M, M, M, M . . .

No, I’m not humming.  The summer days are evolving into a repetitive, easy, hypnotic flow, like practicing your handwriting M’s.  (Thanks, Ray, for that analogy)  I took yesterday off from my usual work to come up with an extra for the hardcover release for EVER AFTER.  I can’t say much about it, seeing as I’m superstitious and I want it to be a surprise when it’s finally ready to reveal.  Suffice to say it’s uber cool.  I’ll be sending some of my ideas off to my editor this morning, and then we’ll see.

Which means today I’ll be getting back to the actual writing.  I left Rachel in sort of a tight spot.  It will make for an interesting day.  I’m almost done with this beast–maybe two weeks left?  It’s coming in a little short for me, but seeing as it’s a rough draft, I know It’ll balloon up when I go back and flesh it out.  I’ve got all the fun stuff to put in yet.

P.S.  The angle of the sun is already shifting.  Wow, so much more is getting into my office than just last week.


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10 responses to “M, M, M, M . . .

  1. Angelia

    I’m super excited. Glad you enjoy working on these–though it can’t be as much as we enjoy reading them. Can’t wait to see what happen to poor Rachel next. (Will she get a fashion sense?!)

  2. natasha

    Miss Kim, I’ll miss you at Comic-Con this year! Such happy memories of last summer. Won’t be the same without you there….I’ll try to have fun…but it will be hard.
    Try and release something next spring/summer so you can come next year!

  3. Martin

    I loved practicing my “m”s in school, the motion smooth and flowing. Now, doing drywall finish or painting can get me into the same mental state with the flowing motions, smooth and calm.
    Really looking forward to Ever After in January.!!! Into the Woods, and the graphic novel will be excellent, and I will read them immediately after they come out, but the will only whet my appetite for a full length novel of Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and all.

  4. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    U spoil us! :]

  5. When I saw the title my brain immediately went to the Crash Test Dummies song “Mmmm” and I’ve been hearing the song in my head ever since! (This is not a bad thing since it’s not a bad song.) In fact, now that I think about it, the song itself is sort of hypnotic, too.

  6. Diva

    Ooh, I do love a good surprise.

    Practicing my Ms never did me any good. My handwriting is still atrocious.

    • jkh

      When I was learning shorthand (Gregg method) our daily exercises included pages (steno book pages) of repeated strokes, to give us facility and proportion. It really helped me with my “English” handwriting, too, which was always cramped. Unfortunately that’s been canceled by arthritis…

    • old72jim

      Gee Whizz JKH,you can write? I do squiggles. I type now when its important.

    • jkh

      Jim my writing is not much more than squiggles, and doing much more than the address on an envelope gives me a cramp. I’ve had tendon release on both wrists and I think all my digits. Otherwise I’d have claws instead of hands.