More butterflies

And sometimes, everything falls in place.  Wow!  I think it’s one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken on the bunny cam.


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26 responses to “More butterflies

  1. Pat .

    Stunning! Well done.

  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-that is beautiful! I bet it’s one of Al’s he just won’t admit it.

  3. Indy

    Wow!!! That is a beautiful picture!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a butterfly like that.

  4. jkh

    Exquisite! That’s one that could be incorporated on a note card or something. And I agree that it’s a prizewinner snapshot.

    It’s getting warm here in Seattle. I don’t deal well with 80+ temps because we don’t get them often. I have to remember to hydrate, and I’ve given up on antiperspirant because my body just overwhelms it. Better to shower twice a day…

  5. Jan V

    Oh my. What an awesome picture 🙂

  6. I would have been holding my breath, for sure, until the shot was taken. Just lovely as can be.

  7. donnas

    Awesome picture.

  8. beautiful pic! …now, back to writing (for me). VvvV

  9. well done! …now, back to writing (for me). 😉 VvvvV

  10. Debby


  11. Candace

    Oooh, gorgeous! I was out walking about two weeks ago and came across one the size of my palm. Largest butterfly I have EVER seen!

  12. Dina

    This looks like Al’s butterfly… yup.

  13. Laura Thorpe

    What a beautiful butterfly! I only ever see Monarchs in my yard. You captured it perfectly and the colors are so vivid. 🙂

  14. Rev Mary L Allen

    Gorgeous!! RevMary

  15. Melissa Violette


  16. Allison

    Are these the butterflies that Al’s blue butterflies are based off of?

  17. James

    That’s a 1st place, Blue ribbon at the county fair picture.
    Do you do Weddings or Bar mitzvahs? lol

  18. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Omg gorgeous!

  19. That is a great catch! I don’t see very many butterflies in my yard but I had a great big dragonfly!

  20. Brenda M


  21. Diva

    Very pretty.

  22. I love moments like this. So amazing. Glad you had the camera!

  23. Melissa


  24. Victoria

    That one could be on a post card. Beautiful!