You betcha, Amazon–I’m interested!

  10. Patricia

    Thank you so much for extending it! Got in just in time, I hope!

  11. carrissa renninger

    How do I get the offer from the drama box? If its still available!

  12. mariam

    Mine is sent u are awesome Kim thanks

  13. Mud

    And while it’s 1:00 here CST, it’s 2 there. Sigh. Stupid time zones.

  14. Shoot! Missed the time frame by that much! That will teach me to skip Fb first thing in the morning!

    Even though I missed it, thanks for the love you send back to your fans.

  15. Sanna Kanerva

    ooo… yay! Thank you!!!

  16. Thanks Kim! What a nice thing to do for your readers!

  17. Carmela

    sad face – live in Canada 😦

  18. Martin

    Thanks Kim & Guy for doing this. All your fans appreciate the attention you give us.

  19. robinconnelly

    Sent. Hopefully I got my time zones correct.

  20. Woo Hoo! Just what I needed to pick me up on a Monday. Thanks, Kim!

  21. Rebecca

    WOW Thanks! Christmas in July!

  22. Jilliane

    Oops, my computer didn’t let me finish putting in my address in the seller notes, so I sent another one. Didn’t mean to send two! Sorry!

  23. Rebecca

    Thanks so much! Christmas in July.

  24. Howdy to my favorite author/husband team,

    It’s after noon and cash is on the way!


  25. Weird. I sent mine in to the requested address and it said I sent it to Cold Toast Writings, LLC.

  26. PJ Tolbert

    Squeee! Just made my Monday morning a lot brighter. 🙂

  27. Christine Ritter

    Ack! Sent payment too soon. Darn twitchy mouse button 😦

  28. Sarah M.

    What a great giveaway! It made my Monday a little bit brighter! :0)

  29. Teal

    This is great!! Wish I wasn’t at work at these times though 😦

  30. Stalker Staci

    Good Monday Morning Ms. Kim. I hate to miss manic monday, but I think I have every book signed now *grin*. How did the Race for the Cure go for Guy? I hope he was able to do the full 100 miles. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t stopped stalking, lol. Love and hugs to you and the fam!

  31. Adam

    Gutted only US again. Even if it had been $50 would have made a nice treat for my wife. 😦 I keep missing these manic Mondays.

    • All of the books can be found at Amazon. Once you get it, you can send it to Kim with SASE and she can sign it for you and send it back. It’s cheaper than $50.00 but it’ll take some time. She used to do this so ask first. She may not do it anymore.


    • Martin

      They’ve quit doing that. Too many books got lost. Check first.

    • Hi Guys-check w/MsKim but I think she said that the local bookstore has signed copies still. I’d just put it on Ask Kim a Question,myself.

  32. jess larlee

    Can’t express how excited I am! Thanks kim!

  33. Joella Elbert

    YAY!! Thanks so much for doing this! Happy Birthday to ME!!! 🙂

  34. amy dudrey

    Erin, Can you help me? I put the in my search bar and It brings me to a phising site, Is that how I do it is put in the address bar or ? Can you tell me where to go ? I guess I am too blonde to figure it out, I want to be all set for 12:00 lol !

    • jess larlee

      You enter that in the paypal to spot

    • Christine Ritter

      Amy, did you figure it out? You have to go to and send money. You put the email address there. Make sure you put your shipping address in the message box like Kim said though. Good luck!

    • Howdy,
      The way I do it is copy the email address ( to the “send to” part of pay pal. Enter the Amount to send. Send it and await confirmation from Guy.


  35. amy dudrey

    sweet ! Thanks for doing this Im a new reader ( just found you last year and I have read all the hollows lol ) Love u and Jinks !!
    My daughters having a baby and the middle name is going to be jinks!

    • amy dudrey

      i so meant I love Jenks and the middle name is Jinks ( cause its a girl ) I didnt have enough coffee yet ;0

  36. I couldn’t find a “notes to seller space” but I put my address in email to recipient.