Friday? Fry Day? You decide.

I’ve been talking about Jocelynn Drake recently, mostly because she’s got a spanking-new series coming out that I’ve got a sneak peek at and am really excited about it.  ANGEL WINGS, the first in the Asylum tales.  (She’s been doing contests all week at her site)  Yesterday, though, I saw a .99 cent deal pop up for her first novel, NIGHTWALKER.  You might want to check it out, though the tone of this one and her new one are not alike at all.

Me, I’ll be plodding along today on a new chapter that should be exciting and full of action, but it’s Friday, and I am tired of sitting in my chair, looking out at air that is so hot it is disgusting.  The weather should be breaking Sunday, all the way down to the mid 80s.  If I can keep my yard alive today, (in the +100 weather) I’ve got a chance to maintain it through the 80s the next couple of weeks.  Desperate squirrels have destroyed my moss.  I’m so not happy.  That stuff takes two years to take hold.


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  1. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from Warren,It’s only 99F today,cooling off! happy july 8th,hope you are cooling off too.

  2. You’ve mentioned Jocelynn Drake to me before and I just hadn’t gotten around to picking up any of her work. I can’t say no to .99 for her novel Nightwalker. SOLD. Thanks for the heads up.
    I had a lovely time in the white mountains. Saw deer but no moose. Maybe next time. The other day when you blogged that you had gotten up at 5:50am, I had woke up at 4:30am that morning. I was flustered.. that is, until I looked outside. The sky was lit up with bright yellow, orange, pink and purple. It was breathtaking.
    Keep up the good writing. I LOVE action 🙂

  3. We’re melting in Canada too. Looks like I’ll have to repair my igloo.

  4. Hey Kim,
    I wanted to bring you in on a fun little blogging project between writers. It’s called the Lucky 7 Meme. I’ve tagged you as one of the authors and I’d love to see where the project goes with you. If you’re interested just pop over to my blog and check out what the project is all about right here:

    Can’t wait to see what happens with your series next. I’m so hoping Rachel ends up with Ivy! 😀

  5. Martin

    It finally started raining!!! First time in months. Maybe it’ll help put out the fires. “Contained” doesn’t mean “out”. God bless fire fighters. My sister was able to go home the other day; her house was undamaged. Fire came within 40 feet. That was a squeaker!

  6. totallyintobooks

    FRY day….. It’s 5:30 pm and still 100° here in Minnesota. Ugh!
    I’m needing a new book to read, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  7. I’ve decided. It’s definitely Fry Day.

  8. jkh

    My apt has a full southern exposure and it’s on the 5th floor, I’ve never turned on the heat, and in the summer, even here in the usually coolish Pacific Northwest, I need an oscillating fan to make it bearable at night. You know it’s hot when you come home from work and discover your cats lying extended on the floor, basking not in the sun, but in the breeze-path of the fan.

  9. mudepoz

    Dogs are in the airconditioning. I’m outside watering gardens. What’s wrong with this picture. Sort of glad I’m not working in a greenhouse anymore.

  10. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-It’s Jim from Warren. Hope you have air-conMe and the cats are flaked out under the vent.This is one place the Village has it over my house,cantral air.Just tell the yard that since it evolved during a warming period it can take a little climate change,espically if its Republican and doesn’t believe in either evolution or global warming.

  11. Funny, I just finished reading Jocelynn’s book Nightwalker & loved it! Looking forward to this new series!

  12. I haven’t had power for the past 2 days and since I am in the same area as you, 101 today! I had to pack up Gracie the Wonder Dog and head over to my mom’s. Hoping and praying that DTE gets to my area soonest!

  13. i live in Texas, there seems to have been a mistake. Y’all sent us Hell’s weather package, I dunno who sighned for this mess , but I’d like to send it BACK!!

  14. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve never read Jocelynn Drake but now I’m going to give her a shot!

  15. Sarah Jackson

    Okay, so the retail opportunities are a little weak up here in the UP and I often miss living in Detroit, but at least we haven’t been frying like the rest of you downstate – and I can always shop the net! : ) God bless the big lake and its natural refrigeration effect – whether in it or near it. Hang in there, Kim – the cooler stuff is on it’s way! It was actually kind of – believe it or not – chilly this morning; the patio table was even fogged over…

  16. Bloodroot

    I think you can get moss to hold quicker if you blend it with milk. Might be worth googling it if you have to re-plant it. Actually I once saw moss/milk mixture painted onto a wall in a word. When the moss grew it looked amazing!
    All the best!!

  17. Rena

    I loved her Nightwalker series! Very good read.

  18. Oooh spooky – I’m reading Nightwalker at the moment.

  19. Tim Collins

    Is this where I go to Complain about the weather? Yep. This sur looks like it… HOT! It was ssssooooo hot when you went goose hunting the bird was cooked before it hit the ground. HOT! It was so hot the egg was poached before it hit the sidewalk to be fried! Hot as Vulcan it is!
    I started stripping clothes off trying to get to sleep. The wife woke me with a scream. “YOURE NAKED!!!!”. (Smerk. I still got it…) 😉