Made it to another one!

Yep, it’s Friday!  Right now, my page count for the week is rather dismal, but I prepped 11 pages of dialog yesterday for today’s work, and it should turn into 22 pages of text, which will bring my total weekly word count to where I want it.  If I can settle down and concentrate, that it.

I had a bit of a surprise yesterday when David, my alpha Were with the focus from a few books back, sauntered into my office and flopped down on my cool tile floor, staring up at me with his big puppy dog eyes to reminded me he would be perfect for this chapter.  So he’s in there now, and I couldn’t be happier.  Though he did add a chapter I wasn’t expecting.  It’s all well and good.  David’s cool.



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11 responses to “Made it to another one!

  1. Hi Ms. Kim-This day( sunday )being nice and cool,is National Ice Cream Day as well,being only 75 degrees,perfect for eating some ice cream after gardening

  2. Jade/Third Coast

    So glad to see David will make a return appearance. I really like him and have missed him.

  3. jkh

    I’m adding my huzzah to learn that David will be making a substantial appearance. He’s a great character and I’ll be glad to read more about him.
    Yes, it’s Friday again, with its mixed messages. Got my car back from the shop (almost $1,500–eek) and caught up on my errands. Looking forward to seeing the ortho next week and hope to be rid of my full-leg splint.

  4. I wish I had caught you in Beaverton (we were here but I wasn’t following the blog then) I love the way your mind works lol

  5. izzybella

    Yay, David! I’m a fan of David. How great when supporting characters come in and chat with you. 🙂

  6. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-happy friday to youuuu,happy friday to youuu,etc. And don’t forget, this is not only friday the 13, But it’s National French Fries Day! Have a good writing session, and scarf a few french fries in the garden for inspiration. I myself am relaxing in the air-con with Smudge and a drinkig bowl of pu-er tea,being too old for ff’s lo-fat diet grumble,grumble.

  7. Yeah, David is way cool. 🙂 I’m glad to know he showed up.

  8. Virginia

    Happy Friday, Kim! Your post today made me grin — I’ve missed David. 🙂 Will be good to see him in an upcoming book (hopefully he’ll make it into the final draft).

    Hope you have a great weekend!