You tell me and we’ll both know.

I woke this day to the sound of thunder.
How far off? I sat and wondered.
Started humming a song from 1976
Odd, so I got up early for kicks.

The morning closing in . . .

Seriously?  Five fifty?  I got up at five fifty?  What’s with that?  But as my dad says, it’s good to be somewhere, and right now, I am not in my bed where I should be, but at the keyboard, getting ready for another steamy day.  I’m blaming the early rising on the weather, which is really bad just over the horizon, the rumblings of which woke me this morning.  But it was the red sky that got me up, and now there’s no way I’ll get back to sleep.  Besides, the birds are really noisy.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so I will not be posting.

Happy 4th!


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17 responses to “You tell me and we’ll both know.

  1. We’re due for much needed rain this week; got around 100 drops earlier today. The heat spell broke for the time being and tomorrow will only reach about 75. I just heard a quail whistle. There goes a hummingbird’s chitter. Fireworks tomorrow night will be of the TV variety.
    Happy 4th, Kim!

  2. Here’s hoping you got all your work done early so you can just hang out and stay cool in the afternoon. Sounds like nasty weather is rolling in. Big storms came through over the weekend and knocked out power for lots of people. Very thankful to have lights and air conditioning. However, sunshine and heat trumps gray skies and snow anytime. Seger rocks for my husband. Me? I’m a Bruce fan. It was required growing up. Thunder Road does it for me. Happy 4th of July and safe travels to one and all! Summertime, in the sweet summertime…

  3. Jan V

    Thanks Kim. I now have “Night Moves” playing over and over in my head. (wink)
    So tomorrow is the 4th. And here in S.E. Michigan it’s gonna be 96. And that’s not including the heat index. Myself…I’m going out on the boat with friends, and hopefully get some relief.
    Have a safe and happy Holiday everyone.

    • Jan V

      Well it turned out to be a bone chilling 102 degrees today. Along with rain, high winds, and damaging hail. Crazy weather.
      Hope all’s well out your way Kim.

  4. Crystal Lawrence

    Hi Kim. My name is Crystal and I am a rather new fan of the Hollows. I finnished the Twilight series last May or so and wanted something new to read. I found the first three books in paperback at Half Priced Books. I bought them thinking they would entertain me until something better came along. Boy, was I wrong! I just started Pale Demon, my mother is reading The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, my husband just started Dead Witch Walking, my aunt is also reading Dead Witch Walking, and I turned a very new friend on to the Hallows by buying her Dead Witch Walking. My grandmother had Jean M. Auel’s Earth Children series and my mother had everything Stephen King ever put a pen to, and now I have you and the Hollows. What a great surprise you were to me. I know you are carefully planning out the ending, but I wanted you to know how much I love these books! You are such a great author and every page is wonderfully written. I have always said that Stephen King is the best literary author of all time (so far), but after reading your books I know his work can be improved upon. Most books have spots where you, as the reader, have to force each word to be read. Make yourself finish a chapter, or two before the excitement starts up again. But with all your books, I was staying up late and finding snatches of time (where there was none before) just to find out what happened. I have thoroughly enjoyed them And will far into the future. Thank you so much for this gift of your mind. Also, I was sad to hear about the pass of the Hollows by the CW. That’s my family’s favorite channel. We will be boycotting them this fall. When I was.reading the first chapter of Dead Witch Walking, I thought it would be perfect for a movie or TV. I hope the CW comes to their senses or someone else picks it up. I am glad to hear of a 13th book, so that’s great! I am sorry this is so long, but I don’t usually comment on these things. You needed to know how important you and this series are to my family. We love you, Kim, and hope to see you around the Ft. Worth,TX bookstalls. My family and I would love to get a signed copy of EVER AFTER and take a picture with our favorite author! Good luck and a speedy finish for you and the end to the Hollows! I know you can’t wait to start your next big adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you! Lots of love… Crystal

  5. I like when I wake up to rain & thunder. It can be oddly comforting. 🙂
    Have a safe and relaxing Fourth of July!

  6. jkh

    I was awakened quite early on Monday by the melodious tones of my cat barfing. Once I’d cleaned up I was completely awake so I made coffee and started the day. I sympathize with all of you in the red-hot zone. July 4 will be cool and slightly damp here in Seattle; I don’t mind because the illegal fireworks cause less damage when everything is damp. Hope everyone has a good day/week.

    • old72jim

      Hi JKH- sometimes i am awakened by 2 cats barfing! They both have hairball problems if I forget to have them lick a little butter off their paws every so often.Much cheaper than hairball meds.

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I have heard that after you see lightening start counting the seconds until you hear thunder.
    Divide it by 5. The number you get is the approximate miles from the lightening strike.

    Have a great 4th.


  8. Melissa

    Hi Kim! I hate when I wake up too early but also close to getting up time, more power to you for actually getting up. I can sympathize with the noisy birds too. It has been ridiculous hot here in SC, today we are cooling off to 96, tomorrow we get down to 94. Heat I can handle it’s when it gets below 50 that I have a problem. Maybe I’m part pixy! 😉 I hope y’all have a great 4th of July!

  9. old72jim

    Hi Ms.Kim-Its Jim from Warren.I just want to wish you a happy 4th. And no turning somersaults! I intend to totally refrain myself,and leave that sort of thing to the (much) younger generation. I will sit and critisize their form.

    • jkh

      I gave up cartwheels when I involuntarily went down a slope, struck the surface just wrong, and broke the corner off my right tibia. This was about 10 years ago. Didn’t stop me from falling UPstairs and breaking my left tibia this past May. Now I have a matched set…

  10. Randy

    Ahhh, the sweet sound of Michigan. Gotta love Seager!

    Happy writing,


  11. I was walking around my house getting ready for work this morning singing a little “yay rain, let it rain” song! I could hear my grass sighing happily! Not great to walk into work in lightning and thunder but YAY RAIN!!!

  12. Martin

    I’m up way early. I got hungry. It’s impossible to sleep when hungry. So now I’m awake and hungry. Haha. It’s so hot and dry here, we’re on fire.

  13. scott

    Red sky in morning sailors take warning

  14. Happy 4th to you and yours!
    I too am up way too early. We only have air conditioning in the bedroom and the kids’ bedroom. The house is still horrible this morning, but not nearly as bad as it was last night (Grand Rapids area).

    I woke up early for nature’s call and decided to get my housework done before it heats up any more in here. I still have a good hour+ before summer vacationing kidlets start waking up and I’ve already got my kitchen cleaned and laundry started.
    Hope it stays cool where you’re at!