Ooooh . . . Ahhhh . . .

I hope everyone had a happy, safe 4th of July!  I put a few hours in before calling it quits, and I’m chomping to get back to it this morning, eager to finish it up.  We finally got some rain early this morning, so there are little branches in my yard, but that’s not complaining you are hearing from me. Wow, we could use even more rain, but at least the untended greenery now has a chance to make it to Sunday when this is going to break.

The picture is my daylily.  I got this out of a ditch fifteen years ago, and it has traveled with me from place to place from there on out.  I’ve left it behind every time, taking only a few roots to get a new garden started.  This is the second year they’ve been in the ground in this particular garden, and I’m pleased at the number of blooms they had for such young plants.  Like fireworks!  And yes, there are three times as many petals there as there usually are, with no stamens at all.  They reverted back to petals!


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  1. We’ve had a series of thunderstorms pass through Ann Arbor today. Everytime I think it’s cleared up so I can take a walk it gets dark and cloudy again. None really too bad right at my house, but this morning there were trees and branches down nearby. Quite a few roads were closed until they could clear trees off. Looks like another one is about to start, so I guess I won’t be taking an afternoon walk either, which is too bad since I’m going out to dinner tonight and could have used the exercise!

  2. jkh

    Summer doesn’t really happen until after July 4th here in the Pacific Northwest. It was actually pretty nice yesterday, but not by any stretch of the imagination hot. We had some (illegal) fireworks and firecrackers next door, but not too bad. Then someone a little farther away started setting off big boomers, one at a time. The cat and I would almost relax, and then another would go off. Couldn’t get to sleep ’til after 1:30 am. Bah.

  3. It has not stopped raining here in Englan. If we’ve had summer then I must have blinked and missed it 😦

  4. purrfectkatus

    Double headed day lilies! We seem to have the same tradition. I have left them in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Simpsonville, SC, Duncan, SC, Charlotte, NC, Cramerton, NC and now back to where I grew up in Strongsville, OH. I received my double headed day lilies from my Grandmother’s farm in Perry, OH. I have been doing this for 18 years now. In Duncan I counted over 125 blooms the third summer. I hope yours are as prosperous.

  5. Martin

    Ms. Harrison,
    Thank you for working on a holiday. I know it won’t make the book come out any sooner, but your eagerness to keep writing shows a dedication that guarantees top quality. We all appreciate that.
    The lily is lovely. Mine have mostly dried up and wilted in the heat. No fireworks here. Even the illegal ones were much reduced. TV images of fires ravaging whole suburbs of Colorado Springs have people really nervous. I think it was 384 homes destroyed.

  6. Love the Lily!..I have a Mother-in-laws- tongue plant that was part of a huge plant my Great Grandmother had when I was a child (I am in my..err..40’s now)! It is amazing how plants can carry on like they do.

  7. Vampyre

    Hgoing owdy ma’am,

    The fourth haslways been very special to me for so maany reasons. Besides being the USA’s birthday, it is my idea of the perfect American summer day. Families come together and. have cook outs, play games and blow crap up with fireworks. We eat hot dogs, hamburges, baked beans, potato salad coleslaw and our favorite cold drinks.

    I did ll that and more. My birthday is tthe 6th. My sibs decided to have “supriise”party for me. I wasn’t surprised, but I was still touched. Today, we’re going to a movie.


  8. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. I had a great 4th. There were lots of thunderstorms,so we got thunder,fire works and a inch of rain to cool it down to 73.Its supposed to rain and storm off and on all day,but still get to 98. Great on the writing,I am looking forward to reading

  9. myparahangover

    That’s a gorgeous pic! What kind of camera do you have 🙂