Dog days of summer? Not quite yet

No it’s not quite the dog days of summer,  but it feels like it, and now that the weather has broke, or at least fractured into more reasonable temperatures, I can relax and maybe enjoy it a little instead of spending most of my dirt time rescuing sun-damaged plants.

The picture here is of Zand, one of a set of two pups.  Though never heavy, she’s been on a diet to lose a few ounces for medical reasons, and she’s looking great.   Go Zandi!!


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7 responses to “Dog days of summer? Not quite yet

  1. Glad that Zandi has lost a few ounces on the diet and is doing well. Unfortunately, I also only lost a few ounces on the diet . . . .

  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim From Warren. It’s only 86 F here so we are cooling off. We are still hanging with the Air-con though. Smudge and Quigley have offered to help Zandi with an exercise program when it gets cooler.(I think thats feline schadenfreude though) even though I dont have an umlaut key on my keyboard only a `and a ~..

  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Love the ears!

  4. jkh

    Strange how some of our companion animals’ names evolve. My daughter had 2 kittens whom she named Aloysious and Fanny, but who preferred to be called Pooh and Honey Bunny. And then there was Winston who telepathically told me that he had a middle name, and it was Andrew. Incidentally, temps in the Pacific Northwest have jumped from the low 60s to the mid 80s. Not so bad, you say, but a 2-day adjustment period is rough.

  5. Chelikins

    You have added to your family? She is adorable. 😉

  6. genki

    Such wonderful ears Zand has! Perfectly perky and pointy! Almost, dare I say it, …elven?

  7. How adorable! My husband and I wish we could have a dog in our apt.. We do have a kitty though, her name is Raedar. When I get a chance to, I will share a picture of her with you. Pets are such a wonderful and comforting addition to any family. Thank you for sharing with all of us ( your fans).