Fab weekend

Guy and I had a fab weekend, I think it was the first really relaxing weekend since March.  Seriously.  We had that much going on.  But we putts around and chilled, and got ready for our next big adventure.  (snerk)  Had a great Father’s day with my dad and I even made cake.  🙂  And not just any cake, but orange cake.  I’ve never seen it before, and it goes well with butter cream frosting.  Yum.

I’m looking forward to good news this week of a more personal nature.  We’re shifting things around, accessing what we’re doing for the next ten years and how we will be taking our down time, and this week is the first expression of that.  What we do this week isn’t going to have a real effect for probably months, but it’s a positive, very definite step in where we want to be at this time next year.  Good thing I’m used to long-term planning.


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36 responses to “Fab weekend

  1. Vampyre

    Does anyone know her summoning name?


  2. Claudia

    Hi Kim!
    Just dropping by to say HELLO:) I’ve missed reading your posts every morning. I hope you’re enjoying your time off. I’m looking forward to reading your next post! Have a nice day:)

  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Perhaps if we all click our heels together 3 times and say “there’s no blog like Kim’s, there’s no blog like Kim’s” she will come back.. ? 😉

  4. jkh

    Well, this “fab weekend” is stretching into a fab fortnight. I wish Kim & Guy all the best. If something gawdawful had happened and she was laid up in traction or something, I know she’d hook up her laptop and keep on keepin’ on. So she and he and their boy(s) must be having a grand time. But I fuss, you know, I’m a mother and that’s what mothers do…

    • Martin

      Hi JKH. I’m not worried. Kim is a NYTimes best selling author. If anything horrendous had happened, we would have heard. There would be press releases and everything. If she says she is doing a special project, then I believe her, and we will see the results in a while or so. She is maybe trying to reclaim some privacy???

    • Hi JKH-she was probably kidnapped and is being held for ransom by Uggie the famous dog actor who just won an Oscar and has his pawprints on the sidewalk in front of Grumman’s theatre.

  5. Tyler Norton

    On the 18th was my Birthday!!! I am glad you had a fun time with your dad, and I hope that orange cake was good )(e)(e,

  6. Kim/Dawn, Hope this weekend is just as good as the last! I’m thinking of heading to Barnes & Nobles to snoop for more books to read until Into the Woods, Blood Crime and Everafter come out. 🙂 I’m actually supposed to be studying for my college classes but I need a bit of a break. The weather is perfect so I’m going to pack a picnic lunch and head to Minnehaha Falls and read outside, maybe head over to the Conservitory at Como Zoo and walk among the gardens. Ahh Bliss! 🙂

  7. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from Warren. I just wanted to wish you a merry June the 23,and have lots of fun in the garden!

  8. twiser

    Happy Summer Solstice! Any Solstice love to spread?lol

  9. Hi Kim! I’m glad you had a great weekend. I just had to drop you a note to say I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard over any book as last night while reading the part in Pale Demon involving Rachel, Trent and the familiar mark!!! My husband was trying to sleep and I started laughing and couldn’t stop! I laughed so hard, I was crying and couldn’t breathe for laughing! Now, every time I even *think* about, I start laughing all over again!!! Thank you SO much for your creativity and humor. Keep ’em coming, girl, ’cuz loyal fans like myself just can’t get enough! 😀 ~Rena Tucker

  10. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    So glad u had a wonderful weekend. I did too. We went deep sea fishing.. it was amazing! Only thing I’d do different for next time is wear a hat. Boat hair sucks. But we caught lots of fish, enjoyed the sunset & smiled til our cheeks hurt.
    Wow, Grats on the long term planning. I wish I was better at planning stuff.

    • Vampyre

      I love deep sea fishing but I always get so sea sick. Most medicines for it don’t work for me. If I could stay out a week to10 days, I would be fine. It takes me that long to adapt to it.


    • ~Lynn from Haverhill

      Yeah the boat was rockin. Bummer u get sea sick Vampy. A couple of peeps we invited couldn’t go for that same reason.
      It was my first time. Now I know I love it too.
      Our 11yr old son got so into it, he wants to be a fisherman and own his own seafood restaurant. =)

    • jkh

      Have you tried the acupressure wrist bands, Vampy? and there’s always the tablets, best started the night before…

  11. Linda Lou

    Plan the next 10 years? OMG. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do this Thursday. Course I don’t have money…kids…Mom’s gone…Dad’s good. I’m healthy -oops -no insurance – oh well.
    I think you may be right Vampy. Before I met you I expected to see Rachel, but you did seem more like Ivy -hmm.

  12. Speedi

    Good for you Kim. I’m glad your weekend went well. I need to do some long-term planning myself. My brother and his wife, (my wonderful Sister-In-Law) came—-they brought the baby–my delicious nephew. I was so happy to see them all. 🙂 Have a great week, Kim!

  13. Hey Kim!
    I’m glad you had a nice weekend! Here it was nice though a bit boring… not much going on.
    I like to plan but sometimes the more I plan the more my plans change… So I haven’t given up but I certainly take it easy. =)
    Have a nice week!

  14. I agree with MelanieS! I have a hard time planning a week out much less the next 10 years – I’m just hoping I make it that long! 🙂

  15. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-Other than being old and broke,I don’t know how much you can plan for in this world.I do have insurance(medical) and a totally inadiquate pension, so I’m not living in the street on dog food, but that’s about it.And be carefull what you plan for, when asked at twenty where she would be in ten years, Amy Winehouse said dead in a ditch. Wrong on both counts,she managed to die at home in bed at 27, but she did remember to leave what was left of her money,about 16mil, to her family.And she wasn’t alone,her bodyguard was there. I mean you can plan on tripping over Brown Dog and breaking a hip (I slipped in the bathroom myself.) but you can’t plan on the wall street bankers starting another recession.

    • jkh

      My dad passed away Friday (totally expected, and a release for him and a relief for us), and we are starting to think about the disposition of his stuff. We’ve agreed that some trim fella of about 5’8″ is going to benefit from the suit, blazer, slacks, jeans and shirts. Things will be clean and neatly folded into boxes for Goodwill. But when I told my sis I want the 4-wheeled walker she looked at me like I was less than sane. I reminded her that I’ve got a couple of fragmented spinal vertebrae and that I’ve managed to break the tibia in both knees, so if I don’t need it now, I probably will in the future. Since my disabilities snuck up on me before I could “plan” for my later years, my plans consist on making $150 stretch for diabetic-approved groceries over a month. I’m so glad other folks are able to take the time to make choices.

    • I’m sorry for your lost jkh. My thoughts go to you and your family.

    • old72jim

      Hi JKH-It’s Jim from Warren.I’m sorry about your dad. Please accept my sympathies. Wow!.You can do $150 a Month? I can’t get mine below $165-70,and then its tight, No veggies 2 weeks out of 4,vitamin pills instead, and so on.Of course I have two fat cats to support. I didn’t plan on Quigley,I took her away from a stray dog that was gonna eat her, and she was 2 weeks according to the vet.After getting up around the clock to fix formula and feed her for a few weeks she kinda attached herself.2week old cats areas bad as 2 week old kids. Like I said,You can only plan on being old,broke,and sick and hope you have some kind of pension and Insurance so you’re not shoved in a Medicare warehouse and forgotten

  16. Lynne

    Intriguing…..More mystery than answers. And so we shall await further developments and/or divulgences (which is actually a word…I looked).

  17. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Careful, your Ivy is showing. 🙂

    Congrats on wonderfully successful weekend. I started out feeling a little sick but I’m feeling great now. Friday, I did one of my favorite things, grocery shopping. I love picking out the food I’ll be eating for the next couple of weeks.

    Oh, almost forgot. I had a visit from the mater fairy. Three juicy tomatoes were left by my door while I was aat work!


  18. jkh

    Bless your hearts! I’m glad it was a less-stress weekend for you all. Seems like early summer is a horrendous rush if you’re a gardener and especially re-doing a yard as you are. Then there’s stuff like the teenager and oh yeah the writing. And good for you, to be looking into the future a little. It sneaks up on us whether or not we make plans or provisions. I’m in favor of at least a little foresight.

  19. David Imgrund

    Not to be “needy” but I sent I response about your squash and writers block / burning bunnies with a picture. I never saw it come through as a post nor a response. Did you get that mail?

  20. Glad you’re looking forward to good news this week! I had a great Father’s Day with my dad, too, and my vacation continues to be fun and relaxing.

  21. Kristy Savage Davidson

    Next time you make an orange cake put a lil lime juice, tequila, & triple sec in the mix! Oh & then when making the buttercream only use tequila & triple sec as your liquid! Margarita cake! Oh, & if not orange cake use lemon cake.

    • Catspaw

      That sounds good, must try it. I used mandarins one day as I was out of oranges, and have never gone back to oranges 🙂

  22. Long term planning? People do that?

    I have trouble sometimes seeing beyond a week or two. LOL. I never had much of an answer, as a child, to that “what do you want to be when you grow up” question. I think “where would you like to be in 10 years” makes my brain shut down.

    Anyone who can plan a long term goal, formulate how to get there and then follow through is inspiring!